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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Mandatory Bloggery- Mom & Dad's Big 50, Mary's Donut's in Lakeside/Santee, Recycled Skateboards Report, Furry Biscuit Distraction

Welcome back to another outta' date blog....
We here at EFHQ don't really abide to a schedule nor a routine. When the department of journalism feels inspired to plug his damn phone into the compooter and upload photos and content is the general time frame for GSD (getting shit done).

So boring story short, my phone is out of memory and I need to free up some space. So here we go... Another photo binge of the last few months now begins.....back in August!
 Swung by Local Skateshop to hang with the shop owner, Mark Johnson.
This was the trophy that was won at the Tum Yeto 30 year party / trivia.
 Decrepit sled.
 Not yet broken, waiting to be shredded.
 See the wheel marks? A drop in. A sign from my people.
 An onion gone bad. It felt soft like a tennis ball.
  Fish Market in down town San Diego. Love me a good scallop kabob!
  These two love birds are celebrating 50 years of marriage!
  Love you Mom and Dad!
  I kept begging them to recreate the statue kiss behind them.
  Couple of geezer goofballs.
  I know where I get it from.
 Even when he is snuggling, he looks like he wants to kill you.
We had both fur babies in bed at the same time. A rarity. 
 Video score! Hard copies are becoming harder and harder to come by these days. Eventually hard copies will be a thing of the past. When it comes to skate videos, I prefer to watch it on t.v. versus a laptop or phone.
  Mary's Donuts out in Santee/Lakeside! I love this place!
 Every type of donut you can imagine!
 Made fresh daily, open 24/7. They also had excellent croissants, breakfast sandwiches and a variety of milk and juices to wash it down.
Pricing was ore than reasonable, which is why the place was busy. Customers walking out satisfied to be able to score a dozen or so donuts within minutes.
 Two ham, cheese and jalapeno croissants. One cinnamon twist. One French curl. One bacon maple bar. Two milks. All of this was around $11.
 I agree.
 Curled up a nice piece of my truck nut. Thing was sharp! I grinded it off shortly after.
 So glad he is alive and well. I kiss him every day. He brings so much joy to Anna and I.
 Tonight is "doctor up a cheap pie night!"
This 'Red Baron' $3.49 frozen pizza had some extra pepperoni, sliced salami, grated parmesan cheese and basil leaf added to it.
 It came out amazing. 
 Round one came out just right.
 But, while doing a few twelve ounce bicep curls I lost track of time.
Still ate it.
 Always buckle up.
 Can't say I was very stoked on the Summer staff the rec. dept. sent our way this last Summer.
Good riddance.
 Scraping party. I hate the sticky glue.
 Some take a double scrape. Kind of a pain in the butt.
 Yes on Wes!
 BA, front blunt down Hubba.
 Dude is still in jail for involuntary vehicular manslaughter (DUI).
 It's hard to get anything done with this cute furry little bugger hanging around.
 So damn photogenic.
 And he knows it too!


Saturday, October 5, 2019

Mandatory Bloggery- Mark Suciu's "Verso" Part

Mark Suciu has been on the skateboard map/ radar for the past ten years or so....
His level of difficult skating has always been mind blowing. But this, this video part is special.
NBD's are still being done on a skateboard! Take notes, kids.
My prediction for Skater of the Year!


Thursday, October 3, 2019

Mandatory Bloggery- Wizard Retreat June 2019

Pretty sure I didn't post these pics....
The infamous Wizard Retreat, also known as my birthday man camping trip.
I might have posted these in randumb order, but it's my blog and I'll whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks I want.
 Gotta fuel up before heading out East.
 Neil in his new van. Tall-Travis giving me the bird.
 What's Piech doing?...
 Man-shit, that's what he's doing.
 Hanky -Poo aling for the ride! He's the best bub!
 Speaking of best bubs!...
 Nutrition was key on this trip!
 The bare necessities.
 Sip and rip!
 Marc seasoning a pork butt!
 Nice form for a paintball gun.
 Had two fires, a football, beers, bubs, b.b. guns.
 So much room for activities!
 Bobcat Meadow Campgrounds provides!
 Officially living up to his name. No toilet paper needed.
  Marc getting some sunset sips in with his Wizard staff.
Bottoms up!
 I kept making him drink.
 Wanted to get some video too!
 There it is!...
 Time for the trek back down to camp. Only  a couple hundred yards downhill.
 Through waist high brush. Make sure to tuck you pants into your socks!
 Out of Step.
 He sure loves fire. Wasn't even that cold.
 The bub Neil was our only Wizard of the evening. He stayed true to the tradition while the rest of us got shitty and failed.
 The next morning, Hank was over it.
 Clean up vibes. Boy, one sure can make a mess when he stays up all night.
 My staff, broken in half. I almost made it until the liquor and madness took ahold of things...
 Stinky slept in the dirt.
 And never wiped his butt.
Look at that shit eating grin!
 These guys somehow made it through the night.
 Now that's what a sourdough bacon cheeseburger should look like. 
Fuck Jack in the Box.
Take notes kids. 
 New caster wheels...
New work bench!
On to the next blog! See y'all tomorrow!