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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery-EATFIEND SKILLETON COMMERCIAL / Lurking at Pacific Drive Skateshop

Found the SKILLETON EATFIEND commercial I made for my Instagram account @eatfiend.
Needless to say, breakfast is my favorite.
Hanging out at Pacific Drive skateboard shop.
Collected some broke boards. Gave a kid at my local park the Indy's with wheels. I don't need them.
Didn't buy it, and I'm kicking myself in the shin for not.
750 Thomas avenue, San Diego CA 92109
Cranny model.
Beyond stoked!
Thanks to the bub Chris Larue for getting me in!
Igby with a hiding spot in my underwear drawer.
Made in 2007. Purchased in 2018. This had been sitting on the rack at PD for so long. I finally pulled the trigger. 
Highly recommend!
Manual to ollie the stairs?
Deli sandwich on a nice marble bread.
Just like how Mom makes it!
Chris Larue, from a recent Transworld magazine.
Contents, bitch!

p.s. EATFIEND shirts are available at Pacific Drive skate shop and Local Skateshop out in Lakeside.


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Building a Chopping Block, Beginning to End

It felt really good to make something!
Scrape that shit.
Pick out yer colors.
True grit! shit is getting heavy!
50 grade grit. Man shit.
Can you see where this is going?
Also took the time to work on this project too.
Gotta make sure I don't make it too big.
The clamping process needs to be done swiftly.
Drip, drip, drip! All night long.
The client wanted his sons hands wood burned into it.
It being my first time, I was happy to take on the challenge!
......And Miles.
Added a juice groove as well.
Love the color scheme.
Fire red rail.
Cool, ocean blue opposite rail.
This was a fun one. Wood working and recycled skateboards is the shit!


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Hyping Up Skilleton Shirts and Shredding w/ The Bubs On The Weekend

Summer is officially in full swing! 4th of July is the Wednesday.... Stay safe out there my friends.
I try to get a good shot of my shirt every time I see it.
Super proud on how it came out.
Spot check. This bank to wall sucks.
The Filipino King with a rock n roll on a parking block.
Poker time!
Drunk crew.
Ate at Dairy Queen recently. Everything on the menu other than the ice cream is kinda pricey.
Basic, but I have no complaints.
Tall ass flat bar out in Santee.
Skilleton shorts now available at Local Skate Shop, Lakeside, CA.
I felt like celebrating with some pork ribs.
Buckle up for safety, buckle up.
Costco, how I love thee.
$20 wood burning kit and pen. Stoked to give this a try!
City Heights Skatepark art.
Two people I charish skating with.
I got spots, baby! Let's bust out the camera!
Mid day lunch.
Serra High School. Very legendary in the skateboarding world.
Chris Larue, front blunt big spin out.
Three up three down.
The bub standing tall.
Another legendary spot. Arto Saari's noseslide and Svitak's 50-50 are forever burned into my mind. This thing is a behemoth.
Nuff said.
We got all over the place. These ledges are a bit chunky, but they are still fun!
Vinn Dogg. Check out his YouTube channel "FuckThisVideo".
Love me all food, all shapes, colors and sizes.
Mini Mad Max dog.
Vista crew.
This thing looks so sick. Too bad we were getting the boot.
The one thing I dislike about street skating is all the sitting around debating on what spot to go to next.....Beats working on the weekend!
Chase Cruz, a boy and his furry lil buddy.
Saw the bub Jason Carney, recently.
Had to hook the bub up with a Skilleton shirt!
Great sesh bub. 
Love you.
Taking the wood burning kit out for a test run.
I love all of these.
Trying to eat healthy.