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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Return to Chicago Chinanigans

Gag-zooks it's been a minute....
Biscuit got real sick and it's been a long road to recovery.
Long story short, he is doing better. Photos will be posted, but in the meantime, I've got alot of catching up to do! The following events took place on August 5th, 2018...
 My traditional pre-fight anxiety drink. I love white Russians.
 Later SD.
Coronado Island
 Crazy that Naval Air Station  takes up about %60 of the Island.
 Every now and then, I'd look down and see crop circles.
 Five hour flight and straight to a train. We were hungry already!
 Alcohol monitor ankle anklet.
 Hello Chi-Town!
 If these small streets could talk...
 Wonderous on the blood, sweat and beers that must have gone into making this city.
 I'm in love with it.
 It was raining, but that didn't stop me from snapping pics of some random skatespots.
 Heaven does exist.
 Forever embedded in my brain. Always reminds of Josh Kalis' part in Alien Workshop's "Mind Field".
Looming towers everywhere.
Mandatory river shot.
And architecture that reminds me of the old Batman movies.
We found a place called 'Timmy O'Tooles'.
Nice sports bar that was down stairs. Probably had a hundred flat screen tv's with ever sport you could think of.
Marc and I ended up taking on the $25 burger challenge. This beast was called the "Big Timmy Challenge".
Loaded with two half pound angys beef patties, swiss, mozzarella, cheddar, jack cheeses, lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion, bacon, bbq sauce and Irish nachos (french fries with cheese, sour cream and chives). This thing was no joke, weighing in at 3 pounds of food!
I ate the burger and a few fries, but then I hit the wall. My goal and aspirations to finish a food challenge in Chicago was all but diminishing.
Once the melted cheese became rock hard and the fries became cold, I couldn't taker another bite.
But I did order another beer!
Marc was unfazed. Proud of you, bub!
Free shirt, I'm jealous.
Then it was off to check into our hotel room for some Fireball shots.
See the window washers?
Another token river shot.
Legendary Chicago Tribune. 
Then, somehow the next morning we gravitated towards a nice divey bar around 10a.m. to wet our whistles and meet up with the rest of the squad.
My kinda dive.
Filled with all kinds of random crap on the walls to please your eye.
No complaints here.
Serve yourself!
These type of bars are a dying breed. Very rarely seen in San Diego nowadays.
Robbie and Pat had arrived!
As did Stinky-Mike!
Moment before he fell off the fence straight to his back like a drunken turtle.
'Tis a mere scratch.
'Fieldhouse Jones' was the name of our hostel.
It was a hip trendy place with an old 50's/60's gymnasium sports vibe.
*Immediately passes out.
Yes, I did tie his shoes to the bunk bed!
Why do we have bunk beds? I don't know, maybe it's 'cuz I want to have a 6th grade camp vibe with my best bubs. Maybe it's 'cuz I want my best bubs to hear me snore all night long. Maybe it's 'cuz we all haven't played 'BattleShits" in a long, long, time.
It was a bubmance that was long overdue.
Plus, it's always good to see Pat put the smackdown on Mikey.
 Still friend!
Off to old familiar sights!
From five years ago...
Love the Roman-esque vibe in Chicago.
I also love dinosaurs.
And old beasts.
Still haven't been inside.
Mikey rules Chi-Town.
The night time is the right time!
Bills vs. Bears! Pre season. It was meaningless, yet fun.
Like herding puppies with special needs.
Pat looks like a farting dinosaur. Actually, he's showing off the scraped shin he sustained when he fell onto the poor fifty year old lady and her husband while he was drunkenly babbling to them.
It was actually quite funny.
Another sight seeing destination I wanted to check out.
The fountain from the intro to "Married With Children". Been looking at this fountain spew water since I was a kid.
Robbie didn't have a beer for his poor empty hand. Love you, bub!
Off to Miller's Pub!
Continued in part 2!