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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Mandatory Bloggery- Fancy Feasting & Lurking at Sk8 Supply Dot Com

Heavy feasting. Take you taste buds around the world and you won't even have to leave the kitchen...
Got down with making some pork schnitzel!
Tempura battered mushrooms, too.
The good stuff.
Dinner of champions.
Breakfast of champions.
He loves the little bed we bought for him.
Dinner time.
Baked well done.
Pork loin.
Chicken fried steak at Tobey's 19th Hole Cafe is the bomb.
Their burger and tater tots are delicious, also.
OB sesh with the bub Arty.
OB relics.
Then my truck finally snapped from all the hard grinds.
Then I found myself lurking at Sk8Supply.Com.
This place doesn't sell sleds smaller than 8.75".
So many awesome relics. 
And remakes for any of you that want that old Christmas complete you had back in the 80's.
I could blow some serious money at this place...
OG Mark Gonzalez 60/40 board. You don't see these every day.
Patti McGee! First female skateboarder on a cover of a major publication.
I was nerding it up so hard.
Quiver maintenance.
Found an old Indy. So I was stoked to not have to spend any money. Plus, I can get my dollars worth outta a few more grinds!
Apparently Indy's are not made in the US anymore. That sucks.
Treating the backyard like a wood shop!
Making progress on a few cutting boards.
Back in action!
I love checking out other peoples boards.
The bub, James Troosdale.
New button up shirt, I am realy fucking hyoed on. Get yourself one at
Breakfast of champions!


Saturday, January 12, 2019

Mandatory Bloggery- Bacon Wrap Insanity / Larbsgiving 2018

Larbsgiving was a good one. Thanks to everybody that came out and broke bread with yer bub. 
Love you all!
Guess who?
Cody, kickflip nose skidder.
These two love each other.
Wet the old whistle at the Oulde Sod on Adams avenue.
Love this place.
Warming up leftover moosh in the wee hours of the evening.
Making friends in low places.
What a handsome feller.
Free range kitty.
Big Kitchen never let's me down.
Signs of the Larb, everywhere.
BBQ buddy.
Boston pork butt. Bone in.
Love this little guy.
She is looking good!
Sausage roll time! We don't half step on Larbsgiving!
Night shots!
He's not supposed to be out in the yard at night, but I couldn't resist taking some night pics.
I give to you 16 hour slow cooked corned beef brisket infused with Spaghetti-O's!
I'm a friggin' genius, this was so delicious.
Bacon wrap time!
Step one: Make a weave!
step two: Add asparagus.
step three: Add mozzarella. 
step four: Pep it up with some pepperoni.
step five: Add jalapenos.
step six: Add a few table spoons of marinara sauce, just to keep it moist inside.
step seven: Make sure to wrap it up before tossing in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Bean dip. Make sure to put a base of cheese at the bottom of the bowl before you dump them steamy frijoles on top.
It was a solid night and everyone left with a full belly.
Baked to perfection.
Garnish with mozzarella on top, and melt it briefly in the oven.
Step eight: slice up like sushi and enjoy!
We know how to cook a feast!
Greasy goodness.
We even had some tamales covered in steamy oozy Spaghetti-O's!
Boston butt had a nice crust to it.
Just add bbq sauce.
Baked to perfection.