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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Limited Edition Pacific Drive/ Neil Blender board, Donating Time at WSVT and Dolan Stearns Art Show @ Gym Standard

It's been beautiful out...
Stop and smell the roses.
Hug people and smile at them.
Break bread with the enemy.
Lurked at Pacific Drive skate shop for a bit.
Bought one of these PD/ autographed Neil Blender boards.
Neil Blender is the shit.
He only signed a few.
Fiberous materials to keep the plumbing going.
I can't always eat like shit, can I?
Later to the "Hemans Bowl" coping. I loaded it up to be donated to the WSVT crew.
It wasn't doing me any good collecting cob webs on the side of my house. May as well let the people grind it.
I heard they were doing work, so I reported for shovel duty.
Have a couple of beers and watch the boys play.
Brandon Perelson, eyes on the prize. Thanks for helping me unload the coping bub.
Generation Drilling, otherwise known as Rock Fish brought the heavy duty equipment.
Playing in the dirt.
 Tossing rubble in the dark.
 The bub Mike. The bub sure knows how to handle a wheelbarrow over and through the narrow terrain that is WS VT. Cheers bub!
 Bascially, the section that seperated the back peanut bowl and back country has been opened up!
I recommend shoveling dirt every now and then, it clears the mind.

 Later bubs.
Saw Larry David at my local market the other day.
A goodbye note for a kid that was moving outta town.
 A kid painted a broken deck and had me and the other kids sign it as a going away present for his friend.
 The next day I went back to WSVT check out the progress and shovel some more dirt.
 I crushed a few beers in the process.
 MegaPeaceMike sledging away.
 Time to give the girl a break.
 Grinding away in more than one way.
 Tossing more rubble. Point A to point B.
Fucking loaded with dirt.
Cheers to everyone that got the job done. You guys are the ones making it happen and creating happiness for so many people.
Then I was off to a Dolan Stearn art show at Gym Standard.
The bub spends loads of time expressing himself on say the least.
Bart Club!
I miss all of these shows.
Kevin from The Look Back Library getting some covers signed. If there is a cover boy out there within a 500 mile radius, he's on it to get there signature and share some stories of said cover.
Fucking rad.
It was a great turn out. Great time with some great friends.
I then ventured off the the Red Fox Lounge for some piano music.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Wood Working Porn and Scoping The New Linda Vista Skatepark

This mess is a place.
More blocks ready for the planer machine.
Before I bought my Dewalt.
Who doesn't love cookies?
Breakfast of champions. 
Does anybody remember the good time at
Makes me miss Chris Mullins and the bub Gautam.
The almighty F!
Chop chop!
Scraped and sanded.
Now it's time for the fun part!
Mobile wood shop.
Bundle of sticks.
All clamped up!
Proof! That it was crafted from %100 recycled skateboards!
Raw block, in all it's beauty.
Squared off.
And had a hole punched into it.
Router burns. These can be frustrating to sand away. 
Luckily, maple is a really tough wood!
Ready to go!
And now a bit of clear coat! The lady I sold this to clutched it in her arms and held it close to her chest as she walked away. No words were needed, I was flattered.

Asshole parking section.
Low tide and the moon rising in Coronado.
Linda Vista park. AKA 'The Zoo"!
It's like Disneyland for skaters. Except it's free. And not lame.
Lines for days!
Proper hubba and a flow bowl!
This place is gonna breed some insane talent.
Hans. Haven't skated with him since.
Brick pipe jam. Can you dig it?
Insane terrain!
The Filipino King!
Hugs all around.
Thi, in my opinion is the funnest part.
Complete with random sections offering pool coping!
For all you ditch dogs.
I couldn't be happier!
Wuddup Alex!
Cody Carlin, killing it as usual.
Where it belongs.
Walk with this babe.
Another chopping block, sent out into the wild.
Pizza time!