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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery-Memorial Day Memo Park Shredding & BBQing

Clicked on my "Drafts" tab and found that I let this Memorial Day blog slip through the cracks...
Better late than never, I say!
Sleepy head.
Memorial Skatepark befittingly on Memorial Day! 
Brockman, BK and Larue.
Dowdy and Ruby were present too!
Fearless little beast.
The bub Jordan Carter and David Cobb were there too!
This blog goes back one whole pair of shoes.
Cool down session. Story time with Tosh Rice.
Thanks Andy Mack for buying a shirt! Yer support is greatly appreciated!
I slammed pretty hard and was ready to get some festivities going...
Not today, Satan...
Scoping out a double set rail that BK crushed his ribs on.
Then we lurked around the Mission Valley area.
Eyeing up the hill to bomb.
And some double sided red curb action!
Then high speed ollies commenced.
High speed bail.
Camoflauge Larue.
Hydration station.
Setting up a skatepark.
Tree hugging Dowdy.
Afterwards, it was time for the BBQ portion of the day!
On sale! That's how we consume!
Smothered in mustard!
Grilling partner.
Grilling bubs!
The warden of the yard.
The main course.
That's some Tony Gwynn's bbq sauce right there, and it wasn't half bad!
DIY packing.
Can't recall posting this vid. So here we go. No tunes, but that's the way she blows sometimes.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Chopping Up A Block, Artys Glass Skateboards and Scoping Out The New Addition to the City Heights Skatepark and DTSD Shredding

Alright, I might have gotten my days a little mixed up here...
Gimme a break, eh?
Arby's. I don't frequent Arby's very often. It didn't disappoint. But, I'd much rather go to a deli. A good steak sandwich shop is hard to come by these days in San Diego.
Another side project.
Colors pop in the sun!
Got some time on a planer. These thing are kick ass and help you save a lot of time.
Perfectly square!
Then I routered it and punched a hole in it.
This one was a lot of fun!
Into the void.
#3 for the bub Kip Moffitt. Mailed all the way out to Brooklyn, NY!
Quick stop at Chicano Skatepark. David Hodge with a waist high smith grind.
That obstacle is no joke!
Mom and Dad, 1969.
Oscar, I miss you bub!
The bub Arturo got a job at Watson Laminates and he started making and silk screening his own boards!
So sick!
He blows glass. 
Proudly made in the USA!
I also picked upi some 215 Indy's since this will be my dirt sled!
I made a custom year pass for a roller skater at the skatepark.
I guess "The Wizard of Oz" was written inside this house.
Nice form.
As you may or may not have seen in yesterday's blog, the photos your about to see are literally maybe two to three days prior. So, it's pretty obvious that progress is being made!
For the mini-hickers!
No camel humps poured yet!
Skate stopped.
Pitfall gap and a A-frame rail.
The flow bowl section is so fun! nothing is over six feet!
Mini volcano with a spine!
Double coping spine! Yep, things are shaping up rather nicely here in City Heights!
The bub Chris Larue wasted no time getting in a back nose pik!
The bub Christian Ottobre with a above the coping early grab.
Chase Cruz backed him up!
And another!
Session was eated. No joke it was pretty hot this day.
Balboa Park, right on 6th street.
Still crazy to think that Wes Kremer boardslid this rail. Gets me so juiced!
So krusty.
Then we mobbed it into downtown. See how far behind this fat old man was lagging? Smh...
The bub David Cobb has a nice push!
Ferocious pink and purple haze panther.
Like I said, it was hot so we popped into the Chee-Chee for a cold one.
Skate life.
Chris eyeing up a caveman-hurricane. I'd be so hyped to see that one!
12th & Imperial trolley station. We got the boot real quick.
And the kick pushing ensued in America's finest city.
Then Chris started trying a wallie no-comply on this concrete obstacle.
It was rather mid blowing I must say.
The form was perfect!
Right when I got my shot lined up, he asked me to film with his phone. That's how the cookie crumbels. Check his Instagram feed @chrislarue for the make!
Just another glorious day!