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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Anger Management, Licking Chops & Fantasy Football Loser

Trying to stay true to the term of "updates blog daily".... Maybe I can finish off September like a beast...
I've been going through my computer and finding old video files that haven't seen the light of day.....
So maybe I'll do some video post/drunken recollections....Who knows.
Either way, I appreciate all 5 viewers that enjoy my periodicals of gibberish and nonsense.
Sometimes I see faces.
Been loading up on the veggies and drinking lots of V8 juice. Sometimes I feel sluggish and realize that my body is lacking healthy minerals and vitamins.
City Heights park at night. Although it is often crowded in the evenings, it's always heaps of fun to run into bubs that just got off of work.
This little bub was riding a scooter and wasn't having any fun on it. He asked to ride my quiver and I said 'go for it'. The kid was having alot of fun and complained loudly about how loose my trucks are.
The bub Derm wasn't having any fun.
Sometimes you gotta chuck both yer shoes into the darkness and focus thy shred sled.
That'll happen.
Skate life.
Breakfast life.
Cowboy life.
Sleepy life.
You know I'm always down for a good kitty shoot.
I rubbed some food on his paw and it woke him out from his slumber.
Pretty boy.
Guess who is a fantasy football loser?
This guy!


Monday, September 17, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery-Rakestraws Birthday & Beautiful Memories

Keeping the good time-a-rolling!
Keep on truckin'. Roll forever......You get my drift.
Brought to you by The Meat Men!
  Happy birthday, Pat!
A cake quite befitting for such a joyous occasion.
Pat Rakestraw, age:??????
Picture me rolling!
Views of San Diego.
Od spots visited. So crusty.
Shockus Park sessions with David.
Wouldn't be skateboarding if blood wasn't shed.
Shredder. Nick Suarez.
Also, another handplant.
And another. The skate scene in San Diego is thriving.
For da kids!
Time to get some new shoes.
My parents got a new kitty. She's adorable.
The Friendly on 30th street. Both the wife and I are big fans.
Skate Camping.
Shop lurking with Larue.
Zion Wright and Real Skateboards doing it right!
I think this board is black light activated.
I didn't go into the water. Not time yet.
Larue had no problem enjoying himself.
You know what time it is!
Frozen food pizza party.
Don't you hate it when your big ass coffee mug that doesn't fit in your cup holder tilts over and spills iced coffee all over the floor ON THE FIRST TURN YOU MAKE?!?!
More camping that is skateboard themed.
The light at the end of the tunnel.
Hung up some boards! Each day that goes by, home feels more and more like home.
Live slow 'cuz it happens so fast.
  The two loves of my life.
I also love beef sandwiches.
Mucho love.
Never forget how loving Shockus was.
Good times lie ahead.
Slow cooked a pork shoulder in the crock pot and it came out amazing.
See Biscuit in the lower right corner?
He loves to be in the kitchen with me. He always knows that I'll hook him up with some scraps.
Only the King will do when it comes to pork sliders.
My love.
This photo was taken a few weeks before we found out he was sick.
But incase you were wondering, Biscuit is on the mend. A road to recovery lays ahead.