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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Video- Skate Escape Carlsbad Park & Aura Training Facility Summer 2016

Been going through alot of footage lately and came across this group of shredders I took on a Skate trip back in the Summer of 2016!
Basically, I lag and this footy is a year old.
Featuring the bubs Francis, Austin, Jakob, Quinn, Matt, Andrew, Keegan and some other kids I can't remember their names. I'm stoke to have good times like this and I really enjoyed making the edit!
Sadly, Aura Training Facility is no longer around.
Oh yea, I got a couple of tricks in there too!



Monday, August 21, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- 99 Bottles in Santa Cruz, CA/ NorCal Shredding Part 2/ The Board Room

Long story short, I had a fucking blast.
Wikipedia led me to this song!
Facist Pigs! Long live the blackhole known as the internet.
Picture me rolling!
One thing about NorCal is that they sure know how to take care of their Sunday rides.
Beer stop at the "West End" in Santa Cruz, CA.
Spicy salami flat bread pizza and carrot soup!
This plate was awesome.
Finally made it to "99 Bottles of Beer"!
It's real simple. Drink all ninetynine beers that they offer on their list and you get an engraved plaque with your name on it. If you drink all ninetynine beers ten times, you get your name name on a brick which is part of the bar behind the bar!
I started with their #1, Chimay!
Then I got drunk and started scribbling etching onto the bathroom chalkboard.
Once you pop, you just can't stop!
Rest in peace.
Those are names on them plaques.
I can't spell.
Later on, I went for a shred on a dirt track!
It was conveniently right next to another skatepark!
Love me some skateparks!
Too bad I was a bit too drunk to shred. Drinking all day can take it outta me and I aint the spring chicken I used to be.
I'm sure I'll cross paths with this park again.
I took a few runs on the mini, it was fun and the coping grinded pretty darn well.
The next day, I awoke hungover and glad the sun was not out.
These fuggin' stairs...
Runners and best friends.
Not sure who Ken Wormhoudt is...
Hey-ooooooooooooooo! Santa Cruz Skatepark! AKA "The Wave"!
Something for everyone! That wallride to the left was tits!
Full coping and tile mini bowl that leads into another big bowl!
That leads to this full pipe! Looks like a perfect wave!
Another bowl. I had no interest in skating this portion of the park.
This was my first time skating a full pipe. It's easy to pump back and forth like a mini ramp but man it sure is a difficult task to carve through it at full speed and hit 3 or 9 o'clock.
Starting at 1:48 you'll see a full anihilation of this park by Raven Tershy.
Fucking insane terrain I'll say.
I had alot more fun at this park since I wasn't drunk.
Speaking of which....
I think I counted 86 steps. Maybe more.
Love me some fog in the evening.
Capitola, CA a beautiful place!
Meat and taters....mmmm-hmmm.
This bridge was calling my name to jump off it.
One day.
We wandered...
And found this place!
AKA The Board Room.
AKA holy shit there is every iconic late 70's and 80's skateboards hanging from the rafters.
I was freaking out.
Jason Lee!
Look at that Neil Blender Coffee drinker colorway! No way!
O.G. Hook Ups boards!
I was geeking hard, real hard.
Original Grosso shapes. I also love Jeff Grosso's show "Love Letters to Skateboarding".
More awesomeness.
Jason Jessee, pure stoke.
I hope tis place has solid fire insurance.
Billy Ruff barfing cat graphic! 
Losfer words.
Lost for words. Hence zero lyrics.
A must visit destination if your a total skate geek.
Located at 825 41st avenue, Santa Cruz CA 95062
Wild looking Lucero shape.
I love skateboard art. I know I'll never a collection quite like this, but goshdarnitt I'll try!
Obviously, none of this stuff was for sale.
The boards on the left where the ladder is are re-issues that were for sale.
The music posters were so sick!
Wish I got a closer shot of that David Bowie board...
My thirst for skateboarding was satisfied.
I'm sick and tired of all these star wars... OG Plan B team.
Oh my!
It doubled as a skate shop, but I didn't really have any interest in it.
Back to Gregs house for some bbq.
Remember last blogs food I was supposed to cook?
We didn't forget!
Bbq pork ribs!
America, beer and tri-tip!
All shaved up.
Pre flight meal.
Gnarly drop in.
Then it was a few margaritas and some down time at the driving range.
\Thanks for the hospitality Greg and Michelle! 
Love you guys!