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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Gaglione Bros., Slingin' Steak and Petco Park

It's been a busy month of skating fast and being fat. Summer is here! Hand me another beer!
Spot scouting off Mission Gorge road. Quick run up to obtuse angled ledge.
Naturally, I got nothing for it.
First time to this place. Been hearing people rave about it for years.
Meatball sub with pepperoni and some garlic cheese fries.
Grand total came close to $20 (drink included).
It was a tasty fun experience, but next time I'll spend that money on sandwich supplies at the market.
Marinated flank steak courtesy of KingBaby. I forgot how crisp and smooth Coors Original is out of the bottle.
Contorted evil Ixby.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea!
Doesn't get any better than this! BBQ OR DIE!
Fucking adorable.
With a little Sid Vicious snarl. Love it.
Meats meat and a man's gotta eat. Nice and juicy.
San Diego's finest against the Oakland A's.
Oh yea, it was my birthday too.
That means I'm drinking the good beer!
Psyched crew!
Puffer face.
Everybody was having a blast/
More Sculpin!
Chicken fucking wings!
At this point it was 2-0, A's. I was balls deep in my fried chicken and was letting the beast of consumption get the better of me.
Aftewards, things got very hazy.
"Hey boner!"



Friday, June 26, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Hype Train, DMV Hell and Pizza Tits

Spend alot of mornings just chilling in the back yard. Sometimes the house gets too damn hot.
T.C. hype.
Mr. FancyFurryAss.
Bacon before dishonor.
Breakfast sandwiches served on hamburger bun. Yes please.
The bub DHodge has good taste in t-shirts.
A new pizza joint called "NaPizza" just opened in Hillcrest.
Wow, the shit I find on the internet when I type in "pizza tits".
"Butt Face"
They had a wide variety of mouth watering slices. The restaurant was serving cafeteria style.
Order yer food at the beginning, then as you pay for you slices and beer, they hand it to you sizzling hot!
It was a "soft opening" so all the grub was free!
Place was a boomin'.
Mason jars filled with beer! I can dig it!
Top: mushroom truffle slice and bolognese slice.
Bottom; Italian sausage and pepperoni? Can't remember the last slice.
Tirmisu. Did I spell that right? Fuggit.
Tomato harvest from the garden.
Crammed it all into a spinach salad with some chicken breast and avocado.
East county spot scouting.
If this was in an XL I would have purchased it.
This one too.
Fuck it, I'm hungry. Aw yea, aw yea.
Deep fried chicken breast.
Kittys feasting.
Saying "fuck you" to my toaster oven 'cuz the damn door on it broke.
Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart.
Fuckin' veggies. Pretty sure I'm drunk as shit when I'm flipping off food.
Making a fucking mess.
Sick ass shirt.
Hell. I mean, the DMV.
Good thing I brought an issue of SI. Brady = GOAT!
The look on Richard Sherman's face is priceless. Tom Brady and the Pats won a fourth fucking super bowl. Still riding high from it.
This new dude on Lurkville fucking kills it.



Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Cruisng the San Diego Bay

After days of neglect and drunken adventures The LArb released thine long enough to vomit out this blog.
More trash coming soon.
Stocking up on that summer brew! This was a special day, my mum-in-law turned 70 years young.
Note to self: these things rule!
Pepperoni and cheese, that's whats up!
Hank and his eldest daughter. This man is hilarious and makes almost anything fun!
Being on a boat I started acting like a friggin' tourist and started snapping pictures.
San Diego bay.
This sail boat was pretty bad ass, it literally sailed itself.
This was running through my head the whole time.
Closer bridge shot.
Let me take this moment to be thankful that a scum bag like me can stow away this vessel and chug all the beer. America, fuck yea.
Newly weds, about to go under the belly of the beast.
Belly.... OF THE BEAST!
Do-do-do- doo, here comes the sun.....
Wsh I had a better camera, probably could have taken better pics.
Ah, fuggit.
Off in the distance, NastyNeil is working at Nassco.
The food platters were flowing.
Hank manning the wheel.
While Hank was manning the vessel, the wind decided to snatch his hat away. Here is the recovery of his hat, everybody was stoked! This vid really embodied the overall good vibe on the boat.
Truly a big kid at heart.
We were making good time (notice the bridge in the background?).
Happy man right there.
Skipper on the right, he was all business.
And the ladies talking among themselves.
Can't remember the name of the ship on the left, but Hank informed us that that is the vessel that carried Seal team 6 on it's mission to infiltrate Osama Bin Laden's campground and assassinate him.
Fuck you terrorist, you can't hide from our war machines.
Tug boat tuggin' along with a shit load of seagulls flying around it.
After a few hours on the bay, we made way for port.
Everybody was a bit tipsy at this point.
Saw this beauty in the parking lot. I can't resist a nice old looking automobile.
The sure don't make 'em like they used to.
Then it was on to dinner at the boathouse.
Salmon on wild rice. It was awesome.

Life is ruling so hard right now!