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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Blacking Out

We are back with a long overdue M.B.
Trying to find a happy medium as far as releasing blog content goes.
Gonna try to be a bit more even keeled as far as the video/blog ratio goes.

Anyway, I have been killing it on the grilling department. These pics were from a night that I got all Gayboyish and went full Retard.

As Robert Downey Jr. playing "Osiris Lazerus" says, "Never go full retard."

After watching this, I imagined Downey Jr. was Capt.Sahi and Stiller was myself getting a talkin' to.

Ain't nothing wrong with eating some humble pie from time to time...
 So it was supposed to be a great night! The homey Leo and his band Travesura were playing Beauty bar, Beagle was supposed to come over and we were gonna have a blast. 
Bbq was already smokin'.
 Some cinnamon death outta get this party started.
 Next thing ya know, WormTits shows up with a bag of wine. The spacebag ritual ensued from here.
 As is tradition... bbq or die.
 Had the tri-tip all marinated
 Cooking a piece of meat like this is like composing yer own symphony. Or as you readers out there can relate, it's like landing a trick first try. Every try.
 The meat was fucking amazing! Unfortunately this is where things get black out-ish.
After chugging several cans of beer, slamming Fireball shots and orbiting planet Earth in a Spacebag I blacked out at fucking 9p.m.
When I cam to, some dick punched a couple of holes in the walls. The wife said some fucking Gremlin showed up and tore the place up...
 ...broke a few kitchen windows and threw up all over the floor. Oh yea, he also pissed himself.
What else is new.
 Nothing like Wings N Things to cure that hangover. 
I think some country singer once said "There ain't no life like the dog house life!"




Tuesday, February 25, 2014

EatFiends UnCut Shit Show part 11

Trying to raise the levels of shitbaggery both on and off the skateboard...
Here is more footage from recent months of the boys partying, skating and absorbing the world around us. Footage includes a bit of shredding with Chris Larue at Washington street skatepark,
lurking at Pacific Drive skate shop and some ramp jamming with the Route 44 crew at the Tum Yeto ramp.

Lets keep this party locomotive chugging along!



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sahi Chronicles part 17

Been a minute since Capt.Sahi checked in with EatFiendHQ...
But the bub has been moving cross country, being Mr.Mom and dealing with the harsh, unforgiving East coast weather. So he gets all the slack he wants. 
Well seasoned fish, still with the dead on!
Does that excite you, ItWasTheLight?
 Nah, he's probably more hyped on the red meat.
 Mixed veggies...
Help from a homey. Is that Lorenzo Johnson?  
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, prawn! Looking all buttery and greasy!
 Dang dat looks god bruh.
 With rice, cooked to perfection.
 Looks to me a dinner well spent!

Turn On
Tune In
Drop Out

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

EatFiends UnCut Shit Show part 10 Chris Larue

Here it is the good bub Capt.Larue doing what he does best.
So psyched to finally share this footy. By far my favorite goofy footed skater ever! (Us goofy footed folk gotta stick together!) There's lots more where this came from. 
Guest skater: Dylan Messer

In case you didn't know, Larue's sponsors include: Lurkville Skateboards USA
Union Leather Works, Pacific Drive Skate Shop & Bohnam Clothing co.
If anybody has a shoe sponsor, hook a bub up! 




Monday, February 17, 2014

EatFiends UnCut Shit Show part 9 Heman

Here is a compilation of slams and a few tricks that I've landed on my skateboard.

Keep yer pants on the Capt.Larue part is coming up next!


Saturday, February 15, 2014

EatFiends UnCut Shit Show part 8 Butterface

The moment we've all been waiting for...
I give to you the 8th installment to the UnCut Shit Show part 8, my best bub Butterface.
I've known this man many a year. We go way back into our early years of seshing the bandstand and sprcckles hip back in the day. (even back then, he oozed style.)
I love this guy.



Friday, February 14, 2014

EatFiends UnCut Shit Show part 7 Capt.Sahi & Charlie Thomas

Coming in hot at ya with the blog content!
I know it's Valentines Day, so I'm putting this up for my good bubba, Capt.Sahi.
Whether you perceive it to be homo or not, I could care less 'cuz I'm totally gay for his no-comply's... Charlie and Gautam are true skaters and I love these guys!



Thursday, February 13, 2014

EatFiends UnCut Shit Show part 6 Friends and Lurkers

Been really hyped on making videos lately...
 Went and skated with some friends at the DMV last night and found myself saying that the whole process of skating, filming, editing, fun times off the board, harassing yer friends to do tricks, meeting at spots, night skating, ramps, curbs, parks, etc. is way more fun when yer not caring about sponsorship, who's watching or whatever else bullshit may or may not be going on around you. 

Featured Larbs: Joseph, Capt.LaRue, Neil, Arty, Poods the Cat, Dolan Stearns, BGar, GucciBuckTim, Gumby, Tyrone, UnionLeatherWorks, GayBoy, Brando&Friends (sorry, there's 3 of you guys that I can't remember yer names.). We have HardNookDave skating at the TWS Duffman/Foundation 10 year party as well as some antics from some Memo homies. Then I have a few poached warm-up tricks of Sean Conover while he was filming for C.S.F.U. vid, and then the good bub Mr.FilipinoKing closing it out with a few tricks he filmed, moments before I dislocated my left index finger on that fucking white ledge.
Anyway. Here's the 6 installment to the never ending Shit Show that I witness through my daily life.

Skating is fun!



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

EatFiends UnCut Shit Show part 5 ItWasTheLight/BornRetard

Welcome back to another installment of the UnCut Shit Show tha is my so called life.
This episode is all Donkey Punch crew! Two of my best friends, ItWasTheLight and BornRetard are real fun bubs to drink and skate with.  
DPC for life!

Here's a bunch of footage that I've stacked up over the last 2 years.. Good times with good people.



Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Meatball Assault video

Here is a follow up video I made from the "Meatball Assault" M.B.
The beer is cold and the videos are fun to make!

I'm gonna keep them coming...



Monday, February 10, 2014

EatFiends How To Fix A Hole You Made

So I suffered a gayboy moment in a drunken haze...
And put a few holes in the walls!
Yay me! I'm killing it!
The wife is hyped to!
So basically this job would have cost me a shit load of money, but for a $50 dumbass fee at Home Depot for supplies, I ended up fixing it myself.



Friday, February 7, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Meatball Assault

Anothe edition of Mandatory Bloggery, as is tradition...
Anybody out there hungry? I am.
Biscuit the Patriots fan. He looks psyched...

Lurking at OB park with Arty and Shockus. Fat man session.
This isn't my favorite park, but I'm really trying to have a "skate everything" mentality.
These dudes know all the lines and are showing me the ropes.
To view Mr.Moonlight's DPC part click here. 
It rips.
Justin Roy, seriously one of the raddest dudes you'll ever meet.
Spoiler alert, my beloved Pats lost to the Broncos.
Football season is over.
Glad them Broncos and Manning took a whooping from the Seahawks.
Fucking around with potatoes at EatFiendHQ.
Had an idea to cook an egg inside a hollowed out potato.
Wasn't that fun...
The potato was so thick it took like an hour for the egg to cook.
It was alright. Poor mans breakfast right there.
Never fear! We made meatball subs with french fries anyway.
And the consumption of beer ensued.
Meatball subs are the best.
Even the next day at work when they are cold they are delicious.



Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lurkville Dolan Stearns Instagram Promotion

So since I follow Lurkville on Instagram....
...and I got mad love for all the homies that ride/own/work for Lurkville (especially you Larue!), I made a "Follow Lurkville on Instagram commercial" on YouTube.
I found this old clip of Dolan Stearns on the computer, I think it was the first time I skated with him. We were at that DIY spot off El Cajon blvd. that Julian Klince made (RIP), and he got worked so hard on this ollie.

It sparked me to make this "Lurkville Dolan Stearns Instagram Promotion".




Wednesday, February 5, 2014

EatFiends UnCut Shit Show part 4 David Hodge

EatFiends UnCut Shit Show proudly brings you part 4
the David Hodge part...
...I've known David probably since he was 12 years old. Always the loudmouth at the park, talking shit to anyone that will listen. He quickly grew into a shredder of all terrain, but he mostly loves skating Coronado park. 
95% of this was filmed over the last two years and pretty much sat on my computer, waiting for the light of day...



Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shred Shots: January 2014 Sgt.Baconator, JRoy and Shitler

This time around is a quick edition of shred shots.
Obviously much more skating goes down than this. But the 'ol cell phone camera is 
taking the backseat more often, in favor of the GoPro.
Anyway... here's what I've come up with.
 Yours truly in all my glory, As seen on Instagram.
Beer gut hanging out and definitely pushing that Creature board to the max.
 I was so hyped when this came out, Vol.4 put out a tour vid online and I poached this backsmith grind of JRoy. So sick. JRoy is my homeboy!
 Once again... as seen on Instagram.
Probably the millionth time I've 5-0'd down this thing.
I give to you Shitler himself, creator of The Larb! Lurking and scraping all coping or parking blocks in his path. Came to his natural habitat and found him shredding. No way I wasn't gonna poach a pic.



Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery: Poker Night

Back again with another Mandatory Bloggery. Poker night happens alot for us... maybe I'll host a two table tournament in the near future...
Really been digging Taco Bell lately. I know I live in San Diego, land of the best Mexican-American food that I know of, but Taco Bell in Coronado is more legit than that overpriced shit hole called "Claytons". Fuck that place.

Plus Taco Bell really knows how to whip my hangover into shape and its cheap as shit!
For anybody looking for a job out there...
This place never gets old. I always seem to get stuck in the same rut, doing the same tricks at the park, skating figure eights over and over and over and over.... But hey, it's fun and the kids keep me on my toes. I can still nollie-flip!
Night moves at Lake Forrest skatepark. This place blew my mind and it has fucking lights!
Caught Biscuit pulling the wife's panty's outta the drawer. It was hilarious. Something about the stretchy fabric is what he likes.
Screen grab from the playoff game that LeGarrete Blount broke out in! I think he ran all over the Colts for like 3 touchdowns. Sadly as of this writing, my beloved Patriots have been knocked outta the Super Bowl running by the Denver Broncos.
Which leads me to a rant...

To all you bandwagoners out there that switched teams from the Colts to the Broncos because you claim to be a "Peyton Manning" fan, you people are pathetic.
Sure, I might have nightmares of receiving phone calls from Tom foreshadowing his retirement, but you kooks that follow that despicable mongoloid-Manning are straight up hungry for his butt and have no loyalty to a fucking team.

This is why Charger fans are more admirable than any "Manning" fan (or Raider fan for that matter, hell, everybody is better than any Raider fan.), they didn't become "Brees fans" when he went to the Saints and won a Super Bowl. Atleast Charger fans will suffer with their team and be proud of it.
"Manning fans" just follow the safe beck. Buncha kooks. I hope the Denver Broncos lose the Super Bowl.

Any way,  that doesn't take away from the fact that Peyton Manning was one funny mother fucker on SNL. So enjoy this gem!

As is tradition, BBQ OR DIE!
Anyway, poker night. Yea, got kinda off track there... Sitting in between Piech and DonaldGately is a self described "Peyton Manning fan". Disgusting...
So since this was the last picture of the actual poker game itself, I'd like to update you with a GayBoy report. In true GayBoy fashion he was in full effect. As is tradition, he'll land your trick better than you and before you... he'll stack up chips and take a commanding lead before you... he'll blackout and lose all his chips before you... and he'll kick yer bet friends parents sprinkler heads so they'll spray water everywhere in the middle of the night before you, (I guess I coulda' summed it up by "he'll turn into an asshole before you", but where's the fun in that?)
Antway, the game ended at around 3 or 4 in the morning. It came down to a heads up match between WormTits and I! Can't remember who got 3rd. But we were celebrating WormTits lucky victory in a 10 man table Texas Hold 'Em match up. Good job bub! 
Nonetheless, shots ensued and WormTits began rummaging through Donalds fathers closet and found this sweet sheep skin jacket! Party time!
Then he found the old Slugger bat! Now it's a party!
I seriously don't remember taking any of these pictures.
I fucking love this photo and I love WormTits. The type of Larb that will always enjoy getting drunk and destruction! (Nothing got broke, DonaldGately broke up the fun, womp womp!)
That's okay, there's always time to jerk the bat off!
Party like a rockstar!
In N Out!
Myself mourning my poker loss.
My favorite baseball bat beating clip.
Then the party ensued.
As is tradition.
That's a wrap!