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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Video- Vox Welcome Brendan Keaveny

So friggin' stoked to have the bub BK getting his feet laced up in some Vox footwear. Congrats bub!
His quick fancy foot work makes me wanna get out there and shred. Also, there are a few clips of my bowl (Hemans Bowl)! Love to see that some of my hard work made it into this part...
Also, major props to the homie Dowdy for the awesome filming and beyond fucking sick ass edit!



Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- The Last Strange Days of LordBlah

Back on the shitty flowing gravy train to shit-hammeredville!
Don't forget to get yer shit-tix punched! The Poo-Choo Express is heading out!
 Homemade pizza pockets courtesy of WormTits.
 Handsome looking feller.
 I'm a growing boy!
 Lowest point of 2014.
 Fuck public transportation.
 See her ankle bracelet? Bus life.
 The homey Austin schralping the red curbs.
 Post work Little Club session. Where nobody knows yer name.
 The place still looks the same.
 Time to drink a pitcher of Sculpin!
 Chalk board smack talk.
 Stinking it up!
 No, no, no...
 Screen grab from my GoPro of the wife and I in Sedona, AZ.
 Driving shot. Rarely do I ever take pictures with my GoPro. I prefer it for filming, but now I'm hyped on it and am going to try utilize it more often.
 Zensei sushi steak dinner.
 Suck it.
Filthy animal.
 Then the LordBlah sexy dance time commenced. 
"First I'm gonna fuck you, then I'm gonna kill you, then I'm gonna eat you, then I'm gonna shit you!"
 Pure black out.
 It's like if Elvis fucked a ham sandwich and out came this dancing greasy bastard.
LordBlah is never one to shy away from putting on a little show.
 Bacon for all!
 That's better. Can't forget who we are.
 Fuck it.
 Taco time.
 After LordBlah ate about 90 percent of the food, he was out like a light.
The blanket of shame for any Charger fan.



Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Tripping Corpse

Welcome back loyalists. The holidays have me running around like the pathetic slave I am.
Ignoring this beautiful beast...
 Doing some painting over at Unit Craft. Tough job. A lot more shit goes into painting with a gun than one would imagine.
One of my favorite artist's. R.I.P.
 Unit Craft lunch. I kill it.
 Furry little fucker getting his lap time in.
 This made me laugh so hard.
Face to the grindstone, grindstone to the face.
Meat face!
 Potato stew.
All on top of some sourdough bread with butter and veggies! 
 Sprinkled pepper all over that bitch.
 Leftovers at Unti Craft. The fellas were jealous.
This dog made me want a dog. So rad!

This vid is rad! I love The Shrine.
 Another thing I can add to my otherwise unimpressive resume. Cat Wrangler!
Look at them evil eyes!
 If anyone is wondering, give LordBlah enough peppermint schnapps and he'll get very sexy!
 Two beautiful handsome meat packages right there.
Bub love.



Monday, December 15, 2014

Video- Liquor Stories, Pilot Episode

Can't fucking wait for this shit show to get started!
Also can't wait to see them perform live, here in San Diego!


Friday, December 12, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Sedrona, AZ. Drive Hammered Get Nailed

The wife and I went out camping for her birthday. ItWasTheLight and his gal joined us for the adventure....
I saw this on Black Friday. Has nothing to do with Sedrona. But it made me laugh my balls off.
6:30 a.m. meet up with ItWasTheLight, a quick smoke and we were hitting the road!
"Welcome To Arizona!" It always trips me out how close AZ. is.
Just a quick routine check by Border Patrol. No big deal. We rolled squeaky clean.
Dog just probably smelled all the beef jerky in the car. There was a lot.
Why would the cops wanna nail me? I'm always hammered!
These signs were every 2-3 miles. I guess it's not enough freedom in AZ. to have an open carry law, no helmet laws, drive thru liquor stores and you can ride in the bed of trucks. But these people gotta do it all while driving hammered. I guess that's why they have such harsh weed laws?
Don't listen to me, I never make any sense anyway.
"Fuck her right in the pussy!"
Came across this awesome fake graveyard.
Oh Loser Larry, you and your maggot ways....
Speaking of maggots, we had Subway for lunch.
Nom nom nom...
Destination known.
What was once a boring dessert scenary filled with cactus and dull yellow sand suddenly turned into Mountains of multi shaded red dirt!
Our directory dude. He was super nice.
Took about an hour and a half to find a legit camping spot that wasn't littered with rocks. This spot was awesome. Built a fire pit, set up the tents and got down to pounding beers!
Just started listening to Gary, this song kinda reminds me of how our trip went.
Fun and mellow.
The wife approves of our makeshift campgrounds! Cheers, babe!
Then we started sharing ghost stories. Just kidding!
It was cold as fuck once that sun dropped. But the stars were out and it looked beautiful.
ItWasTheLight, headlamp and flashlight.
I call this piece "Double Moon Murder".
So to break it down we drank beers and passed out. About an hour later the wife woke me up with her teeth chattering, shaking in her sleeping bag. She was so cold, she couldn't get to sleep. Temps. were in the low 20's. ItWasTheLight woke up and suggested we put her in the car with the heater on. Great idea, it basically saved our trip. After she passed out and was warm, we all finally got to sleep and then we were awoken by some other campers driving their big fucking truck around our tents late at night. Fuck those dudes.
After a night of shaking in her boots and puking, the wife was feeling better.
Perfect time for a morning rock hunt stroll around a creek.
Rock hunting 101, leave no stone unturned.
Hamburger rock. I brought this guy home.
Bugged our waitress for a devils lettuce hook up and she couldn't come through.
Breakfast was legit though!
Artsy fartsy.
Makes you feel really insignificant when you think about the big scheme of things.
"Bell Rock"
Ironically amidst all the beautiful red mountains, I didn't see a single skateable red curb.
Lots of people took Jeep tours, but we hoofed it. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?
Camera equipment and bottled water ready, we started our trek.
The mountain ram cam out in me. I was climbing all over the place.
Red trails of blood.
Heading to the Devils Bridge to do some Satan worshipping.
Amazing. They will be here long after we are gone.
Sick trails, probably formed by rainfall and flash floods.
A great long trail, I though we were making great time. I was panting pretty heavy, but my stubborn ass wouldn't take a break. 
The trail kept changing from steep, to mellow, thick then thin.
We were on the other side of the mountain and the sun was dropping. It was noticeably cooler.
See the face?
Shit was getting steep.
Classic. Next time I go hiking, I'm wearing leiaderhosen. Is that how you spell it?
Hello down there.
Panoramic madness.
We were loving it.
They were loving it. These two are too cute!
 Holding hands.

This reminded me of them.
 We continued our trek, almost there.
 Then we finally came upon The Devils Bridge! So sick! (and scary)
 Rock stackers.
 Managed to get a pic of it with nobody on it.

The wife and I in all our glory!
 Droning up.
 This jerk off was sitting right on the edge. Fuck that.
 View from about a 100 yards away/below.
 Lots of tourists/hikers.
 Failed panorama, but I liked how it came out anyway.
 We have lift off Captain!
Drone Boning.
 No wind. perfect conditions.
Snack break.
Fly time.
 Can't wait to see how the footy turned.
 Hiking back.
 They were coming, we were going.
 Fashion shoot. Send that shit in to Thrasher.
 I was proud of my babe for making the whole hike. Piece of cake!
 The sun was quickly going down. The sun is our God.
 Taking it all in.
 Fun times were had by all.
 More beautiful views.
 Churches for the Gods. However you choose them.
 On to our next destination: dinner.
 Local brewery. Had tasty beers.
Filet mignon for diner.
This was the last pic I took before my Droid ran outta batteries. I was dumb and forgot to bring my charger. After we ate we went to bed, and then on to a short hike before heading home.

Great memories were made with people I love.