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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- "KRUISIN" an Alien Machine Production

Went to Memo park for my daily therapy session and ran into....
.....The bub Joseph Mairena. Joseph is good at pushing wood. I remember meeting him in my early twenties and thinking that he lied about his stance because he was amazingly good at skating switch.
One of those Shane O'Neil types. Very clean style with a very deep bag of tricks.
Since then we've been friends and he's been more than generous about having people over to shred his mini ramp. Any who, knowing that I'm a fan of skateboarding, he sent me a link to this video he made starring the bub Kellen James.

Words below are from the bub. Enjpy!
"Published on Mar 7, 2017
This short film was shot entirely on an iPhone 6S. The goal of this film was to push an iPhone to its limit, cinematically that is. Kruisin is a simple film about my friend Kellen James "cruisin" on his skateboard. The K in Kruisin comes from the K in Kellen's name, in case people miss that little tidbit.

I hope this short film inspires you to create your own films. More importantly, I want this film to show that you don't need an expensive camera to be a filmmaker. Until you can buy that nice DSLR or RED camera, use your phone.

Please feel free to like this video and leave a comment below. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks. A.M.P"


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Skate Night Bbq and Skate Camp Hype

Two awesome days in a row? Yes please!
Had the pleasure of  riding the hype train with some of the bubs from the Island.
 Skate Night Bbq hype!
 Work problems. From the recent rain fall, somehow one of the lamps used to light up the skatepark had been filled with water. Had to take off the cover, unscrew the bulb, dry out the whole thing with paper towels and let it sit and air dry for a few hours. Luckily it worked afterwards!
 Nacho dogs were on the menu.
Time for dessert! 
 Group photo of the awesome crew from the bbq.
 The next morning. Grip tape hype!
Classic Gonz at Alcatraz.
 Buzz buzz...
 Made our way up to Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest.
$10 entrance fee for the whole year. 
 Lines for days.
 I didn't skate this bowl....
 But I did shred the shit outta this curb!
 Another group photo.
 As is from below.
 Stewart was there with me. He rips.
 This pipe jam is super fun!
 Then the lights went on and it was time to bail.
I gotta get back.
Fun times!


Monday, March 27, 2017

Video- Whisky Slime Mike Is A Pro Bowler

This happened almost two months ago...
Went bowling with the bubs and had a great time.
Wanted to post this so it may live forever on the world-wide-web.
The best part is when the bowling-ally attendant laughs over the loud speaker....
The Cloud also made the goofy little edit. Good times!
I gotta get back!


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Sew and Destroy Promo Premiere Photos

The bub Josh Stafford had himself a new product line release....
Good times were had down in Ocean Beach Culture Brewing Co.
Instagram flyer.
Nice ode to Thrasher. 
Other deck art gracing the walls. I dug the pool-shark.
Bondi-Bowl Aussie Pro down unda' was streaming live! Sick!
Truman showing off the shirt Josh gave me. Pick Pocket MFG. is siiiiick!
The man of the hour with a few words.
Then video time! The dude on the left had the best hair.
Joe Dirt for life.
Shredding at Neil Mims Skate Academy. I gotta get there.
This dude had a puppy pug!
And that's that.
This place is already becoming legendary! The do skate vids every Thursday!
Job well done Josh!
 Looking forward to skating and playing poker with you in the future!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Captured By Robots @ Soda Bar, February 24th 2017

Well I've got a shitty blog for you!
Been a minute since I've been to the Soda Bar. This place typically has more hipsters than I care to put up with. Not really shitty and divey enough for me. 
Nebula Drag was the opening band. Props to them for showing up last minute.
The headliner.
I like how they had motorcycle gas tanks for bodies.
The brains/talent.
Piano frets used to hold down the strings.
Terminator 2.
J-Bot came out banging on a drum with a banner.
Then he got right into it. No trumpet section, no piano, no tamborine-bot....
Just straight of GrindCore.
You too, could have witnessed this debacle for a mere ten dollars!
But you didn't. I literally counted forty people in attendance at one point.
Apparently robots aren't "cool" nowadays. 
Fuck cool.
Just let it all out.
My favorite song he played was "Crazy Neighbor". It was hilarious.
I gotta say, this dude put alot more energy into his show than the last two time I saw him. Then again, I did get kicked out the last time he was in town. I was heckling a bit much.
Job well done, good sir.
I bought a cd and a shirt.
Fun times!



Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Diet Of A Champion and Memo Shredding With Nasty Neil

I look around, I look around..... And I see 'lotta new faces.....
Looks like some you have been breaking the first two rules of eat-club....
Watched all of the F vids recently (except for the last two new ones.
Shredding Memo park!
Carving this flooded portion of the mini-clover bowl was fun yet risky. 
The recent rain built a new challenge for us!
Oh you know, just taking pics....
Only to watch NastyNeil damn near plow over this dude. Neil was good, but the dude on the grounds took all of the impact on his elbows and palms of his hands.
Time to leave.
Time for some greasy ass hole-in-the-wall Chinese food,
Fuggit, may as well stop by J-Bo on the way home.
Jr. bacon cheeseburgers with fries and a bacon-ranch taco.
Then I threw some orange chicken onto one of my jr. bacon-cheeseburgers.
It was tits.
Then I suffered a stroke.
Just kidding! It's some screen grabs of Hans!
Yep, still stoking the kids out at the Skatepark.
I tried these out. I'm more of a fan of their "Nashville" flavor, which is spicy.
Still a good meal.
Awesome night time shot.