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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Recycled Skateboard Mishap and I Woke up in a random place

Second to last blog of the month!
June is upon us! And we all know what that means....WR is coming!
Trying to keep the fiber coming in and pretend that I'm a healthy person.
Ready for the planer!
No gaps! Gotta love it!
Project number two.
I have alot of mahogany, so I figured I'd put it to use.
I was nearing the finish line with this cutting board and working on the juice groove and then whammy!
Lesson learned. This is what happens when you push the router counterclockwise, instead of clockwise....DOH!
After a frustrating hour, I was able to get back on track.
Home to a well deserved meal of corned beef!
George, my barber. He's a rad guy.
Curb spot sighting! Park boulevard, Chevron station.
Alas, the final product! 
It wasn't as thick as I wanted it to be, but at least I finished it.
Gotta love those colors!
Movie time with my best bubs!
Filled with recycled jokes from the original, I loved it. Just stoked to see these bubs back on the silver screen!
We found a theatre that serves beer too!
All passed out. Pop corn all over the place.
Super Trooper fans were loving it!
Somebody is really hyped for the new Deadpool movie...
The next day I awoke in NorCal with a craft pizza under my face!
And enjoying a ice cold beer on a golf course. 
Air B&B bathroom art.
Nudist sew art.
Naked babes everywhere.
"Maya Nudista"
Anatomically correct!


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Recycled Skateboard Shredding....Broken Curbs

Sorry about the lack of blog productivity...
Shoulder injury really got me in a bind and I couldn't do anything...
Anywho, welcome back!
Art class at the Skatepark.
Isa rips!
Tacos to go!
Night sessions at City Heights skatepark are becoming more commonplace.
BK and Cameron. Deep bag of tricks with oozing style between these two bubs.
Sketchy sketches. Wood working is fun! 
My only complaint was that there weren't enough!
June 1st at the Ken Club theatre is the newest Lurkville Skateboards premiere!
Very excited fir this one!
Womp womp. 
He loves bread. If I hadn't stopped him, he would have gone to town on this loaf.
Chicken breast, all seasoned up and ready for consumption.
Whenever chicken is being cooked, he is very attentive.
Making progress on my front truck! Slappy every damn day!
Wax job.
Curiosity is killing me. I really wanna check this place out.
Everybody is ripping off the Thrasher mag font.
Spot check! I 50'd and front boarded it back in the day!
Brush head.
Skulls are always cool.
I gotta grind this beast.
Lots of potential, minus the shitty ground.
I got a taco spot out in Lakeside with a killer salsa bar.
Back at it...
Marius Syvanen, aka the "Govs"!
Crazy looking Finnish vibe. I remember watching this kid shred Next Cup contests back in the early 2000's.
My prefer method to peeling grip nowadays is using the sun. I've burnt my hand too many times with the heat gun and it hurts.
Social Distortion.
Fuck this board...
It's the bubs, Vinny. Vinny rips. I gotta get his board back to him.
Stacks on stacks.
Grind power.
Turning into a smurf. I need a face mask.
It came from Lurkville!
Night moves. I wasn't happy with the job the angle grinder did, so I busted out the belt sander. Much more intense and does a better job.
With the noses and tails chopped off, it was ready to be ripped!
Just take a look, into a board, it's skating rainbow!.....
One of the fun parts of the process!
So colorful!
The chosen few.
Organizing the colors.
All clamped up and ready to go!
"Lick Me 'Til Ice Cream!"
Old Route 44 location. Rest in peace.