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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Food Porn & The FAE

File photo of yours truly!
Sleepy furry little man right here.
Ain't no reason to leave when you have lights around!
Encased meat time.
Left over meat from the pork ribs from the other day. Peppered that bitch up and started cooking some onions!
Been into Top Ramen lately. Not only is it dirt cheap, cooks real fast and pairs pretty darn good with a lot of fucking foods out there.
Love me some sun dried tomatoes.
Chop chop!
Lunch at work was the bomb.
Every now and then for a good laugh I'll look at Stinky on Google maps.
In all his stinky glory.
Homemade grilled cheese sandwich with some tomato bisque soup. Comfort food!
Food porn!
Gave this stuff a go. Tastes just like Yoo-Hoo.
An oldy but a goody.
Bread bowl night.
Overflowed pizza styl!
Smothered in mozzarella cheese!
To each their own.
Italian delight!
Pretty much if the sign ends in "'Berto's" then you know they are gonna have some damn good Mexican food.
We sesh hard. Not sure why I've been drinking the C-, but it tastes nice and crispy on a hot day.
Angles baby!
BornRetard with a board-skidder to fakie.
Fuckin' grea-sy!
Bottoms up! Sometimes skateboarding is not skateboarding.
The struggle is real for this one. Next time, bub.
Laser beams. I like this photo (not that I know what good photography looks like).
Handsome bub right there.
My dad is rad and decided to take myself and our friend Michael to a Gulls game. Michael is a 12 year old exchange student from China and this was his first hockey game! Free shirts!
Went and saw the San Diego Gulls play their second to last game of the regular season.
This is in-between-periods where some local groms showed off their hockey skills.
It was awesome. Oh yea, $2 Bud Light beers for the first hour of the game! 
I've been killing it with the breakfast bowls lately.
O.G. East county bubs right here. 
Back at it...
Pretty stoked I get to hang out with cool ass kids at my job. 
Nothing is ever serious here at Coronado skatepark.
The kids are alright.
Island Pasta goodness.
Sure don't make them like they used to.
Art department hard at work. Debating whether to make this into a shirt or sticker.
You know how we do!

This blog is dedicated to my Mom, who had me helping in the kitchen all the time and telling me what to do. She's the reason why I love being in the kitchen so much.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- How It's Made

We all know how it's done.
Time to educate one self.
I love me some How Its Made....
Toke up and nerd it up. This shit is interesting.
It'd be real fun to be in that wood shop.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Shredding Spots, Ribs & Poker Night Madness

Having fun. Shredding the spots and eating some good grub along the way!
Love me some beer chugging action!
Driving burrito. For the hungry man on the go.
Chicano skatepark has sine sick art.
Hyped they never changed the ledges.
163 DIY spot has been growing. As of this blog, the spot was recently demolished.
Lots of new obstacles. All for not.
Somebody got pretty creative.
This fucking flat bar fucked me up. Ate shit pretty hard on it.
So it goes.
Somebody needs to ollie this thing.
The bub from down under, Matt Beck with a gap to front nose slide.
So sick.
Rib action.
It was on sale, so naturally I bought two.
Meat party!
This stuff was pretty damn strong and it cost $8 a can.
Rubbing it out.
Sleeping it off.
Into the oven they went. 
Poker night with the bub Larue! He brought some new blood into the game!
These were the last 4. Truman, Piech, Vinny and Timmy.
First, second and third.
Chip and a chair! Pleasure to have Vinny over. Good player and a classy bub!
Timmy won.
Somebody please photo shop a dick in his mouth and email it to
He was hyped! Congrats bub!
Then Stinky showed up with two water bottles. One was filled whiskey. One was filled with soda. 
Passed out for reals this time!
This man requested he have his beard straightened.
He wouldn't sit the fuck still.