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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Mougle Slatter Premiere and Skyping Beers

Bear witness to nothingness!
Trying my luck again at Palomar casino. No dice.
I saved this little guy from Biscuit the terrorizer. I noticed that he had previously lost his tail. I showed mercy upon him knowing that he has survived a round with Biscuit before. Respect.
Leftovers. Shove it in my suck hole.
One day I ate two of these chocolate churros that were sitting in the breakroom at my work.
Then during skate club I was skating this rail and those two churros almost made me shit my pants
Disaster diverted..
My co-worker showed mercy and bought me a 7Up.
Yer killin' me Smalls.
Cheers to my sister in-law all the way in buttfuck nowhere eastern Europe.
She's awesome.
Found a cool German restaurant/pub. Made me feel like I was in the father country again.
One schooner turns into two schooners. More pretzels too.
Then this guy shows up.
"Don't post that photo on Instagram, I'm not supposed to be hanging out with you."
Two schooners turned into three schooners.
The alleys are talking to me.
O.B. Robb Field skatepark. Otherwise known as Shockus Park.
At sunset there was the new Anti Hero "Mougle Splatter" premiere. Psyched!
Nice, projector style. Love it. DIY.
Yay! Some of the bubs from the Island showed up.
Filmed by the same dudes that did "Tent City". Love their style.
Fucking awesome vibe. Skateboarding rules.
Frank Gerwer with some funny commentary.
Eventually the wife picked me up in my drunken stuper. This is some bar we drove by in O.B.
This is my life.
Beer and Happy Gilmore is also my life.
URBN pizza life.
Lunch on a job with Unit Craft. Sunset Cliffs.
Time to put in some work.
Did I mention this video rules?

New UnCut Shit Show coming sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Puzzling Bbq Beer Can Chicken Night

Another day another meal another grind another stinky dump.
Leftover tacos.
Once every couple of years I have to go to the dmv which typically results in me going to McDonalds. Every couple of years I realize why I never go.
Inspector Biscuit.
New score at a thrift store.
This guy was killing it!
Brought it home. Even the light worked. Inspector Biscuit was on the case.
Time to say goodbye. Someday, it will be back in my hands.
No changes can ever be made.
Yeaaaaa Sam! May yer reign be a good one.
Like a kid in a candy store. You know I had to get that puzzle!
The FillipinoKing stopped by the park for a session and a back lip.
So psyched on this vid.
Beer can chicken night! BBQ OR DIE!
Oh mighty bbq power shine my life with greasy meat and joy!
Best channel ever.
Glowing haze.
Butter up that bird.
Coals behind bars.
Due to a grease fire, the bird had to be moved to the corner of the grill.
Biscuit caught in one of those moments.
The evenings entertainment.

Crispy... crunchy.... skin!
Biscuit wanted in on the meaty action.
Heated up some leftover corn on the cob and longanesa.
Got experimental with the beer from the chicken and mixed into a boiling bowl with some Wondra powder. Made for a thick fuckin' gravy.
Pure genius, I say.
Cleaned the fuck outta that chicken.
The next few days of lunch is gonna be tits!
We all know I'm a huge fan of left overs.