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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Super Bowl 46

Its been 18 days since my beloved Patriots lost there 2nd Super Bowl to the goddamn New York Giants. Somehow a 9-7 team is good enough to beat a 13-3 team. Shit doesn't make any sense to me anymore. With that being said my dad and I threw a pretty kick ass Super Bowl party despite the audio being off by like 5 seconds. We'll get it right next time. Until then, enjoy these!
 Super Bowl Sunday couldn't have taken any longer to get here. I was fiending like a hungry wolf to sink my teeth into Eli Manning's fuckin' neck and snap him like a twig. Basically, Im still butt-hurt over the Super Bowl 42 loss (I went) which resulted in my undefeated Patriots losing the Super Bowl and ending their season 18-1. Woke up early and went to Costco, picked up some chili, tortilla chips, peppers, beer pong cups and other Super Bowl party essentials.
 Got to my parents house (Castle GreySkull) and saw this Pats flag sailing above the door way. Stoked! 
 Private Beast Slayer and Capt.Stink delivering the keg. 
PBR was the drink of choice along with Jager that was brought by Hans and Cos, thanks guys.
 Figured out how to do SB squares. You buy a # at $2 each and if the ending score at the end of each quarter results in yer # the you win a bunch of cash. The more people the better. Gambling is always fun!
 This was the grilling station that lurks behind the walls of Castle GreySkull. Im a coal man myself but my friend Hank Hill disagrees. Pictured here are my good friends Commander Shittsburgh, Capt.Pie and ColonelRumNCoke, also is pictured girl.
 Enough meat was consumed to make John Wayne's colon jealous.
 Bacon wrapped jalapenos. AnnaBanana also made these but stuffed them full of cream cheese (not pictured).
 We also had N.C.S. (not pictured), along with a bowl of macaroni salad, a tray of swedish meatballs homemade by my good 'ol mom, and some potato salad.
 LordBlah's parents were there also. Its always great to hang out with them. Super fun and absolutely hilarious.
 PrivateStink decided to slip into a purple haze along with a jug of whisky. Then he spilt whisky in my parents living room and sat on a potted plant in the front yard. Naturally I felt inclined to feed the beast in order to not have him make it into the night.
 My mom surprised us all with cupcakes yayyyy!!!
 My mom rules. Red white and blue Patriot cupcakes and football ones too! These were quickly gobbled up.
 Yeaaaaaaa SSSSaaaaaaaammmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!
 Rex always snappin' photos of the good times.
 Fire! Got the fire pit going.
 And roasted up some good marshmallows. Good American fun.
 I opted for the lil' smokie marshmallow sandwich. Meaty sugar was delightfully sinful.
 PrivateStink just barely made it to night time.
 Here we are, me and my gal...... and is that PrivateHamBone back there?
 The most loving mothers ever. Thaks mom for all you do.
 Then the end of the game resulted in a batted down hail mary pass by Tom Brady. The final score was 21-17 in favor of the New York Giants. How could this be?!?!? Not again!?!?! Why??? Oh the humanity!!!! My dad was pretty bummed as was I.
 PrivateHamBone won the whole pot to the SB squares. He won something like $176 dollars. Here he is paying off his $1 bet that Ochocinco wouldn't be the SB MVP.
 Depression session.
 LordBlah does his best to cheer me up.
 Can't tell you what it was because I started punding beers. Don't even remember taking this photo. I think I blacked out with rage. FUCK THE GIANTS! The S.F. ones too.
 LordBlah doing what he loves.
Then the insanity started. Is that C.N.Beefs brother?
Hope you enjoyed it. I somewhat did. Thanks to everyone that showed up. I just wish it had a better ending of me gloriously standing on a bar celebrating a Patriots victory as we lit the town on fire.

Friend, Foe, Allie
Eat Fucking Fiend


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mandatory Bloggery

Yea yea yea, I'll get there. Enjoy these till then.
Saw these online. The one on the right looks like Tim its pretty fuckin' rad.
 With my ol' lady outta' town for a few days Wormtits and I set up a Jager station right in front of the t.v. Y'know, so you don't have to get up.
 Private Hambone suffering. Jager is a cruel mistress.
 The next day; Western Steakburger to cure the hangover.
 There daily special is so fucking good! 1/2 pound patty with bacon and gyro meat!
 A different time a different place. Things never cease to get weird.
 In case you didn't know, hamburgers are a part of the Larb food pyramid.
 Went to Nunu's recently with one of my bosses. Cheap drinks and good times!
 Switching wardrobes with Private Hambone.
 Slims barber shop is now open for business!
 This spot is so fun to skate. An S.D. gem for sure. A rad parking garage to bomb.
 We took the lesser route. This spiral is so gnarly. You start getting into a 4 wheel slide before you eat shit. Maybe next time.
 Bub's Bar review coming soon!
 Im pretty proud of this accomplishment.

Low impact running? Something that looks more ridiculous than a segway? What the fuck?

Super Bowl 46 post coming next.
Friend, Foe, Allie.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Capt. Kangaroos Birthday

This is very overdue but I gotta catch up. After a nice day of skating what better way than to Bbq or Die!
 3lbs. of 85/15 ground beef. Crushed a half row of Ritz crackers into the beef and poured half a bottle if J.D. Bbq sauce along with some salt n peppa.
 Of course the mandatory Jager shots that come along with cooking. I got the tall boy!
 Get some coals going. Bbq or Die!
 Our birthday boy.
 The Jager was consumed by the hungry clan.

 A hair sandwich?
 Cheers Capt. Kangaroo! Capt.Bald doin' the best he can to block his face out.

 After getting a good pre dinner buzz on the burgers were done. Grocery store had jalapeno-cheese buns on sale for super cheap. These buns seriously raised the bar. Good bread can make it or break it sometimes.
 I don't know why but for some reason this is my best Tim Williams impersonation. Miss ya Bub.
 I pretty much inhaled my burger.
 Capt.Kangaroo enjoying his burger and a cold Corona compliments of me!
 ItWasTheLight was hyped!

 Clearly the Jager and PBR were taking over. Things were definitely getting weird.
 Then the shit show started. BornRetards way of thinking was as jacked as his cigarette. This is moments before Jeff got down on his hands and knees behind him, and I shuv'd the shit outta him causing him to fall backwards. Fell right in the middle of the kitchen. It was a real gas!
 Consequently when he fell it ripped off this gross wart of his elbow and he started bleeding wart-blood all over the place. Guess the joke was on me. But I don't regret it.
 Inside the MenDen Capt.Stinky came of with a new way for us to entertain ourselves. One armed pull ups! Note: Christian was the only one that could do a whole one-armed pull up. That rafter wood ain't easy the grip though.
 BornRetard doing what he does best, making people want to distance themselves from him.

 MenDen full of lurkers.

 Good times were had.
Don't remember this one. For obvious reasons....
Meanwhile Capt.Sahi was ripping!

Signing out.
Eat Fucking Fiend

-Sgt. Baconator