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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ya Gotta Pay To Play

Nothing like a good shot of pain to snap ya outta yer everday boring routine...
Botched backside grind on a ledge. We were having a blast until then....
 It was pointing completely to the right at 3 o'clock. I just thought "I gotta straighten this fucker out!" Thats the best I could get it. Had to go to the emergency room. Thought it was broken.
Nope. Just dislocated. A couple of x-rays, a shot of lidocaine and a good tug from the Dr. and it popped right back into place. Sent me home within 3 hours. I wonder what the medical bill is cost me since I have no insurance. Oh well, fuck it.



Monday, September 10, 2012

Meat Loaf Metal Monday

I wanted to make this post a "How Tuesday"
But I thought titling this "Metal Meat Loaf Monday" seemed much more appropriate to me.
Fuckin' MEAT!
 Ground chuck, ground beef its all the same really...
 Since this was the first meat loaf I've ever cooked I simply followed the directions on the back of the powder packet. "Listen up you cigarette smokin' piece of shit I was in the Vietnam war...."
 2 eggs to mix with the beef, seasoning, breadcrumbs, etc....
"Now we need to make 12 pounds of tapioca pudding by snack time, do you know where the powder packets are?...."
 Had no breadcrumbs, but it ain't exactly rocket science to make yer own.
 According to South Park Worcestershire sauce is what brings the dead back to life in the legendary 1st Halloween episode.
 "Its alright, I've got enough topical cream for everybody..."
 Mash that shit up! Or you could see a great example of Mashing here!
 Eat Fucking Fiend!
 If you wanna smear ketchup all over your ass, then by god smear ketchup all over your ass.
 Dump some Sweet Baby Ray's on that too!
 Toss it in the oven at 375 degrees for about an..... hour? I can't remember. You can google it.
 Diced potatoes with a chunk of butter.
 Mixed veggies.
 Meat Loaf was so warm and moist.
Chow time.



Friday, September 7, 2012

Sahi Chronicles Part 9

Our good friend Capt.Sahi made the move across the pond to Ireland!
If anybody wants to take a look at beautiful Ireland from his perspective should view his blog
 Clearly he's been snacking on tasty Irish snacks such as toast with spanish ham and red cheddar with beans and tomato sauce.
Shredtacular videos....
Sick back-lip!
Pipe jam-o-rama.
Killing it solo style.
Backside nose grind.

Hope you enjoyed it.