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Friday, January 31, 2014

EatFiend @ Old Mill Cafe

We checked out the "Old Mill Cafe" located in North Park, San Diego at 3949 Ohio street, 92104.
Located off University blvd. Same block as Fat Boys sandwich shop.
Home of the famous $3.99 breakfast!
This place serves beer and wine along with a happy hour.
Place was really nice, empty and quiet!
The menu was full of options.
Lots of options, Not too expensive either.
Awesome menu. Sorry for the upside down pic.
The place had a nice lumberjack feel to it. Man shit!
Soups? Salads? Vegetarian options? They have it all.... but I'll pass.
Red Trolley was my choice of beer for the day. Everybody was nursing wicked hangovers.... except me! I did the smart thing and started drinking right when I got there. 

I'd like to note that watching BornRetard pay his own tab and his portion of the tip is like watching a greedy crab-jew clinch to fecal matter at the bottom of a smelly ocean gutter.
This guy had such a hard time paying a $2 tip, as we gave him shit for being so cheap, he slowly dragged out one dollar at a time.... totaling four fucking dollars.
WormTits was so hungover he fell asleep while sitting up.
Then the food started to arrive. Big portions.
Everything was delicious. Mouth watering biscuits & gravy with French toast! Yes please!
I opted for the "Lumberjack burger", with a side if tomatoes.
Cheese sticks too!
My burger was so delicious, as I type this I wish I was stuffing my face with it now.
WormTits boxed his shit up and sat in the parking lot, barfing in a plastic bag while we ate.
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice and empty. They only had one television in the whole place.
I can totally see myself drinking here alone, starring at the t.v.
DonladGately and I each had a glass of carrot juice. It was delicious, but not worth $3.
Old school type of place. Get yer check, pay up front. Leave. 'Nuff said.
Place had lots of space. Good for retirement parties, shit shows and whatever else kind of business they'll take. It'd be cool to do a fantasy football draft here, except they don't serve liquor.



Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery: LordBlahs Birthday

For our beloved Irish cunt, LordBlah turned 31 years of age recently... we pre partied at the house for a bit and then hit up our local URBN pizza restaurant.
Really been laying into them curbs as of late...
Pre-party ale!
And a bit of Jeopardy while we wait for the bubs.
LordBlah was in full effect. 31 year old gigantic baby leprechaun right there.
Night moves.
Stinky and DonaldGately were in tow... as is tradition.
Beautiful man.
Whiskey tasting was in order.
I drank a whole pitcher of Green Flash IPA. Shit got me drunk.
Lots of pizza, pac-man style.
Afterwards everybody went to some show at the Casbah. No idea what the band was, but I was psyched I got sent home with the leftovers!
Biscuit got no pizza.
Oops! Looks like LordBlah left his cell phone at my pad!
This is what happens when you get caught slippin'.
Trying to take a picture of my inner colon with LordBlah's phone.
I told him what I did.... Like 10 days later!
 This is how evil I was feeling that night.



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

$2 Poor Mans Meat Pie

I pretty much grew up on Tony's Pizza's and they are nothing compared to a classy pie like DiGiorno or California Pizza Kitchen...
So here I give you my own personal way I fix them $2 cheapo pizza's into something delicious!
 But first I gotta suggest that you people out there check out this dudes part. 
 This is all the motivation I need for pizza night!
If any of you watch The Daily Show, this shit was hilarious!
 So "Pantry Essentials" was the cheapest pizza I could find at Vons. $1.99 a pie.
Also we have cheap sausage, cheap wine, cheap beer, blah blah blah...
 Step 1. Tell that pizza it's fucking pathetic and it needs to go to the gym and get some steroids to feed my fucking crappetite. Crappetite: (noun), ones natural desire to satisfy their appetite for crappy food.
There, I did it. I just invented a fucking word.

Real cutting edge cerebral shit going on over here at EatFiendHQ...
 Step 2. Dump some mozzarella cheese on that shit!
 Step 3. Pan seer some ground Italian sausage.
 Step 4. If ya got anymore cheese, throw that shit in!
 Step 5. Add more pepperoni! Meats meat and a man's gotta eat!
 Step 6. Add more fucking cheese. I should also mention that you should be keeping yer palate nice and clean with lots of cold beer!
 Step 7. Don't burn the sausage shit head!
 Step 8. Throw that sausage on top! MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT!

 Step 9. Of course ya add more cheese! This time it's feta!
 Step 10. Add them bacon bits! This was on sale and cheaper than bacon by the pound, plus it's already cooked.

 Step 11. Throw it in the oven, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!
 In all its glory! It looks so beautiful!
 Biscuit approves.
 WormTits was satisfied.
Time for the cook to have a drink of the 'ol spacebag!