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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- New Years Eve 2014

New years eve 2014 went off without a hitch...
Make it through this blog and we will enter into our Oakland adventure, starting tomorrow.
ItWasTheLight's calendar made it onto the Unit Craft wall of fame.
Lunch time mush. I'm pretty sure it's chicken mush that I made a few posts ago.
New whip! She is a fixer up'er, but as soon as I get her running I'll be the talk of the alley.
Decisions, decisions...
Old classmates right here. Sharing beers. They aren't queer.
We wound up at NastyNeil's pad. The new year was just a few hours away.
Everyone was taking turns holding NastyNeil's little pit bull pup.
Then NastyNeil's roommates dog decided to follow me back and forth to the kitchen nipping at my feet and ankles the entire time I was there. Stoked! 
Went off to CVS to pick up some supplies. Fireball was having a new years eve fire sale.
Don't know how I found this, but I did.
Then around 11:15p.m. ItWasTheLight came over with his girlfriend and BornRetard.
We decided to party for a bit at my pad since NastyNeil lives a few doors down and go over there to break in the new year.  
"Fuck your music." "You don't know shit about hardcore." Here he is heading out the back door probably going to curse someone out and bum a cigarette.
The next morning, Duffman hubba.
Then brunch at The Patio. Never been to this place. And I was hungover as shit.
Not a bad menu.
Mandatory bloody mary.
And a bacon pancetta sandwich. Pancietta is hoity-toity for fancy fucking bacon sandwich. The fries at this place sucked ball. Floppy, barely cooked, not even crispy.
Don't worry what in it. Just eat the shit.

LordBlah's bachelor blog is next!



Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Holiday Randomness

Bunch of random stuff right here...
But that's why you come here, right?
Hung out at Route 44 for a bit. Glad to see that business is good.
Sun bathing Igby. Look at that dick-tail.
Hungover WormTits watching football stressing out about fantasy. 
He won.
Winners get pizza!
On the left if Pizza Hut's sausage and pepperoni with garlic crust. On the right is Little Caesars "pretzle crust". Bothe were great but I have been favoring Pizza Hut as of late, simply because their crust is so damn moist with butter and grease!
Bre-mode at Unit Craft. Eating healthy is frustrating because I get hungry shortly after. I'm not used to grazing throughout the day (unless it's football Sunday), I normally just eat three square meals a day.
Morning hype.
The homey Nuge started up a clothing company called "Vol.4" 
Pretty bad ass I think. This just makes me wanna go camping.
Vol. 4 "Dos Amigos" part 1
Been on a smoked salmon kick as well. I put it on a bagel and it;s fucking delicious.
Vol.4 "Dos Amigos" part 2
Hand drawn Christmas card I made for a co-worker.
Vol.4 "Dos Amigos" part 3
Random shit on the streets of North Park. That's so saaaaaaaaad.
The bub made a calendar. It's fucking awesome and you should get one too. Even though January is almost gone, I'm sure ItWasTheLight would smoke you out to make up for a lost month.
Good times at Memo park.
Rock hard.
The wife sure does know how to decorate a tree.
I back it.
Got a new travel bag from the wife for Christmas. Biscuit was digging it too.
Psyched. Now I can act like I know shit about music.
This cracked me up.
We out there.
This spot is fun and always skateable.
Indeed it does.
Not sure if this real or not. Another reason to stay outta the ocean.
Christmas ham at my parents house. Mouth watering delicious.
New read. 
Remember that broccoli that grew in my backyard and got super huge?
Yea, it's gone.
It stank.
Falco on recycables duty.
CommandNBeef is always down to walk to the liquor store.
Pizza the mother fucking Hut!
Vince and his damn Dolphins jersey.
Fuck the 'Fins.
Really hyped on this find.
Pistachios are the best.



Monday, January 26, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Bar Hopping, Bazinga Eatery & Chicken Mush

Take a step back and use this blog as motivation to get out there and get shitty and stuff yer face. Maybe pick up the shred sled too.
Found myself in Old Town sucking down a K.A. (kick ass) Margarita. These little fuckers run ya ten bux a pop but goddamn you'll know where that money went after yer first one. Each one packs a punch of 2.5 shots of 100 proof Patron. The good stuff! 
After a few margaritas I was ready to head butt my friends.
Hail hail the gang was all here.
Even the CommanderNBeef!
While we were at Fred's Mexican Cafe I had four of these suckers.
Fast forward to the Cherry Bomb. I played a bit of foosball, only to realize that I suck balls at foosball. And I was wasted.
Heart to heart's are mandatory when ya have a belly full of tequila and whiskey.
The best juke box in San Diego.... and MamaCreen!
A quick Uber ride across town and we ended up at Gilly's. 
Probably my favorite bar in San Diego.
after saying hi to ChiefChecksId's I had a drink and walked off. I was in search of food in my drunken state and felt like a stroll to the old J-Bo would do the trick on my way home.
Racist ass Igby.
Carl's Junior on the job at Unit Craft.
Dinner with the wife! The good times keep a rollin'! Here we are at the Bazinga Eatery!
This was our third time here. I hope the place is here to stay.
Deep fried mac 'n cheese balls. If the wife weren't with me I would have shoved all three of these gooey cheesy sacks into my suck hole.
Dunked them into some of the creamy goodness that they serve on the side.
This time I went with the Beer and Sausage.
Local beer cheese sauce, bratwurst and beer braised cabbage.
The wife went with the French Onion.
Gruyere, fontina, carmalized onions topped with fried onions!
Fucking delicious!
Biscuit loves to sleep on any pile of clothes laying around.
Stopped by my moms house and she sent me home with a fuckload of meat she bought on sale.
Love the Sparta kick in the very end.
After a few weeks of some leftover mead from the bottling process, I had a pitcher of the stuff in the 'fridge. Nice and sweet, it would probably taste really good mixed with some tea.
Getting started on some mush!
Boiling chicken thighs in chicken broth.
Crazy birds.
Boil them bitches 'til the skin falls off.
Let them sit for a minute.
Then de-bone and chop that shit up.
Then into the bowl of veggie mush with some pepper.
Voila! WormTits put hot sauce on his.