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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


The bub Gautam (aka my personal Danny Sargent) came thru town to enjoy a few days of shredding and building memories with his family!
All the hours of driving cross country must have made him get restless leg syndrome 'cuz he was fucking ripping! Check it out!
Kitty cat weather vain I saw recently.
The bub Gautam was on a cross country trip recently and made his way to SD!
Naturally, we met up for a sesh at the DMV.
Like peas and carrots.
The bub Hans was there shredding too!
Then Larue showed up with no hair!
Then the friggin' sun started to go down. Whatevs!
Feeble monster.
Yakkity yak yak yak...
Believe it or not, this was a hurricane grind and yes he landed it!
Session ensued.
A few beers were drank and everyone had their fill of skateboarding.
Footy check!
Then we kept skating, as is tradition.
Party time. I always grab an extra for the roommate Marc.
Simple dinner.
We like to eat totgether.
BBQ time with some chicken breasts, thighs and pork chops thanks to the bub Larue for his meaty donation!
Smith, #2. An adorable little one, but I think he is scared of me 'cuz of my beard.
This photo is posted because I like the way the lights look to the plane.
Seeing Bob's face automatically makes me think of his laugh.
It's the laugh that matches his shit eating grin. The type of laugh you would hear from afar if your walking down the street and some bird shits on you and someone laughs...
It's an amazing laugh. Bob is an amazing person.
But Beagle has my favorite voice of all time. I've gotten into this before.
Group photo!
Donkey Punch Crew for life! It's be rad to get Christian, Gareth, Tim, JRoy, Nuge, Richie, Oakes, Gecko and some other bubs in there.
One day!.... 
Evening hype!
Went back the next night and got worked.
What else did ya expect?

I appreciate every moment I have with my loved ones.
 Skateboarding has and always will be the glue that binds our plyes together.
We make a complete Christmas setup!


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- "More Heart Than Brains" A Video by Chase Cruz

The bub Chase Cruz making a killer edit!
Pretty cool it got posted on the Transworld site.
Gotta love me some Chris Larue footy!



Sunday, September 17, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Memo Shredding and A Late Night DTSD Blog

The little bub Richy ripping in the back bowl at Nado park.
Catching air.
They took down the Trench sticker recently.
31st street, South Park.
So good! Get yourself a copy!
Dinner as is tradition.
Addicted to this stuff.
This too.
Memo park with the bubs Andy Mack and BK.
The old cone hop routine.
BK hammered out every basic trick you could imagine.
I couldn't get my timing right.
Taking advantage of the dusk light.
BK was practicing his lien to tails.
Then he hucked a few finger flip lien to tails. Didn't land any though.
Andy with the roll in. My timing was shite.
I just think he looks funny floating in the air.
I can recall tweaking my ankle so I just started taking pics and filming clips.
When life hands you lemons, huck them in they face!
Andy Mack full frontal 5-0 grind on the extension.
Throw back.
Saw Krab Man at a Padre game recently.
He rules.
The view ruled too.
Piech rules.
Always one to please the camera.
Nip slip.
Not in the face!
After the game we hit up the Chee Chee Club on Broadway for a beer.
 They had cool comic stuff on the walls.
Home to this little guy.