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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Shred Shots- BK, Memo Local, Jordan Carter, Cody Carlin, Mega Peace Mike, Cooloo, Dowdy, Chris Larue

Witnessing a lot of amazing skateboard maneuvers.
I'm simply here to get my grind on and break a sweat!

David Hodge with a fully tweaked frontside tailslide on the tombstone at Coronado Skatepark.
Style matters.

Chris Larue with a quick footed wallie no-comply.
Simply amazing.

The homie Mike Neff getting vertical at the Mid City Height skatepark at dusk.

Nose bonk by the bub Cooloo.

Dowdy with a stylish backside ollie.

Cody Carlin, front blunt pop out at Seaport Village in DTSD.

Your truly, blurry night time slappy front crooks at the DMV.

Memo local. Can't remember his name. This dude was no joke.
Back smith grind in the 10 foot bowl. Scary.

Jordan Carter with a front krooks down the hubba on a beautiful day at Coronado Skatepark.
Yours truly.
Front 5-0 at some skatepark in the Santa Cruz area.
This place was a lot of fun.
BK, with a switch front crooks at Memorial Skatepark.
He good, real good.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery-Munchies In The Night & Lurking Hard At A Free Creepy Creeps Show

2018 is right around the corner!
Excitement is in the air!
Gato wars.
Lurking on the Typical Culture crew.
I got spots baby!
Cowabunga, dude.
Pizza on Texas toast.
My mom doesn't mess around.
Gourmet style baked potato's.
Munchies in the night.
Must have done something...
Poetry written on a used mattress.
Creepy Creeps a few weeks back at the Adams Avenue Street Fair.
They put on a helluva a free show!
Beautiful people everywhere.
Ten it was off to Mike and Robbies to burn some wood.
Then the olde Irish good bye.
On to bigger things...
More math.


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Random Photos That Got Lost

That'll happen...
Going to a birthday party!
It's a good one.
Do it yourself lunch!
Gotta love the cock sauce!
My parents pup.
My little man.
Furry paw.
Lest we forget.
Sean Sheffey.


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Whiskey Cake Surgery and Shitty Poker Night

This is basically a blog on how to make a whiskey cake!
Enjoy! I know I sure did!
It's the bubs birthday. And a good way to show how much you appreciate a bub you bake the bub a cake.
To make sure the bub is happy, hide a bittle of whiskey inside of it!
Like a surgeon!
Precision is key!
Cake number 2!
Make sure to keep the scraps to stuff back inside to fill any voids.
Then get to work on the frosting.
No one will know!
This was the fun part!
Then the real fun began!
Unlike the sour puss look on his face, the bub was delighted!
No money! It happens real quick, sometimes.
Happy like a turd floating down a sewer line.
Sleepy time.
!No fotografia!
Whiskey Slime Mike.
The show must go on!
Standard picture of Piechy-poo.
Then the beast awakens and begins to shovel pop corn into his mouth.
Then it was time to settle what really matters.
Who is the better thumb wrestler?
The next morning...
Found this sodium cheese-nugget in a bag of Doritos. It tasted like heaven.