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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Seaport Village Shredidng (Cody Rips!)

Just some pics of a random Saturday shredding with the bubs Matthew Reyes, Mark Webster and Cody Carlin.
Not all the pics are "makes" but hey, I was having a blast.
Make or break, skateboarding is the best.
Met up with some bubs at this legendary rock spot in the heart of downtown San Diego.
Specifically the Sea Port Village area.
Then we skated to the other side of Embarcadero park and there were these two little gems!
Mark nailed a 50-50 to lipslide right off the bat.
Cody started getting serious!
Footage check!
Not happy with the degree of difficulty, he was back at it after a smoke and a water break.
He wanted to kickflip outta the bluntslide he was trying.
Peep the Zero board. He's sitting on a stack of quivers that he as aquired from his brother over the years.
Fucking kills it all the time!
More wax!
One of the most persistant bubs ever!
The balancing act continued.
He kept slipping out hard. 
Unfortunatley he wasn't able to get the backside flip out.
Doesn't mean I don't wanna share these pics.
Real low on this one.
The bub is so talented. Love you Cody!
Just looking at these pics gets me hyped to shred with you bub!
We'll come back bub for the trick and better lighting will be a plus!

Love you bub!
He found a dark spot under my legs and blanket to chill. He purrs under here. It is adorable!


Friday, October 6, 2017

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Zoo Day w/ the Sahi Clan and Some Other Radness

Good times!
Monkeying around.
Apparently this dude lives in the same habitat as the orangutangs.
Hippo time! Look at that adorable smile!
We were hyped!
And a bit sketched out too!
One thing about kids is that its like herding kittens when it comes to taking a photo.
Nailed it!
Kinda wish the lighting was a bit better this day. Oh well!
"Mom, Dad! They are marrying!"
Seal team 3.
Seal team 5!
Ice Age.
Grabbing life by the furry ears!
Birds of a feather flock together!
The night was winding down...
Some were more tired than others...
Made another chopping block!
Lots of good stuff right here!
Found a good bump to bar in the East county!
Evening hype.
No bad days here!
Skate Night BBQ.
The kids are alright!
Night vision.
I dig the fishermen silhouettes.
Sleeping pup.
We go for walks together.
She's a doll!