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Monday, January 30, 2012

Chugging Newcastle

Who here likes to chug beer?
We do.

Food Truck Mania

Hello there fellow Eatfiends, it's been about 2 weeks since my last post. Not really sure what our Comm. in Beef has been up to. Rest assure he's probably cooking up something tasty. I've got lots of goodies for you all. 
 Veggie breakfast tacos consisting of diced onions, green bell peppers and mushrooms with some tasty hot sauce to spice things up.
 On to the good stuff. Down the street from my house a bunch of food trucks have been meeting up on Tuesday nights in an auto shop parking lot to feed the masses. There were 5 trucks total selling thai food, organic food, cupcakes, sandwiches and bbq oh my!
 At first glance I saw a truck decorated with flowers and other crap and was instantly turned off by it. I walked around and saw my options and came back to it.
 Curiocity catering ended up having great food. There whole menu was organic and although pricey (all of the trucks were) it was damn good delicous! The cook in the truck had a giant bowl of seasoned parmesan-truffle fries for people to sample. That inevitably secured my food of choice. After all, I am a hamburger eatin' son of a gun.  
 Its a crappy photo 'cuz you can't even see the meat, but I chose to start it off with a Brandt beef hamburger on a sesame seed bun topped off with onions, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.
 "This is a tasty burger" -Samuel Jackson
 There was a cupcake truck ran by 2 girls. Pretty tasty and experimental menu. I ended up having the red velvet cupcake with maple frosting. It tasted sinfully good.
 Corner Cupcakes was what it was called. Low overhead, all of the cupcakes are pre-made. Just tell 'em what you want and bam! it's there. I think they were like $3? Can't remember.  
 There was another truck there called Slow Cal Bbq. All kinds of meaty sandwiches made of chicken beef or pork! 
 Tried to get some decent menu pics for you guys. So you know what to expect price-wise.
 Ended up getting the slider sampler combo. One chicken one pork.
 Curiocity catering had a great menu. I plan on getting something from there again.
 They even put some cole slaw on the bbq sliders.
Found this photo on my phone. One can never eat too much beans. It's the magical fruit!
If you are looking for food trucks in your neighborhood just google it. It's gaining alot of popularity and a lot of these trucks promote themselves through Twitter.

Hope you enjoyed it. More posts coming soon.
Friend, foe, allie.
-Sgt. Baconator

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

EatFiend @ Devine Pastabilities

Ran into an old skate-acquaintance recently and it turns out he's doing pretty darn good for himself. He opened up his own restaurant in Point Loma called Devine Pastabilities located on 3545 Midway Dr. #E behind Target.
 Devine Pastabilities: Inventor of Torpasta! Click here to see their site.
 Nice mellow atmosphere. 3 t.v.'s playing sports or whatever else you may crave. No NFL network though. No biggie. We weren't there for football. 
 Gotta get a base with a lil' ceasar slalad.
 PrivateHamBone went directly for the "Italian Stallion" torpedo which contained salami, capicolo, red onions, no lettuce and pepperoncinies.
 AnnaBanana had the Creamy Pesto w/ Sundried tomatoes.
I ordered the Mac Helper which was creamy cheesy elbow macaroni with ground beef. So good!
Chowin' down. 
 Burp. It filled me up and was under $7.
Next time we'll have to come back for happy hour.



A chicken eating a chicken?

Been lagging on getting all of these pics up. Been eating so much good food! Here we go...
 PrivateHamBone went to Fiesta Market and picked up 3 lbs. of chicken wings, now its on!
 For those of you that don't know how chicken is prepped, you basically chop off the tip of the wing (far left) and the two pieces on the right are where all of the good meat is!
 Mix up some Bisquick for some batter.
 PrivateHamBone mixed up some spices, garlic and seasoning.
 While I prepped the frying station.
 A chicken eating a chicken?
 All breaded up and ready for the deep fryer.
 Let them bird wings sizzle in some peanut oil. Thats what Chick-Fil-A uses and there chicken taste delicous!
 Fried goodness!
 Then you soak them suckers in some hot ass hot sauce. Franks Red Hot has been all the rage lately.
 We made some green wings too! Mixed some Butt Burner with some butter.
 Gettin' green in the red bowl.
 Going.... going.....
 Gone! Only a plate left to go! Alson cooked up some french fries and dumped parmesan cheese all over 'em.
 What does deep fried bacon taste like you ask?....
 Probably some of the best bacon I've ever had.
 Anybody ever have Scotch-Eggs before? Soft boil an egg then wrap the whole thing in ground sausage.
 Bread that bastard up with some italian style bread crumbs
 Throw it in the deep frier and presto!
 If you can make em with the eggs still being runny then you did a good job.
 Then add bacon and consume!
 Butterface was present drinking some new blue flavored 4Loko.
 Later on as the beer mashed with the creativity side of my brain, I decided to wrap a hot wing in bacon and fry it.
 Had to put some skewers through it to keep the bacon on it.
 Ironically my bacon wrapped hot wing kinda looked like a pig. It tasted delicous.
Later on I ended up with Capt.Baldy in the man cave listening to classical music and contemplating the craft of Larbism.

-Sgt. Baconator

Lord Blahs Birthday

Before we get started I found this photo Jeff sent me and it's the birthplace of the "Par-Carty". Basically Jeff's old roommate bought a piece of shit  Toyota Celica that didn't run and parked it in Jeff's parking space for what seemed like months. So naturally being skateboarders and having a general distaste for property that wasn't ours we began skating the bumper, kicking the side mirrors when we would drunkenly walk by and eventually ended up having full blown parties of just the four us (since it was unlocked) that Hans ended up calling a "Par-Carty"! You can see how the times were then: Red Sox won the World Series, I had no beard, and Cos was still semi-sober enough to be considered a designated driver...... 
 Anywho... Back to present time, we head to the Ould Sod to wet our whistles.
 Guinness on draft has an effect on me that will keep me calm, collective and cool. Just an overall real good feeling about you. Some people say that it fills ya up too much, but I say nay!
 Capt.Stinky was there to grace us with his presence. I swear this dude should move to Hollywood and be a James Hettfield stand-in.
 The larb of the hour. On his birthday
 Cheers Bub!
 Down the hatch.
 In case you don't know about the Ould Sod; it's located on 3373 Adams Avenue. Nice little cozy bar, dark, has booths and Monday/Wednesdays are the best! Plus free juke box!
 Is that PrivateHamHock? Or is it a fixture in the wall?
 The bar tender was nice enough to hook me up with my 3rd Guinness for free! Thus saving me a quarter.
 Larb on a budget! Yep, Im nippin' some Jager in the bathroom. Unbeknownst to my fellow Larbs.

 Capt. Bald givin' me the sneer.
 After the bar closed we contemplated a game plan.
 Capt.Stink said good nite for the night. Im gonna put this pic on his tombstone 'cuz it pretty much sums him up. 
 Oh shit! LordBlah and I stopped by 7-11 for some nachos! Beavis and Butthead style.
 LordBlah approves of all food when he's drunk.
 I could care less. Thats why we call ourselves EatFiends.
 We didn't even make it outta' the parking lot before we greedly chowed down on thems nachos like zombies would savagely feast on brains! BRRRAAAAIIIINNNSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
 LordBlah had to piss.
 We made it back to Larb H.Q. aka the Men Cave. Gotta do a mandatory 3a.m. renegade!
 Got a beer pong table in the Man Cave now. Straight up picked it out of the garbage. Perfect!
 LordBlah vs......
 His buddy Jake. I don't really remember who won, but who cares.
The next morning I saw the new Creature commercial and it spoke to me in a purple haze kind of way. Then when I saw this image it pretty much summed up how I felt that morning.
To view the vid. click here.