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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Route 44 Tum Yeto Ramp Jam

Its hard to find a good mini-ramp to shred these days,
skateparks are a real gas and all that but somedays you just wanna avoid kids on scooters, annoying lurkers and the hot damn sun.
I give to you the Route 44 ramp jam. So much fun!
 A few pics taken with my shitty cell phone camera, people were flying by so fast they appeared to be just blurs.
 Are We Not Men?
 Tum Yeto's local ripper.
 Memorials local ripper. Yea Luis!
 Representing locally...
 Others representing from across this great land.
 6 foot ramp with a  2 foot extension. Heavy metal and other damn good tunes were rocking the house.
 Smoke break.
 Pizza break.
 Who doesn't love pizza?
Barrio with a boardslide to fakie. Is BornRetard in every damn photo? I guess.
I filmed a few tricks to this shin-dig, but thats for another project.

Route 44 Skateshop
Located in the corner of Florida & El Cajon blvd. in Sand Diego, CA.
You best believe it!


-Sgt. Baconator

Borrego Trip

Welcome to the Borrego edition of EatFiend my fellow fiends!

Sometimes you just gotta get outta town and smear some mud on your ass.
 Started this shit off proper since it was the day of not only my birthday but also 2Pac's and Nuge! Yea Nuge!
 First stop. Julian skatepark with shitty metal ramps. Guess what? It's funner than playing with a bag full of hammers.
It was also 94 degrees that day. Shade real estate was a must.
Not the best but it sure is fun! Yee-haw!
Certified piece of suck? Maybe.
Windy roads led us on our travels to our destination. With but one goal set in our minds. Party time!
Got to camp and setup the booze station.
Brought some bb guns with us. Wish they were real, but when yer a baller on a budget this outta do.
We spent a large portion of the nite waiting for some type of critter to come by within our crosshairs but it never happened.
PrivateHamHock all set to stay hydrated after a game of fruit ninja.
He brought a box of fried chicken to compliment that watermelon. Mmm-hmm!
Our campsite. Butterface's vehicle not included.
Wizards in training.
Battling rams were badass.
Basic grill. No need to get fancy. Larb Life!
ItWasTheLight setting up his one man tent while BornRetard lurks.
Cos pissed his tent later that night.
Wizard station.
2 year old can of real 4Loko. A birthday gift from DonGately to me!
Holding it with both hands is considered control right? Not for long. Everybody lost it.
CommNBeef not afraid to show off his big wad and his big dick!
Strange events took place in the night. Thats why I put down the camera for the evening. Wizards battled throughout the night and few were left standing by sunrise. 
BornReard shit show never ended. This guy ate a sandy hotdog off the ground. Duhhhhhhhh!
This is the closest burrito shop from our camp grounds and it is friggin' delicious. 
The ride home was only the beginning of part 2 of the shit show.
Thankfully BornRetard clocked out for about an hour to give us a break from his constant jibber-jabbering.
 Boris the Spider was still in full force. Never one to back down from a good time.
It all went south from there.
Thanks for the good time bubs! Can't wait to do it again next year.



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sahi Chronicles Part 7

Super Champion Funzone!!!
Food and friends. Who could ask for more? We are but simple creatures
with food on the mind and the hungry-anticipation for the next meal.
Shrimp with diced jalapenos and rice.
Marinating fish while cleansing my pallet with a c-minus.

Birds of a feather...
...get chopped up together.
More shrimp anyone?
Breakfast of a champion-minded EatFiend.
Shrimp skewer with that?
Speaking of champions....
The rest of the photos are from my trip down to L.B.C. a few weeks back.
Look at these two love birds. 
Chips and beer before the wings...
...Heman's wings that is! So good, hot and spicy! 
Franks Red Hot, he puts that shit on everything.
Bub looking very comfortable behind the grill.
Grilled carrots on tin foil, sliced mango and squash with one of the best darn salads ever.
Looming shadows need there beer too!
The Heman 5000EF grilling model is capable if cooking anything that used to be alive, 
along with crushing all of your beer too.
Yea Bob! Great to see you.
Thankfully this man had the good sense to not get naked when he passed out at Charlies house.
You hiss and groan and you constantly moanBut you don't ever go awayAnd that is becauseAll you need is me

Hope you enjoyed it.