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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Video Nasty

Skated with Fos the other day.
Went to a few spots in Mission Beach and P.B. and had a blast.
For those of you that don't know what Fos does, he owns and operates Heroin Skateboards.
Heroin made on of my favorite vids, "Live From Antarctica. C.J. Pullmans part is the best.
Rad company with sick riders and sick graphics/art direction.

He hooked me up with a packet of Heroin stickers. Hyped!
Here he is filming for the new Heroin video, "Video Nasty".
Sick Deer Man of Darkwoods hoodie. I gotta get one of these.
Anyway, here's the trailer for their new video "Video Nasty".
Some sick skating. Can't wait to see it.



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dude gets drunk....

I'm no stranger to taking shots, renegading beers, 
shotgunning beers, beer bongs, double beer bongs, bottle bongs,
kegstands, beer pong, beer checkers 
and all kinds of other fun ways to drink your drink of choice.

But this is some new level shit.

I don't really know how I feel about this.
I personally love the taste of beer.
Feel free to comment.
 Any of you scientists out there wanna explain how this is possible, that'd be great too.



Monday, February 25, 2013

Duffmans 10 Year Pro Party/Dudes Nite Out

We all went out with our skateboards in hand planning to skate...
...the TWS indoor skatepark. How foolish we were to not know the force of the Larb was strong this evening... 
Unfortunately, or fortunately it quickly turned into Dudes Nite Out. The mood was right and the price was right.
These are a few pics of my black-out-fun evening at Duffman's party. 
 10 fucking years! Fuck yea Corey.
 The event was held at Transworld Skateboarding Headquraters and was sponsored 
by Arrogant Bastard Ale. Free fucking beer! Giving free beer to a mass horde of skateboarders is 
like pouring gasoline on a dragons flaming vagina. Yer gonna get flames squirted all over yer face!
 It was also sponsored by Bull Taco. As in free chicken and beef tacos!
I ate like 5 or 6. ItWasTheLight put a few away too.
Jimmy Carlin was there. Explaining fakie big heelflips for Gary Rogers.
I missed it, but I guess Jimmy was animatedly telling a story, waving his hands
around only to smack Sean Conover's beer into his face. Chipping his teeth.
Bummed I missed that. 
 Did I mention there was free beer?
 These dudes have logged many a hour together on the 'ol VX.
 Yea Larue! This dude has been ripping.
 BornRetard posing with Duffman and some boards he probably silk-screened over the years.
 Dave pays tribute to the Duffman.
 BornRetard looking dumb as ever as we plastered stickers all over his back.
 Gary Rogers from Skateline did a funny episode on Duffmans career.
Watch it here.
 Later, after the beer ran out at the party, we hit the gas station to get some road sodas.
 I was walking back to the car only to find BornRetard 
getting choked by Larue. I was not surprised since BornRetard is
very capapble of getting anyone to do this without even talking about it.
 That boy needs a good chokin'!
You can't see it, but BornRetard has an erection.
 Old creepy Cos sittin' all by his lonesome.
What do you think he is thinking about?
My guess would be tits with mustard gooping off them.
What a creep.
 Starring at the fuckin' ground.
 Don't remember how this happened, but Roy fell on ramp.
 This kid rips. Memo homie!
It was a great time bub. Thanks for the good times and the stellar skate career you 
have given us so far.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. 
BornRetard got beat up by this girl friend that night and lost his cell phone at the bar.
Better him than me.



Sunday, February 24, 2013

EatFiend @ Aqua Fruit

So there is a wide variety of places to eat in my neighbohood...
... Aquas Fruitas is one of those hole-in-the-wall fruit smoothie and tortas shop.
Located on 3495 University blvd. in North Park just 1 block east of the 805 freeway.

 Colorfully crafted sign in the window.
 Cash only. Smoothies were delicious.
 And next to the counter where you order is a money order/ phone card service.
Bullet proof windows. Just wire yer money to the Taliban from here! Nothing sketchy.
The tortas were good as fuck though!
I'll definitely go back simply for the tortas.
Thats my shit. Samiches.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Dolan Stearns Magnified

EatFiend enthusiast Dolan Stearns
gets gnarly for this months "Magnified" for

Holy fucking shit this is gnarly.
If you see this kid, buy him a bag of "chicken&waffles" potato chips 
and tell him he did a great job.
Thats his shit.



Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sahi Chronicles Mardi Gras edition

Capt.Sahi has come back across the pond....
hopefully for good this time.
Here he cooked up some Gumbo soup for Mardi Gras.
Essential seasoning to make Gumbo.
Prepping station.
Browning some cajun sausage.
And cooking up some chicken thighs.
The rue. Mix in left over grease from cooked sausage and chicken and add some flower.
Stir for roughly 45 minutes.

Mix in the veggies.
And the rue.
Homemade gumbo from scratch. Mardi gras style!
Homemade King cake.
Devoured quickly.
Give Capt.Sahi's homemade hot sauce a try, if you dare.
I bet that shit's cajun as fuck!
Closing it out with Tenn. Cute as ever.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EatFiend's Food&BoozeHeavy

Here it is. Another installment brought to you... 
by my crappy flip-phone camera.
Eat well and thrive.



Monday, February 11, 2013

Super Bowl 47

I have to admit this was a pretty good year for football...
...My beloved Patriots didn't make it to a Super Bowl this year, but one can't complain when your team goes to the playoffs every year. This years playoffs were more exciting than the past few previous years. It ended up being the 49er's and Ravens. I picked the Ravens to win, for some odd reason I bought into the whole Cindarella-RayLewis story.
 Anyway, WormTits and I hit the market to stock up and throw an appropriate SB party.
Plenty of PBR and Heineken were first picked up along with a few pounds of chicken wings, peanut oil for the deep fryer and chips! CHIPS!... CHIPS!... CHIPS!... CHIPS!... CHIPS!
 Which will you choose?
 Cooking a pound of bacon.
 Only to be added to my delicious potato salad.
A real labor of love. 
 The game began. We played SB squares for $1 each and also did a SB quiz for $3 a pop.
I won the quiz, $27 in winnings. Yes!
 Hyped the AmazingMadman appeared from thin air with a case of Coors in hand
and an appetite for anything deep fried!
 Thanx Capt.Butterface and ShellySwallows for making all of that cornbread batter for the deep fryer.
Thanks for the Lime-A-Rita too, it helped me through the next morning.
Best hangover cure I could come up with.



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery Nothing Slow Us Down

We are out there. Consuming your food and drinking your drink.
 The picture is blurry but sometimes one can't be blamed for eating garbage. 
It is after all, the smart choice.
 Went to Nunu's a few weeks ago. I love this place, it's dark, relatively quiet and the prices are fair.
 Oh yea, they have a grill too.
 New KOTR dvd. So hyped on it.
 Speaking of getting hyped, there's this cutting thriller available at Redbox.
If any of you fiends out there wanna watch it, you can review it here on EatFiend. 
C'mon Matt, I know yer reading this and I'd love a review on yer take on mainstream skateboarding.
 Out with the old, in with the new. Creature P2 style.
 D.Hodge getting better while I eat. Skating in he damp bowl, kinda sketchy.
 Don't remember eating Hot Pockets but I guessed we partied with a few.
 Snap shots from LordBlah's birthday.
 When he was coherent.
 Short time later. Starring at all of the vomit he decorated his mom's bathroom with.
It went everywhere including the ground heater.
 After a half'd-ass clean up job, time to rest before verbally hurling insults at your friends.
 Another time, breakfast of champions.
 Crunchy peanut butter on an Eggo waffle with of course, bacon.
 PrivateWormTits doing a man's duty on the grill.
 Slices with Capt.Rue before hitting up Dallas park.
Let's do it again, bub!
 Self made torturing cocktail: boiler maker
 New lens. Not too hyped on it. Gonna search for another.
 'Merica! Fuck yea!
Its a cake.
 Fatass PrivateWormTits in the drive thru line for Mexican food.
 Mayor Casey Tanaka has an army.
 Chicken in the oven stuffed with vegetables.
 It's beer o'clock
 Capt.Butterface, minus the Italian stallion head of hair.
 Lil' Lurker VaderJames.
 My favorite food group: pizza
 Went to the Typical Culture premier "The Hype Train".
So sick! There are the bro's before the vid got started.
 A Zack Dowdy film.
 Saw Oaks while I was taking a piss. 
I love urinal shots.
 Creature's own Sean Conover was there. Dude sure knows how to ride a skateboard.
 Spot by my house.
 Burrito time.
 BornRetard will never meet Poods.
 Had a nite on the town with Capt. Sahi
 We wound up in a giant cooler full of beer. 
I couldn't think of a cooler place to get a few pics.
 Funny ass hat I saw at Route 44.
 Went to the zoo. Had a blast. I love the monkeys and hyenas.
 Zeus! Everyone check out TheMeatMen.
 Tasty rueben from Fat Joes corner store on University.
 Saw my buddy Shakas doin' what he does best at Memorial skatepark.
Sk8Mafia squad was there, killing it!
 Out with the old in with the new.
Toy Machine rules.
Bacon burger about to meet its demise. This will help just about any hangover.
You think cows or pigs ever realize that they are eventually gonna come out of our buttholes?
Guess not, stupid animals.