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Sunday, December 29, 2013

EatFiends Uncut Shit Show part 1


A late present for all you viewers out there!
I bring to you "EatFiends Uncut Shit Show part 1". Due to the high demand of more videos containing less shitty YouTube songs, from here on out, all of my videos will be raw.

This time around we hang with Duffman at the Tum Yeto ramp, I show you how to make bbq chicken wings, ItwasTheLight premieres some of his GoPro filming (more of that in the works), CaptSahi checks in with us with some DIY action and much much more!

 More videos are coming...



Friday, December 27, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery: Ho Friggin' Ho Ho

Welcome everyone to the Larbsmas blog.
Christmas comes but once a year and fun times are had by all. However, when one practices Larbism, every day is a party...
Found my roommate passed out in his bedroom like this, crawled through the window and pushed out the screen when he couldn't find his keys to the front door one drunken night.
If Biscuit could talk of the horrors he has witnessed in the wee hours of the night.
Eddies East Philadelphia sandwich. This was the bbq western sandwich. Un fucking believable.
Go Patriots! Cheers!
In-N-Out madness. That's my shit right there.
Meat pie made by ShirlySwallows.
Kicked the fire place in my living room. Caught my right pinky toe. Probably one of the most painful fucking things ever.
The worst. 
Comparable to a sprained ankle.
You do the math.
Bacon and onions.
Chopped up left over ham from Larbsgiving.
This smell throughout the house is amazing. Should be captured in a candle.
And then a dozen eggs into the mix.
That's a good ass breakfast burrito right there.
Random art.
Taco technician
More breakfast like food. 
Getting fancy! Costco has good deals on finer beers that come in variety paks.
...equals this.
WormTits got hammered after taking an earful from the ex-girlfriend.
Threw up two feet from the front door.
Almost made it.
Finally makes it to the toilet, only to puke on the floor right next to it.
Throwing up while proudly wearing his EatFiend belt.

WormTits' vomit. When I cleaned it up it wreaked of Fireball and Jameson.
Made me dry heave.
This is how I often feel. The facial wizardry Jim Carrey possesses is amazing.
Scored some free tickets to the Bengals vs. Chargers game. Hyped!
That means the inner Larb has to pre party before heading to the game!
Heading to Qualcomm stadium located in a whales vagina.
No life like tail gating life.
San Diego is one of the teams that definitely needs a new stadium.
Even though I saw a huge sign that said "No Glass Bottles", I decided to bring a plastic bag filled with bottled PBR. About 30 minutes into us wandering around some guys informed me that if a cop spotted my bottled beer, it would result in an automatic ticket. Next time I'm bringing canned beer.
This thing was rad.
Football is one of the best things ever. Brings my skate homies close to my non-skate homies through the rituals of beer chugging and bbqing!
Although football is a pretty jockey sport and has more than its fair share of fucking douche bags. 
After wandering around the lodge level looking for beer to buy (that accepted credit/debit cards), we found a bar in the Lodge 26 area that really reminded me of the Little Club. It was post kick-off and this place was dark, nice and empty and the bartenders had a heavy hand.
San Diego Charger barflies.
Even though the Bengals won a game they shouldn't have won it was still a a fun time.
Afterall, the Patriots did crush the Houston Texans earlier this day. Yay! 
Lots of people, even though the game was in threat of being blacked out.
Beautiful stadium. Beautiful view.
Met Life blimp? Or the Goodyear blimp. Too drunk to remember.
Bet yer ass I was double fisting. Beers were $8 a pop and the tequila sunrise was like $15.
Fuck it, when yere out partying having a good time, why penny pinch?
We sat in section Lodge 22, right above the tunnel. When the Chargers scored, you could feel the heat from the giant flame throwers when the stadium celebrates.
So sick.

Even saw the Chargers mascot. Some muscle bound lightning-jerk.
The wife and I living the good life!
I walked around a bit, taking photos.
After the game, heading home.
Charger fans were bitter and pissed that the Chargers lost.
Oh well.
Ended the night watching Top Gun.
LadyLarb couldn't have been happier.
Playoff picture looking good for my Patriots.
Not so good for the Dolts.
Dinner for two.
Cream of mushroom chicken with broccoli and mashed potatoes.
Sad to say, but my fantasy football season has been terrible this year. Only 2 wins.
I started to realize my fate and started bringing the BrentClark trophy around town with me.
Here it is hanging with the Memo-homies.
Talk about a Super Bowl hangover.
It was good while it lasted.
Who knows if it'll ever happen again.
Baked pasta by LadyLarb.
PacMan pizza and macaroni and cheese.
Ye olde stomping grounds.
This is the new-old spot. Been having a good time crushing this thing as of late.
Who's got a boardslide on this beast?
Seshed the 'hood with the bub Filippino-King. Had a good time on this thing, despite how little I landed tricks on it.
Subway has been killing it. $4 meatball subs!
Get Dirty!

I hate babies!
Cute bixer dog lurking out the window above Route 44,
Close up! Look at that face!
BlackJonathan came by the park the other day.
Out with the old and in with the new!
Creature temporarily suspended their P2 boards until spring of next year.
So in the meantime I've been shredding it up on the 9 inchers!

Needless to say, Biscuit has been all about the holiday spirit.
Thanks BK for letting me borrow this. 
A classic!
Eggs, ham and cheese tacos for breakfast.
Tapped off with Tapatio.
Random food truck by the local liquor store. Boght a $2 street taco, ate it on the one block walk home while carrying a case of beer.
Sam Adams does it right, but this chocolate bock is strong stuff.
Very heavy and filling.
Can't get enough of this little guy.
I refer to him as my shadow because he constantly follows me around.
Taste the rainbow. Skittle are great, they changed the green ones from "lime" to "sour apple". 
Mixed with the reds and purples is a delicious combination.
Quaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaid! Start the reactor core!
Poker night.
Sam was not amused by the beating he took this night.
Kettle corn doesn't cure a hangover but it sure does satisfy the sweet tooth.
Hit up DeMillies recently to watch a football game. Nice quiet atmosphere.
Not very crowded. Perfect!
They make one helluva a meatball sandwich too.
Tree lurking.
Cute kitty lurking.
Self proclaimed BAKU name.
That's my shit.
BornRetard molesting Biscuit.
Big ass bag of Wendys.
Biscuit, Me, LadyLarb and WormTits.
Biscuit was the only one to get drunk and pass out under the Christmas tree this year.
So wasted.

This was one of my favorites.
Nah, nah. This one was my favorite.
Hung out with these Lurkers recently.
Freedumb airlines. So sick!
Crying banana is the best.
Great timelapse film made by ItWasTheLight.
I'll post the vid in the near future.
Fully Faded was pretty sick.
Jack Daniels was on sale at WalMart for like $18.
Not a bad price.
Stocking stuffer for the wife.
Spaghetti and meatball night.
The wife getting ideas of luxury in her head.
'Nuff said.
Edison MFG. Such a tight shop,
America! Fuck yea!
Sold out of everything for the holiday season.
Juicey Lucy's!
That's right. We bbq in the fuckin' rain.
The hunger can't be stopped.
LadyLarb was calling us dummies. But she enjoyed her burger.
Burn the flames...higher.
Shadow selfie
Oh yea!
At the South Park Abbey. Home of the shittiest bar food in San Diego.
Thats why we eat frozen pizza at home.
Sausage sandwich for breakfast.
Stopped by Subuku sushi bar the other night.
Rainbow roll killed it.
Also had the filet mignon roll too. So amazing.
So may say this is disrespectful to a humble NFL legend, but fuck that! I'm a Patriots fan and we whooped the shit outta the Broncos this year.
CommanderNBeef watching the Raiders/Chargers game at U31.
Then he got bummed because BornRetard showed up and stank the joint up.
Always a good time having a few pints with these bubs.
Support yer local retard. BornRetard!
Biscuit trying to get in on some bacon wrap action.
Even when not properly weaved, it's still a thing of beauty.
CommanderNBeef showing his Christmas spirit rocking the shit outta that santa hat.
Meatballs on the right, weaved bacon with ricotta cheese on the left.
On to the next one with a little help from Biscuit.
Add some marinara sauce.
Stuff it full of meatballs, wrap it, stab some tooth piks through it to hold it together and throw it in the oven for a few minutes.
I was getting drunk and a little sloppy by the time it was time to make the second one.
Craigosaur approves.
The next day...
CommanderNBeef and I decided to bust out the slow cooker and a have a chilli cook off. 
Also he was on the cusp of winning his first fantasy championship.
Good times all around.
So CommNBeef decided to go the beef route with his chilli.

I chose a different route. Green onions...
Mini kegs are awesome.
My chilli consisted of 8 chilli peppers (red, habanero and green). A whole clove of garlic and 5 tomatoes.
Shit was fun.
Tomato time.
Chili beans, garbanzo beans, red beans..... beans beans beans.
Helps ya fart goooooooooooooood.
So I slow roasted 3 pounds of chicken thighs in chicken broth.
I also added the green onions for flavor along with a shit load of cayenne pepper.
Slow cooked these fuckers for like and hour and a half.
I decided to make one chili with bacon and the other without.
Mandatory bacon pic.
Cooked it up nice and crispy.
Butterface was there giving a helping hand with the media perspective of things.
The chicken just fell off the bone after this.
Partied a bit with some bacon bits.
So good.
After shredding up the chicken I threw the bones back on the stove top to get some extra flavor in that grease.
Shredded chicken came out perfectly.
Break time for Biscuit.
The two on the left are my "5 bean spicy shredded bacon chili".
On the right is CommNBeef's "beef chili".
I was stoked Butterface got a taste before heading to work.
My chili was friggin' hot as hell. A spice in yer mouth that lingers for a while and leaves ya sweating bullets. I had to wait 20-30 minutes in between bowl, it was so hot.
CommNBeef was hyped!
NastyNeil came by as a guest judge. He gave it two thumbs up.

I preferred my bacon style chili.

Saved some for WormTits since he was away visiting his parents for Christmas.
Roasted garlic cloves.
We feasted this night. Had a blast.
Later that night, my appetite wasn't satisfied so I decided to broil some hot dogs.......
... cheese...
... and hot dogs!
Added some bacon chicken chili on top and it was the shit!
That's a fucking manwich right there.
Later in the evening, CommNBeef was celebrating his victory with the Brent Clark trophy.

As is tradition, I drunkenly fucked up writing his name.
As is tradition.

Hope you enjoyed it.