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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sahi Chronicles 16- TRNSMSSNLTD

Capt.Sahi checks in with a few quick pics and a new gig!
TRNSMSSNLTD has arrived!
 Mandatory food pic. Gotta satisfy that meattooth!
Don't know where this is but it sure looks friggin' fun!
Editing complete! Click here to see what he's been up to!
 Ripping floater!
I guess I should take the time to introduce TrnsmssnLtd.
A samll company that Capt.Sahi is starting up!
Check out for some rad videos.
We'll keep ya posted on any new developments with TrnsmssLtd. 
Great job bub!

Turn On
Tune In
Drop Out

Friday, October 25, 2013

Larbing It Up In Greece Video (warning: no skateboarding)

Here's a bunch of clips I filmed while out in Greece.
It wasn't until I finished the edit that I realized I sure did a whole lotta drinkin!
Oh well.
Pretty rad place.
Get out and live. Enjoy life.
One never knows when it's time to punch ones ticket.



Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery: Larbing It Up In Greece Part 2

 Welcome back everybody to the second installment of
Larbing It Up In Greece.
Lots of cool art and sculptures. Woman with big boobs.
Pizza and salad in bed.
Loyal pawn having a drink enjoying the view.
Beautiful sunsets everyday.
With my beautiful wife.
Keeping it classy.
Off to a winery tour in the country side of Santorini.
Vat's filled with fermenting wine.
Wine branch wreath.
So apparently the wind and humidity levels are super high and don't let the grapes grow the way they should. So people that work at the winery's walk around and train the branches into a circle and grow on the ground creating their own little eco-system producing it's own type of grape and taste.
Old school grape pressing station. On the left, is where you stomp on the grapes and on the right is where the grape juice drains and prepare for fermentation.
At our first tasting I quickly made a kitty friend!

Another wine press. From like, the last 100 years.
Snake in a jar of wine. I wish I could have taken this home.
Next winery.
This was our host whom had a very vast knowledge of Greek wine.
Tasted multiple wines. The two bottles on the right are "dessert wines". In my opinion, they taste alot like cake. They are considered after dinner wines. And in my opinion are very delicious!
Wine bottling station on display.
Next winery was my favorite. The served us a plate of cheese and let us wander around.
I found some grapes on the ground, picked them up and tasted a few. Man o man, so tasty and sweet!
A scarecrow? I dunno...
Later on back at the Superior suite. After all that wine tasting I was ready to party!
Beer, Johnny Walker and pistachios! Yeah!

Random menu, don't remember where from.
Probably from this restaurant near our suite, I know we started off with some cooked cucumber, tasziki sauce and pita bread.
And of course, chicken kabobs with fries!
Dilapidated boat.
Thought this was pretty cool.
Dog tired.

I agree it's a very beautiful spot, but London will always be in my heart.
Old non-functioning windmill.
Greece flag.
We were high above the water. We'd often see people taking donkey rides up the cliff.
We never took a donkey ride since we get to go on one every time we hang out with BornRetard!
You can bet yer ass I brought home some piggy satl and pepper shakers.
More awesome pictures with beautiful blue water in the background.
Dude reading.

Lots of kitty cats everywhere.
Meat ball dinner. Fucking delicious.
Breakfast served to us every morning in our room. 
Look at that view. Living the life.
Santorini kinda hooks like a crescent moon.

Book shop.
As seen on Instagram.

This fearless dog was sleeping on a cliff! Dog tired!
Artist, being artsy.
More cliff side pics.
Do work donkey.
Beer break. You can drink anywhere you want around here.
Everybody is in vacation!
Beer break... again.
Pita bread with tsaziki sauce. We ate this stuff a bunch.
Cats rule everything around me.
In a van on our way to our catamaran tour.
So this entire trip I've been itching to rent a quad or a motorcycle to drive around on. It was super cheap and looked like fun until on our way to the catamaran, we saw an accident of a girl laying in the middle of the road, screaming in pain. After that I was over it.
Don't wanna get hurt on my honeymoon.

A bit of briefing from the staff before we head out.
Didn't take me long to get a beer in my hand.
I'm on a boat!

As we sailed along the cliff side there were different colors/layers of dirt. 
I think it's from the volcanic activity that happend years ago.

There's our Captain, and some pregnant chick.
This was a private beach that was accessible by boat only. The Captain advised against us swimming to shore since landslide's happen there every once in a great while.
Deck hand.
Cooking deckhand.
Red ships os Spain! Red ships of Spain!
Hoist the main sail!
Scuttle the jib!
Aye aye Captain.

Full speed ahead!
Full beers ahead!

Off to the hot springs.
Hung out here and did some snorkling and swam in the hot springs.
The hot springs were located at the base of the inactive volcano. It was only a temperature increase of 7-10 degrees warmer. The weird thing was that we were required to take off all jewelery that wasn't gold because the high sulfur levels will eat away at silver, platinum, etc.
When we were done, dinner was ready! Mussels, grilled prawn, pasta and lots of veggies.
Had like three plates of this stuff. 
At this point I had dranken up a good appetite so.... EatFiend!
Beautiful views everywhere.
Slowly we watched the sunset as we head to port.
Easily the best sunset I've ever watched and I got to do it with the love of my life.
Elsewhere, more pizza!
Panoramic shot at 5 or 6 in the morning.
I shot these two panoramic pics while watching the Patriots vs. Falcons game.
I just waited for the updates on stat tracker.
And since I was on my own balcony in the superior suite, you can bet yer ass I was drinking beers and I was bare ass naked!
Later on, breakfast!
Advice: don't go to Greece for the burgers. 'Nuff said.
These are the same sunsets that we get to see in Game of Thrones. NERD!
This beer was an unfiltered red IPA. Only sold on Santorini.
Apparently it's owned by two dudes that only brew a couple hundred bottles a day and make a comfortable living off it.
Somewhere in a pub.
Sweet 6 stair hubba that led up to our suite.
The last day we were there was definitely not vacation weather.
The winds had kicked in to bout 25 miles per hour and would spit sand into yer eye's from the cliff side.
Salmon w/cream cheese on bread for breakfast. 
Croissant and coffee on the side.
Another sweet hubba with no roll up.
Everytime I'd walk up/down this thing I would fantasize about grinding it.
Even on my honeymoon I can't stop thinking about skating.
Alley cat.
Wine shopping.
It wasn;t until the last day of our trip did I decide to try the chicken gyro at some hole in the wall spot in a random alley. It was the best gyro on the trip!
Just one guy pumping out gyro's at lightning quick speed!
The gyro's were so good I had a second one with another beer!
 Fresh fish and prawn.
One more for the road home.
 Hobbitt man in the airport terminal in Istanbul, Turkey on the way home.
The last picture I took. The 16 hour plane ride home was brutal. But I don't wanna end it on a sour note.

Anyway, LadyLarb and I had a great time. One of our best times yet!