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Monday, June 30, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery / ItWasTheLight Presents: Hemans Wizard Retreat 2014

Buy the ticket, Take the ride
I truly am proud to say that I have a great bunch of bubs.
Every year now (this was the 4th), we embark on a 1 1/2 hour car ride east into the desert. I hate to say that we don't do this enough, but when it's the only thing I wanna do for my birthday, everybody is more than happy to get the hell outta' Dodge.

ItWasTheLight did a great job on documenting the day. Fear and Loathing style!
Scroll down to the bottom to see the BornRetard shit show.
 Well this year we didn't exactly rent a Dodge, but instead we rented a 15 passenger Ford.
I didn't feel comfortable driving my '88 Vulva through the mountains and nobody else felt confident in their rides either. So after splitting the cost ($35 each), we were vanning! Van life!
 Upon renting it I took pictures from each side to avoid and shinnanigans from the renter.
 She sure is a beauty.
 Look at dat ass!
 Gotta keep track of them miles.
 After stocking up on fruit, meat, booze, tubes of pepperoni and other goodies, we made our way to Anza Borrego Springs. Stinky says it's time to clock in! The FilipinoKing joined us this year as well! Always great to have a new comer!
Our CommandNBeef made it down for the trip! As is tradition.
WormTits and DonaldGately were present also! It was hot as fuck, 109 degrees was the peak temperature for the day, but it was more around the 90's when we got there in the afternoon. 
 BornRetard was present. Retardation would follow later in the night.
 Did a little sight seeing beforehand. Borrego Springs is the shit!
My money is on the scorpion. 
 Stinky thought he could make peace. Unfortunately he didn't have enough booze to make them happy.
 So psyched on my Pretty!
 Then the scorpion ate Stinky for a snack.
 CommanderNBeef was hyped on the new hat!
"Protect yo neck!"
 ItWasTheLight was all business. He brought his drone and his bad ass GoPro Hero 3 to document the trip.
 So unfortunately there was a recent flash flood at the Rams spot, so we couldn't camp there this year. We camped out about a half mile away and upon arriving there I got the fucking van stuck in some soft sand. Luckily we brought a shit load of 2x4's with us for fire wood and it turned out to be our saving grace on successfully getting our party wagon outta' the dirt and onto solid ground. It was a great way to get some male bonding done right off the bat!
 It took about a half hour before we got it out. Everybody did their part, from hand shoveling dirt,  laying wood under tires so they can get tread and even pushing! Manshit!
 First priority was to get a fire pit ready for when the sun drops. It's pretty much pitch black for a few hours before the moon comes up.
 Brought our old television that was broke with us for the trip. Shot that fucker up with a shot load of arrows. B.b. guns and hatchets went into as well!
 We camped right by the 'ol cactus. Great camp site. Something different for a change.
 We got real comfortable real quick.
 Fucking beautiful out here. No people. No lights. No traffic. Getting far away from civilization is often a good thing. So the sun went down and we drank and laughed around the fire all night. We even went for a short walk to the Rams and paid homage to our bubs that couldn't make it out with us.
 Once the sun was slowly rising up, I was able to bust out my camera. I hate the fact that my phone doesn't have a flash.
 Another new comer UnionLeatherWorks came with us too! He dozed out for a bit. Camp life is good life.
A few of us didn't sleep at all. Party all night, party all day!
Stinky wasn't a casualty, just drunk.
Greasy piggy wiggly.
The fire raged all night. Luckily firewood wasn't an issue.
 BornRetard passed out for a little while and by the time he woke up the Grape Ape had arrived.
I tried to get all angles of the camp ground.
ItWasTheLight was the only one that brought a tent. I think the lowest temperature of the evening was around the low 70's. Perfect.
Butterface camped in his truck (right) and SteamBoat captain, another new comer joined us too. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of his ugly mug.
WormTits doing his best to keep his tits warm.
 The shit show started and the Grape Ape was in full effect.
All of us including CommanderNBeef had a great time shooting b.b. guns. I forgot to mention that my good friend GeorgeT. showed up and gave us a few pronunciation lessons in the English language.
Set up bottles of Neils nasty toilet wine and had a little target practice.
Burn your television.
 So I was attacked by BornRetard aka the GrapeApe and for some damn reason he only had on one shoe. In his pursuit this fucking cacuts took his sock.
That's so saaaaaaaaaaaaad!
Then the t.v. quickly caught ablaze. Good riddance.
Mandatory T.C. shot.
Once again we had a few moments of silence once the Grape Ape passed out, again.
Thanks to ItWasTheLight, I was able to drink and stink all the way back home!
This thing and ItWasTheLight did a better job of documenting the day than I did. That's for sure.
It was a great trip. Every year is better than the previous.

Anyway, without further or do, I present to you a quick clip of what it's like to camp with BornRetard. Absolutely fucking priceless.

For those of you that contemplate coming next year.
Think twice.



Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery-Another Day, Another Burrito

Just another day on the grind...
No pun intended.
Rarely is it ever this empty at Memo.
We went of to the side and scrape on the mini quarter pipes.
Psyched to bust out my GoPro.
A GoPro project is definitely in the works.
Julian and Luis checked in too!
Later on Larue and I went to a taco shop by WSVT called "Lucha Libre's".
It was pretty sick, Mexican wrestling memorabilia everywhere.
Is it tea you looking for?
Or Iced T?...
Such a hipster hangout.
The burritos were fucking delicious though! I went with my standard carne-asada burrito with cheese and sour cream only. It didn't disappoint.
Hermanos de Burritos!
Late night munchies at the house.
Home made chicken tenders. Nice and crunchy.
Morning hype.
Psyched to see the bub JRoy getting a photo in Thrasher at the Texas Deathmatch.
JRoy is my homeboy.
Panorama one.
Panorama two.
Panorama three,
Meat clerk, produce clerk, I don't give a fuck.
Taking selfies with my little man.
These are amazing.
Morning dump.
Garden is coming along.
Bored at work.
Wish I knew how to draw a burrito.
It was alot like this...
Educating the kids at Skate Nite BBQ.
They are ripping as always.
Drawing session at ItWasTheLights house.
Koping Kitty
Couldn't resist.
Pretty kitty.
Walking home wasted is always fun!
I love drinking in public. Makes me feel free.
Picture of Johnny Ramone inside some ones house. So sick.