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Friday, October 30, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Frying Cheese

Overheard a kid at the skatepark talk about how much he loves frying cheese on a pan......
....Naturally I got to it. Dedicated to all you fatties out there.

Cheese and hot dogs. Hebrew National to be exact. Love those dogs.
Melted some cheese in some butter and at first it appeared to be messy.

Then I just kept cooking it low and slow.

Then it became flat like a pancake and it was more solid. Not so ooey-gooey.

Kept cooking it. 'Til it was golden brown.

Rolled that hot dog into it.

Stuck some toothpicks through it.

Then I went on to deep frying some shit!
You know how it goes.



Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Video- BTTFDAY Homies at PQ park

10-21-2015... GREAT SCOTT!
Woke up yesterday and had an excellent morning session with ItWasTheLight, GucciBuckTim, and Butterface at PQ park.
Then ItWasTheLight made this awesome editorial tribute to one of the most awesome movies ever fucking made.

I'm still waiting for my hoverboard.



Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Wizard Retreat 2015

The annual holiday where the bubs and I completely fuck off!
Road snacks.
SqueeGeePrints made these bad boys for me. I had 25 of these made and everyone that showed up to the retreat got one. EAT FUCKING FIEND!
Just take the 8 east.
Energy juice.
Passed out navigator.
We were out there.
Wild ass turkey gobblers.
Julian park! This place rips!
Just me and the bubs!
Larue was early grabbin' all over the place.
Shred it Neil!
Looks like a ninja to me.
Schralping backside grinds.
Hang time.
Jesus Christ
Speeding around like a hound outta hell.
Tight skate crew right here. Now it's time to go meet up with the drunks.
Down time.
I honestly never see anyone here when we come by. Nice little getaway.
Back on the road.
Hot ass Borrego Springs.
One of these days...
Good ass burrito right there.
Off roading.
Dried out lake bed.
Marking our territory wherever we go.
Inventory check.
Pre-pop kickflop.
Rocket flip.
Butterface with them yoga poses.
That's how a man eats a fucking burrito right there.
On a big ass fucking knife.
Straight into the dirt. Like the "Sword in the Stone". Except more in this case, "The Sword and the Stoner".
We came heavily prepared. This giant keg coozie keep everything cool!
Mooooooooore beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Ice cream sandwich break.
On to The Rams!
Ol' piss buddies.
WormTits and Rustytits were already here.
It was Larue's first time to the Rams. Always fun to bring some new blood!
He had a blast.
Why are you peeing on me Neil, why?
Fire pit. New guy has to dig it.
Hatchet throwing.
Rustytits brought this bad ass pellet gun that sounded alot like a .22 rifle.
It had a slight recoil and if you got yer eye socket too close to the scope, she'll bite.
Ready, aim, FIRE!
The War Wagon and Ol' Glory.
KingBaby and DonaldGately have arrived!
WhiskySlimeMike was already in true form. Won't be long before he busts that shirt off and flexed them pecs!
Fast forward to the next morning (I put my phone away 'cuz I was fucked off and didn't want to drop it into the fire). We were wasted. If you'd like a visual recap of the insanity, click here!
I was very proud if KingBaby, he slept in the dirt.
Camp was annihilated. Notice all the beer can fucking everywhere. Took us a while to clean this up.
Then the sun began to rise.
ItWasTheLight was the only smart one to bring a tent to sleep in. The rest of us were dirty and slimey as fuck!
Packed shit up real quick to get the fuck outta the hot sun.
Piss break.
Fog on the 8 freeway.
Made it all the way back to North Park for some breakfast and beers at the Old Mill Cafe.
Great fucking times. Wouldn't trade them or my friends for the world.
After all, it's our world to take.