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Friday, October 31, 2014

Events- Shred For Shockus 2014

On October 25th, 2014 we celebrated the life of Marc "Shockus" Dellelis. 
Pardon the screen shots, I just felt the need to document the day partially with other peoples perspectives. But yea, follow these bubs.
 I was up extra early to go to work and I saw this beautiful sunrise. Spaceship Earth was on board for a beautiful day.
 I arrived at the park around 10ish. Was greeted by Mr.SqueegeePrints and given an awesome beer coozie. Love was being spread everywhere.
 Heard some of the Hesh homies stayed the night in the park and chugged beers while paying their respects. 
 Larue was already there killing it!
Backside pivot on Shockus' favorite thing to wallie off of.
 He back disatered the fuck outta this thing too.

Dolan Stearns gleaming in the sun with a frontside pivot.
 Beers were being sipped, stories were shared and shredding was in full throttle.
 Thanks to Dave "EdisonMFG." McKinney for making the event happen and getting all of these sponsors. 
 Lots of people. Hodads was even giving away free burgers! Can't pass up on a free burger!
 Gotta give it to them Hodad's peeps, they make a mean burger and shredded the fuck outta the park too.
 As Honey Boo-Boo's mom would say "beautimous", which is her way of saying "beautiful"!
 Fuckin' beautiful. 
 Julian, Scooter and klienbell. When it comes to a nice guy contest, these 3 would definitely make the top three.

There's me on the far left rocing my Lurkville t-shirt.
 Gotta love The Spits tee. Julian has a taste for all things rad.
 I just kicked it and chowed down for a bit. Watched the shredders shred and took pics of this tasty burger! I just kept hearing Samuel L. Jackson in my head.
Big Kahuna.
 Missed it, but this was a back nose blunt by Larue. He was easy to spot out being the only guy wearing a yellow hat.
 Skateboard scraping Scooter. This dude is gooooooooood.
 I was wondering where everyone was getting the Shockus stencil, when I found the guy I hit him up quick. 
 Shred In Peace.
 Neil nursing a bruised heel decided to start nursing beers...
 Session was getting heated. Hella' people.
 Big John rocking a brain bucket. I wore one too. We are getting too old to give a fuck anyway.
 AndyMac was shredding. This guy is fun to skate with!
 Awesome. Shockus had mad love for the 'Mafia.
 Ollie Ese. But I think his name is Wayne.
 Moments after the placing of Shockus' plaque.
 Cody nailing a boardslide. This mellow ledge is so fun to skate.

Found this on someone's Instagram.
Shockus 4 Ever!
 In loving memory.

Oscar Jordans perspective of the day.
 JohnnyLups was there in full rage mode. 
 Bottle of Amsterdam vodka in hand, a true Spring Breaker.
 Alex and Arty. Route 44 bubs.
 Got this rad photo of (right to left) Dave, Louie Barletta and Arty. But look how friggin' awkward Fish looks (left). It's like he's farting and hiding his boner at the same time.
 The park was super crowded. I had shredded for a few hours and now it was time for a cold one.
 We all got together for a photo. People screamed Shockus' name. Everyone was sad and stoked at the same time.
 Heavy session with the Hesh crew.
Lots of good vibes and love.
Myself and the bub Isaac Patterson getting our double board slides on!
 Typical Culture bubs. These guys rule.
 A true S.D. legend right there. Could someone please interview this guy and his perspective on San Diego skating?
Shockus Forever



Monday, October 27, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Busy Little Drunk Bee Buzz Buzz Buzz

Welcome back to another edition of M.B. Shit's been getting pretty wild. Oh yea, new UnCut Shit Show will be dropping soon.
 Furry Little Monster man getting some sleep.
 Skate Night Bbq.
 Unit Craft. I get alot of hand sanding tasks. My fucking hands cramp up after about an hour of it. It's fun work though, manshit!
 Metal banana.
 Big ass ham and cheese croissant down the street at the donut shop.
 New wheels for the whip!
 Blue Vulva is looking good!
 Garfield hang's sideways so it look's like I'm going super fast. NOT!
Spent alot of time watching cartoons like these.
 Panoramic Dallas park session with Larue.
 Switch front 5-0 revert 'cuz he fucking can. Larue rips.
 It was good while it lasted. Can't wait to see what footage gets produced in the future.
 Needless to say I wasn't gonna watch that coping get destroyted.
I was a busy little drunk bee one night. Buzz buzz buzz...
 Old Mill Cafe hangover remedy. Lots of coffee was consumed.
 Stinky in typical form.
 Get twisted!
 You know I had to. Hemans Bowl will live forever in my house.
 So will these...
 Went to go walk the in-laws dog wile they were outta town.
Stepped into this pile of shit inside the house.
 Then another pile, which was being feasted on by ants.
Shit feasting ants.
 Alga Norte skatepark. This place is more fun than a barrel full of drunk BornRetards.
 Biscuit chilling.
 Lucy Juicys made by WormTits.
PBR is mandatory.
 Poker night with the bubs.
 LordBlah staying comfortable.
 Shotgunning beer's instead of playing cards.
 Old rivals. Old fucks.
 TimmyTouchdown's friend was cool. It was funny he gave Timmy more shit than we did.
 Stumbled back another night and scored the corner piece!
Thanks to ItWasTheLight for this gem.
 Hot dog pizza go fuck yourself.
 Biscuit don't give a fuck either.