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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- CBC and a Puzzled Heman

Welcome back to yet another exciting edition to M.B.
Try not to jump outta yer seat with excitement. Go get me a ham sandwich.
Homemade quesadilla for all the basic bitches out there.
Heavy vannin'.
Hit up the Coronado Brewing Company with the wife. It was a 45 minute wait. No problem, the buzzer that the hostess gave us reached all the way to the Little Club. Went there and crushed a few pints and before I knew it, I was in the brewery ordering a taster set.
8 ounce shooters of their finest brew.
I was having fun playing tourist on the Island.
Our lives were complete! Pretzels and beer, awww yea.
Pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw on it.
Sausage pizza we took home with us. The pretzel and beers were satisfying enough.
Sizzling and greasy!
A home in the hills.
Stoked to find this bad boy!
Love me some BattleCat.
I was having a great time!
The wife went to bed and I was making progress. Kinda funny that I find myself doing a puzzle by myself in the town I grew up in. Oh well, fuggit.
I remember seeing these play at Larb Fest. Can't wait for the next one.
Luigis pizza is fucking great. It's just hard to pay for because you can go to Livewire any day of the week and get a free slice from them.
They make a helluva calzone though.
Old loading dock spots I used to huck myself down back when I was half the weight.
Hope you enjoyed it.



Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Video- C.R.E.A.M.

Racist Ass Igby is adjusting well here at E.F. hq. Nobody fucks with him.
He goes hard.

P.S. To Igby's mom, he's doing just fine runnin' tings.



Saturday, July 25, 2015

Video- Blood Wizard's Jerry Fuckin' Gurney

Man o man this video part gets me juiced!
Jerry Gurney came outta nowhere and he fucking kills it! So metal.

Go skate. 



Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mandatory Bloggery- Fuggit

Welcome back everyone.
Hope your enjoying the inconsistency. Fuggit.
Starting today's blog off right with some mid-2000's skating. Maybe Given was a later 2000's company. Who knows. I just know that Danny Scher is the shit! and I'm pretty sure he's on Vagrant now.
Skates to AC-DC! FUCK YEA!
Fuckin' Duffman. Rail/burger chomper.
I remember watching Truman skate in the old Next Cup contest series I used to enter as a young lad. Now I get to shoot the shit with him at PD and witness awesome skating like so...
The fact that he is able to adapt to the terrain constantly changing under his wheels is a true sign of professionalism. This bub deserves to be pro.
Memo park. 
Shredtacular times were had by all? Almost looks like the park is empty.
Nah, peeps were just checking out the big 3 block.
I came home to my roommate clenching his butt cheeks.
Backyard jungle kitty sighting.
It's what I do.
He loves to sit in the dirt. 
Caveman television.
Burger moves.
Cheesy moves.
Doubled down.
It ain't no fun if the bubs don't get none.
Burgers for life. I don't give a fuck how much water it takes to raise a cow to the Slaughter. 
And some crab legs while yer at it. These were so fucking good. I'm just waiting for this shit to go on sale.
It's amazing. I don't care if you hate the music. I don't care if you hate that it's not metal enough.
This seriously made me laugh my ass off.
More walking dates with Daisy.
Look at that smile!
The look you get when you roll up to the skatepark...
Time to lay in the grass.
"You know why dogs do this? Because it feeeeeeeels goooooooood!"
-Robin Williams
Fischer King

I randomly found this after googling Robin Williams' name. Even je could make the Martha Stewart show entertaining. He truly is funny as fuck in this segment.



Friday, July 17, 2015

Shred Shots- Eric Cruz, Cody Carlin, David Hodge, ItWasTheLight and Chris Larue

Welcome to yet another edition of Shred Shots!
Been lucky lately to witness some sick ass skating.
Skating fucking rules. Duh.

Eric Cruz with a wild back boneless tuck knee fountain basher?
It was blowing my mind. This kid is sick. Shockus Park.
Cody Carlin with a buttery ass back 5-0 down the mini hubba at Dallas park.
DHodge with a tall tailslide. Coronado Skatepark
Yers truly. Ollie sequence shot by ItWasTheLight with his GoPro Hero 4. It's weird seeing myself in the big blue sky. Granite Hills High School
ItWasTheLight catching some air too!
Bootleg cell phone screen shot.
Benches for days! We came back the next week and everything was fucking capped.
Skate stoppers be damned!

ItWasTheLight doing what he does best. Skating the fuck outta' the smallest spots.

Chris Larue with a sick wallride grabber yank out. Serously can't wait for the next installment from Lurkville. Those dudes have been seriously killing it!
Sorrento Valley ditch.