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Friday, June 30, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Recycled Skateboard Cutting Board and Good Times at Nado Park

Lots more content on its way! Stay tuned!
 Memo session! Love this place.
Dats a spicy meatball!
   Lunch on a budget. Just throw everything you can find in the freezer into a pot.
He loves the smell of my back-pak.
 Bowling b.l.t. is mandatory.
 Love this album.
 Fell on my left knee while bowling. Ain't no thang.
 Made a cuttinh board/ chopping block outta used skateboards!
 I was hyped. About 8 inches wide.
 I gave it to my Mom for mothers day. Love you Mom!
 The old pepperoni and feta.
 Dave Hamm! Super nice guy.
 Making friends in low places.
 Monty Nolder, inventor of the smith grind.
 Gumby, Skatepark legend.

 Busting out moves.
 ....we love it.
Picture me rolling!


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- FSU Creature Skateboards Premiere Pics

I missed the last Creature premiere at the drive-in theatre a few years back for CSFU, so you know I wasn't gonna miss this one!...
Went to the Marina Del Rey theatre recently for the newest Creature skateboards video "FSU".
I assume 'FSU' stands for 'fuck-shit-up'. But that's kinda obvious. Let's try 'frantic-sadistic-universe' (sounds like a cool name for a metal song) or 'flaming-sodomizing-unicorn'. What else can we do here..... I wish the bub Benji was here to help. He is good with words...let's try something skating related.... 'frontside-slash-umbrella'.

Lot's of bubs everywhere! Skateboarding is very well represented in SD and it's hard to not run into smiling familiar faces everywhere you go!
Even Piech came along for the ride!
Nice little old lady checking id's. Place was very lax on the pat downs. Would have been real easy to sneak a few beers in! Woulda' coulda' shoulda'!
I think normally this place is a tango dance hall.
Blurry picture of the bub Tosh Rice.
The bub Lefty! He is always down for a good time.
More people were starting to fill the theatre.
The bub Larue with a pro Turn Truman Hooker pro banner.
Hans lurking on the left, and the bub Derm wondering when the damn video is starting.
Jeff came with too, but I never got a shot of him.
The bub Alex made a sick shirt. Pretty trench to go at it with a sharpie like that.
Yeeeeeeeee! To answer anyones question, they didn't turn anyone pro at this premiere.
This place was pretty detailed. The man wearing the sombrero is the vertical vampire, Darren Navarette!
Time to get this vid going!
Opens up with some serious slams. We heshers like that stuff.
I took a pic here and there.
Skeleton Key section was tight. It had this Old West feel to it. Plus some dude behind me was yee-hawing like a drunken cowboy the whole time. It was infectious to be annoying, so naturally I joined in.
Navarette had a good strong part.
Gravette with the old two song part. I thought it was over.
Then comes out this dude named Kevin Baekell, and I had never heard of him before.
His whole part was straight up hammers.
Dude skated to a black metal song and the skating held up to it. 
Very fucking gnar.
Shout out to Parts with a dope part. DIY and backyard pool seeker right here.
Also shout out to east coaster John Gardner. Sick little dude with an interesting bag of tricks.
After the video ended I had many questions. No Hitz part? Then a loud fog horn comes blaring and "Kill Skateboarding 3" starts.
I was hyped!
Opens up with some ritualistic tunes and imagery of how shred-sleds are built.
Sick Hitz shart.
Free toilet paper! 
Don't always have to use yer sock.
Lefty had a buncha clips in it. I'm hyped for the bub.
Ritualistic vert shredding commences.
I gotta go to Academy Skatepark. Some day.
Crusty spots.
Tehn the vid was over and it was time to get a burrito.

With that being said...
Creature seems pretty fucking lame to me nowadays on account that they pulled Sean Conovers part and kicked him off the team for reasons unknown. Rad.
Plus, no Stu Graham or Adrian Mallory footy? 
The next day Went to Pack Ratt Records to buy some Route 44 shirts.
Then homie Danny was hustling Route gear out of a van for the bub Matt Olin. 
I hear Matt is going through a hard time and my heart goes out to him. Stay strong bub!
Then I went next door and had my first Hamm's! Good stuff!
Cutie pie.
Mark's bark. If you know, you know.
Don't wake me.
Tunes. Slayer does a sick cover of "In A Gadda Da Vida". Look it up.
Pay day!