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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Mandatory Christmas Bloggery

Merry Christmas everybody...
If yer anything like me yer getting yer 4th or 5th beer and watching The Dark Knight Rises on blu-ray. That shit is amazing. Thats how I like to handle Christmas.
 Ho friggin' ho.
 PeeWee shrine.
 Check out my friend Jesse's leather company Union Leather Works.
Buy some shit or send him an e-mail to make you a handmade sex toy.
 Super spicy and sweet chicken with crushed pistachios in rice. Like I said, I've really been digging my new wok lately.
"Listen to Black Sabbath you will, hmmmmm?" 
 Hot dog and cheese sandwich. For the kid in me.
 Went to Alvaros in Poway before shredding the park. Good eats, good times.
 Duffman was there, too busy Instagraming and stuffing his face to smile for the camera. Duffman don't care about alot of things.
 Wish I had this tattooed on my bum.
 No Homers club = No Hans club
 Its always nice to go shopping and load up the truck.
 This is what happens to yer ipad when you beat me at poker and leave it behind. Yep, you can definitely expect a picture of this nature.
 Patriots are rolling along fine at this point at 11-4. Just one more game against the Dolphins and its playoff time.
 BornRetard and Cos, doing what t they do best. Pay more attention to there damn phones.
 For $5 you too can have 6 mini cheeseburgers in 6 minutes.
 When yer too lazy to cook it's quite the tasty solution.
 Homemade Christmas wreath d.i.y. style.
 Beer can chicken.
 Recommend this brand of yogurt. If you see it, try it.
 DonaldGately hates photos.
 Wouldn't be a blog without pizza.
 Poker time...
 What's PrivateHamboner staring at?...
 Fierce competition with Sam at the table. Notice the angry robot in the background.
 Celebrating PrivatWormTits' birthday with some champagne mixed with strwberry juice. Tasted delicious.
 Pumpkin never stood a chance. It was later smashed in the street.
 Been getting crazy with the wok lately. Everything I make in it is an asian-larb experience. 
 Bacon wrapped jalapenos stuffed with philadelphia cream cheese. I made this large on purpose so one can see how greedy it is.
 Double beer bong has been seeing alot of action.
 GeneralPercy checkin in.

 So my mom has been making me take home a bunch of boxes from the attic. Filled with old skate magazine gems. Here is the S.O.T.Y. issue with Andrew Reynolds. His part in The End blew minds and arguably sent Tom Penny into hibernation across the pond. Reynlold's has been on a tear ever since.
 Here we have a tattooless Bam Margera. Remember him back when he actually skated? Back then he was way more focused on skateboarding instead of his stupid HIM band or whatever dumb radio show he's got. I loved Bam's part in Jump Off a Building (my 2nd favorite Toy Machine vid).
 Another S.O.T.Y. issue. Bob Burnquist is still going bananas these day. I hear he's jumping out of a friggin' helicopter to switch caveman boardslide.
 Fuckin' Shimizu, fuckin' yea!
 This is where shit got real inspirational for me. Cardiel did this noseblunt slide in Sight Unseen and his part plus Heath Kirchart's made for one of the greatest Transworld videos of all time.
 The Gonz. Most inspirational skater of all time. Stalefish.
 The man, the myth, the legend. Other than Frankie Hill and Pat Duffy, Jamie Thomas paved the way for all you gnarly kids today and inspired me on my skateboard when I needed it the most. To this day Misled Youth and Welcome to Hell are my favorite videos of all time.
 'Nuff of that skating business, back to the food
 Thanks to Capt.KangRue for the J-Box sandwich cards. These went a long way, especially before payday.
 El Zarape's chicken rolled tacos and a Amber Dos-Equis for $5.99! Not bad, just for good measure I also purchased a house margarita.
 PrivateWormtits getting his drink on.
 Board at work. Making wrestling bananas.
Not sure if I ever put this pic up on the blog, but yea thats me. Wallride at the Home ave. ditch.
 Gotta document that beer opening.
 Puffin and passin' away.
 Where are we going you might ask?
 Oh yea, looks great.
BornRetard, Mac and Cos at ItWasTheLight's time lapse premiere.
For those of you wondering what a time lapse is click here.
 Anybody been to the Poor House yet? Its on 30th & Meade.... I think. Anyway they serve beer in a mason jar, take cash only and have a pool table. It gets 2 thumbs up in my opinion.
Christopher Ramsey Piech
I love this man. Most epic dude ever.

Anyway, Im closing it out with this little Christmas gift to you, from the EatFiend nation. 
This how we like to get classy.

Merry Christmas
but most of all...