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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Poker Remnants and Shredding With The Bubs

What more could one ask for?
Another skate blog for you fiends out there. Life is good!
Hot carrots are mandatory when waiting for food at a Mexican spot.
New wall hanger!
New camera filter!
Just kidding, it was through the eye of a sample poker chip.
Yummy yummy.
Then he wacks the camera outta' my hand.
Super Cocina! I'm a huge fan of this place.
Doodling at work...
Waiting for the bubs to show up to shred!
The King had arrived!
And Cody was already slamming a bit. Time for a smoke in the middle of the bike path!
When you see a grown-ass man act like this in Coronado, number 1. He grew up here. And number 2. He gives zero fucks.
Picture me rollin'!
Never stop hopping fences with ItWasTheLight!
Session was lit was Sk8Mafia dudes.
We got the boot maybe an hour later. The cops were nice.
Switch back smith attempt was insane! The King is so good.
GucciBuck on the scene!
Cody with a back 50-50 sequence. 
If you scroll through real fast it looks sick!

ItWasTheLight was nailing it on the filming as usual.
His hype meter was high! Such a fun ledge!
I offered Tim a can of Coke if he landed it.
Hyper extended my hand in the worst way possible. This session happened over thirty days ago and I can still feel the affects when I ball up a fist. 
He pulled off a sick crooky monster!
Great session with great bubs! Love, love, love skating with this crew.
Yep, Christmas lights are still up. It drives the wife crazy.
Kinda looks like a space saucer.
Hyped on my Bones Brigade recyclable grocery bag. I refuse to pay for a plastic bag.
I'd rather stuff my pockets.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Heavy Cats and The Little Club

Beers, kittys and pizza!
Life ain't too shabby.
Luigi's Pizzeria!
Chopper culture is so sick! AMERICA!
One dog looking one way, one dog looking the other way....
The war wagon was getting some new rotors.
New versus old.
Exploring new eights.
Gonna try out these jimmy Carlin Circa kicks. I'm hyped and the price was right!
All stocked up on kicks!
Casserole that the bub WormTits made, This was heavily loaded with tater-tots, chopped up sausage links and cheeeeeeeeeeeeese!
Coronado bridge.
Bling bling!
The neighborhood kitty.
Post work Little Club brew.
Rest in peace.
I love the mini bottle of hot sauce to commemorate their signature bloody mary.
Where nobody know's your name.
We play hard and love hard.
Bane kitty.
Bacon time!