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Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Friday

No food pics today! Im headin' out to shred! EatFiend vid in the works? Hardly...
A slam.
And a make. Smell ya later! Haw Haw!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

A quick treat!

4 days in a row! Not bad eh? Im gonna try to keep it up. Where are you CommanderNBeef?!?!?!?
First of all I really want you guys to check out Its hilarious! My favorite pic is the Hitler-bacon wig/stache. Its a pretty rad website if you like this type of shit.
Anyway, heres that treat I was tellin' ya about. A short time lapse film of what was goin on in the kitchen on St. Patricks Day. courtesy of ItWasTheLight.
And a pic from Capt.Butterface...
I couldn't agree more.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mandatory Bloggery

Can't keep a good Larb down. I'll always take pics. Here's some more sweet nothingness that I whisper into yer ear....
 Saw this somewhere. Made me laugh. I'm against dude on dude rape. But who complainin' if some big-titty'd cooz wants to jump yer bones? This to me looks like it promotes men being a buncha pussies.
 Anyway, went back to the old stomping grounds by which 
I mean Old Town. Here is Capt.DonGately leading us through a short-cut (baseball field), only to find that after we crossed the field the gates were locked. Doh!
 That didn't stop us from getting what we came for which was a few cocktails! First we hit up Barra Barra for one of there famous Beergaritas. Ten bux each but if you drink 3 yer hammered. They'll also give you chips, beans and salsa when you sit at the bar.
 Ordered an appetizer platter that had rolled tacos, shrimp and some other stuff. I think I was 2 beergaritas deep at this point. I mopp'd that whole plate up!
 Comtemplated stealing this hot sauce.... 'til I tried it. It ran like water. Too runny.
 After we bailed Barra Barra we hit up Freds Mexican Cafe for there infamous K.A. Margarita (K.A. stands for kick ass). Also priced @ ten bux a pop, these are better simply because they make these with 2 and a half shot of 100 proof Patron tequila. Yer only allowed to have 3. They definitely get the job done.
 I recently found out Im "the guy that likes to go to the weird bars". I was told this after I was explaining Kadans amazing happy hour (every day 5pm-7pm $1.50 wells).  And also talking about bridge drinking...
 "A big burger for a big boy!"
 Don Gately sent me this photo of PrivateStinky actually stuck! (He was hammered). Somehow he flipped over the coffee table and in the process stumbled forward and got wedged. Hahahahaha!
 Believe it or not, there was left over Harp from St. Patricks Day...
 And 1 potato....
 And enough corned beef brisket for 2.....
 Makes an amazing hangover breakfast! I want to put this on a sandwich.
 Feeding HankyPoo!
 Do yerself a favor and order Dominos online and select the "metal" version of the order-tracker. It's hilarious.
 We snickered as we watched ItWasTheLight pay for Taco Bell in change. Even though thats our money!
 Safeway Select lasagna. Only 6 bux (with a coupon) and it feeds 5 people. A little burnt on the top, but it wasn't that bad. Certainly cheaper than paying a $50 dinner tab at a restaurant.
 Don't remember taking this. But who doesn't love bacon?
 Finally got a poker game goin' in the ManCave.
You got beef?
I found this video from Super Bowl morning. Thats how I clear the beer pong table!



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EatFiends St. Patricks Day 2012

Hello there fellow EatFiends! Welcome to the 2012 edition of St. Patricks Day.... EatFiend style! Other than that I wanted to keep it traditional Irish food. Nothin' else.
 Started the morning of prepping for dinner and what better way to start the day than to drink some Guiness Black Lager. It was on sale for $9.99 a 12 pack.
 My good 'ol mom came by to help get me started on the cooking. Love ya mom!
 So I went out to Albertsons and bought 7 pounds of corned beef brisket.
 Submerge that tasty goodness in water and bring it to a boil. Gotta cover the meat all the way in the water 'cuz alot of the water will eveaporate while its cooking.
 Private HamBone picked up a bag of these to help hold down the hunger demons.
 And of course if yer gonna eat corned beef brisket on St. Patty's day you gotta throw in a head of cabbage, a whole onion and a shit load of carrots.
 HankyPoo loved the Smokehouse style bbq Ruffles.
 Also bought a 12 pack of Guinness Draught and a 12 pack of Harp (also made by Guinness) also $9.99
 Then we all decided to learn how to pour Black and Tans. Its not as easy as it looks which is why I suppose they cost a bit more at the bar.
 Step 1: Fill half yer pint glass with Harp.
 Step 2: Holding a spoon upside down inside the glass, gently pour the Guinness in slowly. If you think yer pouring it slowly, poor even slower.
 Its harder than it looks.
 Step 3: Cheers!
 My 2nd attempt at it. Not a bad pour right there!
 Just looking at this photo makes me want one.
 Anyways, back to the cooking. Mashed up a 10 pound bag of red potatoes, threw in a stik of butter and I used chicken broth because I didn't have any milk. Turned out delicious!
 The dudes having another round of black and tans.
 So after boiling the beef for 6 hours I removed it from the boiling water and threw in my vegetables into the meat-water 'cuz vegetables taste better if they taste like meat right?
 Poor verrrrrry slowly.
 After the veggies boild for about 10 minutes, throw in that head of cabbage.
 Capt.Kangaroo satisfied with his pour.
 I give to you the corned beef brisket!
 Made some gravy for the mashed potatoes and the veggies were good to go!
 Wearing green on St. Patty's day. Its one of the best days ever. 
 Meet and potatoes!
 PrivateHamBone had a huge plate. What a fat fuck.
 Clearly I was enjoying getting drunk while I was cooking. I'd like to think this was how my vivsion was.
 It was Capt.Kangaroos first time eatin' an Irish meal like that. He even gave my cooking an A++.
Then things got drunk.
Thanks dudes for coming over and enjoying the day with me. I would have felt like the worlds fattest fuck if I ate all of that by myself.