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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Donald Gatelys Birthday Bbq

Just another day!..... Or is it? 
Shredding panorama style at Memo park.
It was fucking packed. Typical Friday.
Flexed my local status and told these lil' groms to take the soccer game outside the skatepark.
Cheers! Did PBR really get sold? Oh well, I'll still drink it. But my heart bleeds red, white and blue for America. Not PBR.
I occassionaly like a bottle of Fireball in my snack breaks.
It was just mere minutes after midnight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONALDGATELY!
Woke up WormTits from his "studying" to take a shot with the birthday boy.
Territorial disputes.
Blacked out munchies crisis.
Mandatory frozen pizza was consumed.
All by my fucking self. I think it was 4a.m. at this point.
Not really sure wht the fuck I was watching.
The next day, time to build a cake!
Came out nice and moist just like yer mothers vagina. Oh yea, I also put butterscitch chips in it to make it extra sweet and creamy. Just like yer mothers vagina!
Time to sugar dick coat that cake in blue frosting!
And I also prepped the bbq action. Juicy Lucy's anyone???
Fat ass burgers packed with fat ass cheese.
This is the first cake I ever mad from top to bottom. Still alot cheaper and funner than having a baker do it.
Just google that shit! It's easy!
I was proud of myself.
Went on a quick beer run and found this gem, courtesy of NastyNeil about 9 houses away from house. Looks like a good, sludgy time!
Get them coals burnun' hot, bub!
ItWasTheLight and his better half showed up. Looking back on it, I feel bad for not offering any vegetarian options fr his girl. When in Rome...
Getting goofy.
Yep, partying with Spider Man is pretty dope.
Spider dick.
Burgers were good to go!
Everybody got some!
Batman is better. Not burger-tits Spider Dork.

We all sang the birthday song and Donald started to cry. Psyche!
He was psyched even though he thinks birthdays are totally GAY!
Fun times were had by all.
Then it was off to see a legend. It was alot of fun. Norm MacDonald rules!




Monday, September 29, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Just Another Wednesday

Staying motivated. The world is your burger. Eat it.
Morning hype before heading to the bridge.
Met up with the bub Arty, aka 300PdHam.
This place gets more and more fun the more I go to it. Practice makes perfect, or in my case: not fall down.
Larue was shredding. We even filmed a few tricks!
Spot scouting in the Valley.
Apparently this thing has already been shredded. But a certain so-and-so wants to do a whatthefuck down it.
Unbelievably steep as fuck. Like a mother fucking triple black diamond ski course type of shit.
On a hot day like this one, Senor Mango's is the only refreshing thing I want.
Good times with Capt.Larue!
Trivia night at the Hideout Bar with you guessed it, DonaldGately!
Muscular cock, OH MY!
LordBlah graced us with his presence.
Many a pints were consumed.
Getting fatter.
This is why. Bacon hot dogs with cream cheese. Fuck off.
Biscuit with another confirmed kill.
Kinda felt bad for the little guy.
But Biscuit was so happy! I can't take any glory away from my Lil' monster Kitty man.
Look how fast he was driving! Zroom!
Stoned with ItWasTheLight in the a.m.
Step rock hops.
Fancy footwork.
Looks like I'm trying to focus my board.
It was fun, nonetheless.
After. Gotta clean up for my anniversary.
Gimp footed crow.