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Friday, March 23, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- P-Stone Invitational and Alien Fucker

Really hyped on this style of nontest.
Plus, I just came back from Oakland and couldn't be more hyped!

I'm just really hyped on Alien Fucker.
Love the fan art of Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power" album.
This is a good one!


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- FUCK THIS VIDEO FOUR

Vinny has done it again!


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Linda Vista Sesh w Wrecking Crew, Wood Working, Happy BDay Stink, The Cunty Vid and Tomato Soup

Wood working has its fun side but if one isn't paying attention it'll sneak in a few jabs if it can.
Examples are below...
This is the thickest block I've made. A hair over 2" thick and unfortunately I didn't clamp it well enough to push out all of the concave of the recycled skateboard. Note to self: USE MORE CAMPS!
Then I noticed a rubber thingy in a different chopping block I made. I pulled it out with a pair of pliers and it left this little gap. I was bummed! Turns out some skateboard manufacturers inject rubber silicone into some skateboards to fill in the gaps. Wack!!! 
I keep all of my scraps and I sanded down a tiny piece and filled it with glue and tapped it in with a hammer and hoped for the best. This is the first time I've encountered something like this, so I'm considering it a learning experience.
Bad ass trailer.
We sleepy sometimes. He always loves to be in the same room as me. An excellent furry companion.
I saw thhese on the sale rack at Pacific Drive. I was tempted to buy them, but alas my money is better kept in my pocket.....For now.
I also saw Willy Santos at Pacific Drive! He's a tight bub.
Happy Birthday to Whiskey Slime Mike! AKA Stinky!
Then it was a nice walk home. Juniper hill in South Park.
Veggie platter. Gotta keep that plumbing running.
Tri fecta of Little Caesars pizza.
Greasy and affordable.
Igby, always up in my face.
My mom in-law is a riot.
I also consider myself a riot from time to time.
Solitary confinement.
Gotta love a local homie video!
Great job Jesse!
Dinner of champions.
Doc bought  anew Porchse. I asked him to let me know if he ever needed any help spending his money.
Support your local tamale lady!
Off to Linda Vista Skatepark with the Wrecking Crew. I love going for a ride in Neils van! 
Packed. No biggie.
Early warm ups with Neil can be hectic.
He loves it.
He also loves this bowl.
Tom, suffering.
This crazy crack head on the bridge was wielding a tazer. Sketchy.
Burrito time! Get in my belly!
The repair I made ended up turning out alright!
Love the rails on this one.
Stopped by Local Skateshop in Lakeside and crushed a few beers with the owner Marc Johnson.
He hooked me up with a shirt too! Thanks bub!
Then it was home to the best bowl of tomato soup I've ever made.
So dreamy.
Had to bust out the big clamps!
And another big clamp for some noses and tails.
Now we wait for it to dry.
More pizza. This was from Luigi's Pizzeria in Golden Hill. The left on is called "The Sports Bar" and basically a baked potato on a pizza. The right, "Crime Scene" with ground sausage, ricotta cheese and marinara sauce on top! I want this right now....


Friday, March 9, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Oakland / Lower Bob's Super Bowl Weekend

Some much needed fuck-off-ary was in order.
Nothing beats the heebie-jeebies like slamming a couple of schooners of Stone IPA before boarding a flight.
Shirt and a chopping block for the bub Benji!
Calm as Hindu cows.

Oh how we have arrived like a entourage in a Too Short vid!
Oakland Coliseum. Raiders won't be there anymore...
A man and his dog.
Hailey! About three feet off the ground. She has the biggest heart!
"$10 Super Bowl Party!"
Also, that is the last pic of my beloved Sk8Mafia hat. I lost it.
Rest in piss.
Chug-a-lug, bub!
Williams Liquor. It's funny when you know where you are at because you notice the booze huts.
Next thing ya know, PISSING IN THE BUSHES!
Then we wound up at the King Fish to dive into a total black out.
I don't even remember Hailey being there but I'm sure she walked our drunk ass' home.
The next day, Super Bowl Sunday. I literally spent the whole morning barfing my heart out. 
Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea, and boy did I pay for it.
I was finally well enough to crawl to the living room floor and watch the Patriots lose the game.
It was a great high scoring game, but not the outcome I would have preferred.
The next morning was my last day and I requested that we go to "Home of Chicken and Waffles".
Three years ago on King Baby's bachelor party, I broke away from the horde in the middle of the night and drunken stumbled a few miles 'til I found this place!
Amazing, just as I remembered it!
The bub went with chicken thieghs and a waffle.
I ordered a side of mac n cheese for starters!
Then I plowed down my own plate of chicken tenders and a waffle. It was delicious!
Personalized menu from inspired by loyal customers.
We had a beer for breakfast too, in order to ease our aching insides.
Then it was time for another, so we hit up 'The Merchants'.
This place is fucking super divey.
Salty old day drinkers! Our kinda place!
Wish I could have spent more time here, but we were on a mission!
Nothing fancy...
No love for the police in Oakland.
Not all cops are bastards.
Cheers bub! Love day drinking and sliming it up with the bub.
Picture me rolling!
Finally we had reached our destination. On the outskirts of west Oakland. Near the more industrious area.....
Lower Bobs Skatepark! %100 DIY SKATEBOARDING!
Made by some hard working skaters.
These guys kill it.
No artists were present. It would have been sick to see a piece get worked on.
Heavy of the creepy vibe!
Lines for days!
Shout out to my can of beer for acting as a tripod while film a trick of myself.
The mosaic work here is crazy. Somebody took alot of time to remind us of our forefathers of skateboarding.
18 forever inspired.
PStone forever. We didn't know it, but it was his birthday today. We chugged a buncha cold ones for the bub.
Shout out to my brother from another mother for following me to this place. 
In this case the adventure and destination were the whole ride!
Picture me (not) rolling!
Very burnt.
This was so sick! I love skeletons!
This American flag mosaic was awesome too!
Door way to the action!
Big Hungry and the boys were cool as shit. They let us hang out and treated us like their own.
Skateboarding is awesome like that.
Locals ripping.
Raney Beres. Chomper.
Time to wheel on outta here...
Then it was a drunken flight home!
Miss you already bub!