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Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Both of these vids are from 2015. Last years session was mellow and widely undocumented.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery-New City Heights Park Shredding & Solar Eclipsing

Stopped by the new City Heights park a few weeks ago and shredded with the bubs...
This place now has lights too! And a bowl! It just keeps getting better!
Dowdy blasting off the camel humps..... My lovely lady humps...
To front disaster!
Cool as a cucumber.
Backside blast off!
Big John kick pushing. I see this bub everywhere. We share the same love and enthusiasm for skateboarding and food!
Ripper, unknown.
The bub Juan Carlos with a back boneless.
David Hodge with a kicker style tuck knee into the bank!
Off to the Hillcrest parking garage.
Cooloo being cool as a cucumber.
Relics of days past. This thing was encased it was felt like an iron box.
Andy Mack with a sick boneless down the stairs and into the bank!
Re-entering Spaceship Earth.
Then the wife and I hopped in the van and drove way out to Mt. Laguna to watch the Solar Eclipse with bub Jeff!
We arrived to our destination just as the sun was setting.
HJere's a recent metal video that ItWasTheLight worked on!
The next morning it was blistering hot.
Lets take a peep through my special glasses.
Very new wave.
Other photographers, @slworking and @the_gingers_adventures on the right in the chair.
Black hole sun...
Walked around for a bit.
The wife and I were having a good time. Love you babe!
High noon.
Camera nerds.
Jeff's favorite tree.
I felt completely blind, so this me doing my best impression of Stevie Wonder!
Love you Jeff, thanks for showing us an awesome time!


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Mandatory Bloggery- Metallica Mayem @ Petco Park

Scroll down if yer a metal nerd!
Took this babe out for a walk.
Can't recall the opening band.
I was armed with my bag of pistachios.
Avenged Sevenfold was the second band up.
This guy was rocking out.
This bub was rocking out really hard.
Insane imagery as they opened with "Hardwired to Self Destruct".
Creepy clown faces.
Eye see you!
Kinda had a Dethclok kinda vibe. I was hyped on it.
I took alot of pics and am kinda running out stuff to say.
Lots and lots of people.
James Hettfield and Kirk Hammet.
Lars Ulrich

Cliff Burton tribute by Robert Trujillo!
Pulling Teeth!
The metal vibes were high!
Then they shut down the show with "Disposable Heroes".
The lights and pyrotechnics were awesome.
Lunch time business as usual.
Had to try it.
Not bad. Maybe I'll try another when I'm not so damn hungover.

Here's some videos I took!