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Friday, October 19, 2012

Mandatory Bloggery

Here it is. Another installment from EatFiend.
 I personally don't feel this way about my job. But what a way to go out.
 Adorable dog
 Thats what I tell kids when they tell me to ride there board. If it ain't a P2, then I ain't risking cracking yer stick.
 Bacon dogs
 Cooked potatoes
 Hearty drunken breakfast
 Anti Hero's new picnic table.
 As usual, losing at poker.
 I guess you can polish a turd.
 Its football season and that means going to sports bars.  Pitchers of Pacifico anybody? You stay classy San Diego.
 Checked into Sr. Mango's never disappointed. 
 Im a hungry man, I don't want pizza
Gonna blow over yer house
And eat ya
 Left over steak with Guinness. You can never go wrong with Guinness.
 Helped Beagle finish his ramp. Pentagram by Neil, text by myself.

 Greasy breakfast
 Bloody mary with fish sticks. I guess Im a gay fish.
 Sometimes you gotta add some chips to make yer chip stack look bigger.
 Cooking steaks in butter.
 Donald Gately

 More Guinness!
 People drinking
 People eating
 Burrito for the roommate. 
 It can be a long walk home sometimes.
...and Waynes World! Can't think of a better way to start the day off.



Wednesday, October 17, 2012

EatFiend @ Ramzees Mediterranean Cuisine

Just like any other night sitting around the house after a hard days work and an even harder days skate.
Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking dinner. When PrivateWormTits suggested that we try this spot on University boulevard we were hyped.
Ramzees restaurant, where Mexican meets Greek. 
 Easy to miss when its 2 doors in from the corner of University & Oregon.
 Place was small and almost empty. Prices were moderately cheap.
 $4 beers
 Hot sauce and carrot station. 
Its always nice to go to a taco shop and them not be anal about giving out hot sauce.
 Started with the fish taco. It had a creamy white sauce, cabbage, diced tomatoes and fish. Probably talapia.
 On to the "gyro burrito" I had to open this bitch up to get a good look at that greasy gyro meat.
Also came with lettuce and onions.
 Add some hot sauce and tazeki sauce and yer good to go! This burrito went down faster than a hooker for a crack rock! Did mention they are open til 2 on Fridays and Saturdays? Great for a drunken walk home.
Wash it all down with some Pacifico and yer golden! I'll definitely be coming back here because they had so many other delicious options like the California gyro-burrito.



Friday, October 12, 2012

Sahi Chronicles part 10

In case you wanted a look into the world of Capt.Sahi
you should check out Rad pics of what a skater/family man does out in the unknown.
Every time I check his blog it makes me reminisce of the time my fiancee and myself went to Ireland. Amazing views, Guinness every meal, rain every now and again. His blog is a cool perspective of the land of the Irish.
 Salmon with dill, lemon and salad.
 Egg salami face
 Proper cooked sausage
 First time ever cooking steak.
 The more colors the healthier the meal they say...
 Chicken marinated in white wine with bok-choy and a teriyaki marinade. Also, green chilis, ginger, peanuts and topped with garlic noodles.
 The love movement has made its way to Ireland.
 Lamb burger with fennel seeds.
 Tenn keeping it classy.