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Friday, November 22, 2013


Found this on my roommates computer.... the green light to put it up on the blog. Good oldtimes at LordBlahs old pad.
Larbism at it's best!



Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery- Halloween and RFTC

Here we are back again with a quick installment of Mandatory Bloggery...
 O'Cruddle likes to party! Write down in the comment section below where his name came from and I'll buy ya a beer.
 Left overs.
 Skate videos.
 From worst to first! Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox and their World Series win.
 My main man Tom Brady shitting his pants on South Park. Hilarious!
 Coronado ferry landing. These long curbs are where I learned frontside tail slides on.
Good times reminiscing on my youth.
 Halloween nite. Getting a few rounds in us at the Field before we go see Rocket From The Crypt.
 DonaldGatelys brother (far right) dressed up as Walter from "The Big Lebowski". He fucking nailed it!
 Guinness gives you strength!
 Saw this rugby poster in the bathroom and thought this player looked alot like BeerBonginBrockman.
 At the RFTC show at House of Blues. Had a big fucking pillar on my left side.... gotta get a better pic.
 Here's a picture of the band on a flat screen t.v. Not a bad view.
 Much better. For anyones info out there, tall cans of PRB cost $9. 
Holy shit...
 Shot from the balcony up above. Rocket came out in "dead space men" costumes. Pretty good time for my first time ever seeing them.
Eat yer heart out CommNBeef!
 Double view of the monitor and the band. I was drunk at this point.
 WormTits offered to buy me a drink. I told him I'll have whatever he is having. Turns out double Jack and Cokes cost $14.
Holy fuck...
 Afterwards we retreated to the Stout across the street for more drinks.
 Came home wasted and decided bacon was a great 2 a.m. snack.
The real question is when isn't bacon good at 2a.m.?
 Never noticed this in Anchor Man.
 Yet another vid up on the EatFiend YouTube channel.
 Got a lil' shiner from the RFTC mosh pit. Good times!
 DMV session with ItWasTheLight.
 Getting weird...
 Beer with the wife at URBN.
 Late night party time.
 Random book at BornRetards house.
 Going over here was a real weird experience. BornRetard sat in one corner while his girlfriend sat in an opposite corner and they blasted different songs from their IPods/cell phones at full volume.
Imagine being their neighbor and hearing shitty hardcore music and some retards dumb girlfriend singing R.E.M. lyrics at 3 in the morning. 

Fucking insanity.
 Big things going down at BornRetard's pad.
 Atta' boy Tom. Fuck the Shittsburgh Steelers.
Sweet blister!
Coming soon, a video from my fellow poop buddy Pat.



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Failure To Skateboard

Growing up a skateboarder I am all too familiar with the concept of failing.
Skateboarding is basically a shit load of trial and error, determination and alot of free time.
But it also includes humiliation, pain and failing.
Seeing yer friend fail at something in such a humiliating, hilarious way such as racking his nuts on a hand rail can be delightful! 

With that being said I dedicate this video to DonaldGately.



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tim Williams Welcome Lurkville

Long time bub Tim Williams is finally riding for a skateboard company that gives a damn about him...
...Thats right, Tim is now riding for Lurkville skateboards!

I remember when Tim was just a little grom wearing his brothers size 12 shoes doing early grabs in the back bowl of Coronado skatepark.
Now he is all grown up living in Australia fucking shit up.

This beer is to you bub! 
Stay healthy, stay gnarly.



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Uncut EatFiendary

Howdy there everybody! New video is up!
I present to you...
Enjoy or die ya cunts!



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Birthday Cake!

I watched this like ten times.
Made me laugh my ass off.

Now I want cake.



Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery: Cold Beer Is Coming

Welcom back to our beloved Mandatory Bloggery...
...Cold beer is coming indeed! Everybody is saying "Cold War Is Coming" in anticipation for the new Zero skateboards, and it just motivates me to tell people that cold beer is coming.
Afterall, it is November, or Moevember for all you Simpsons fans out there. Or even Manvember, where dudes grow moustaches in support of being a man and testicular cancer research.

However when I say "Cold Beer Is Coming" of course I'm referring to our annual shitshow Larbsgiving!

So with that being said, here is the newest M.B.
 "Rule number 1 is, yer not supposed to talk about it."-DonaldGatley
 Im fortunate enough to get invited to skate with the likes of CaptKangLarue and BeerBonginBrockman. Can't wait to see his part in Cold War, the newest Zero vid.
 What starts with a evening beer....
 ... turns into making a wizard-staff. Why not? I have 12 of 'em anyway.

 Getting there.

 Mandatory Biscuit photo. Such a good drinkin' partner.

 Somewhere around here I gave up due to the fact that I had lack of motivation.
 The next morning I am rudely awakened by Biscuit spilling my cup of water on me while I was sleeping. He also managed to spill a giant glass of change all over the floor too.
If I were you, I'd be suspicious that I pissed the bed. I don't blame ya.
 LordSidious himself. It's gonna be a dark time in football for me when he decides to retire... or die.
 This cracked me up. I love corny stuff like this.
Don't know why I have "CF" written on my hand. Cheddar fries? Cunt face? Cow Fucker?
Who knows.
 Beer Savage
 Space Bag!

Unfortunately C.R.E.A.M.
 I wonder what this dudes been up to?...
 Some spicy tuna roll with jalapenos on top. I can't remember the name of this place, but it's on 30th and Upas.
Quality time with my boy. I don't want no skittish kitty. This lil' fucker has gotta know how to hang and tolerate loud noises. He's shaping up pretty good!

WormTits' sprained ankle resulted in his whole calf getting fucked too. I felt so bad for him.
 Carne asada french fries with a shit load of hot sauce on them.
Macho Man lives on in Cleveland!
So fun and yet so hard. I'm slowly getting it.
Snack break.
 I love this card from LaRue and his girl.
When I'm drunk and depressed that I just lost at poker, only 2 things will cure my sorrows!
Fuckin' pizza and kitty's thats for sure!
O'Cruddle is such a nice kitty. Too bad he's so fat he can't clean/lick his own butthole.
Animals sure are dumb.
 A sexy model for sure!
 Still not as fat as he used to be.
I've been coming here since long before it was "Kristy's MVP", I talkin' when it was a privately owned pizza joint called "WoodCarver Pizza". Atleast 16 years.
Came here for Sunday morning football and pretty much received the worst service ever.
Bummed me out 'cuz I like this place so much.
Atleast we fot a private booth for the Patriots game.... which they lost. Womp womp.
They food lagged (like 45 minutes to serve us tater tots), and they served us beer in plastic cups. Also we ordered a pitcher of Ballast Point and they served us Bud Light (which I fucking hate) and charged us for the Ballast Point. If I'm paying goddamn inflated prices for shitty beer, give me a fucking glass to drink this shit juice out of. What's this country coming to where yer served beer in a plastic cup? NoBama.

Albertsons has a really kick ass $5 meal deal. One entree of fried goodness and any 2 sides they have in there deli department. On the left is bacon/potato infused cheese ravioli. On the right is cherry tomato's with mozzarella balls and vinegar. And chicken tenders. Made me a nice healthy dump.

Some t.v. commercial.
 Ramp lurking with this guy. So fun.

Olympic Greek cafe is the best. University and Texas, across the street from 7-Eleven.
This hyped me up so much. I'm a big fan of the brown humor.
Boris the spiiiiiiiider!!!!
Although I love smashing things, when I find a spider lurking in my house I try to abide by the catch and release technique. I fucking hate flies though. Death to flies!
Wedding gift.
Gooder ass coffee.
No idea where this was but I sure am a fan of the burgers. Look at that bun!
Carne-asada fries.
 BornRetard doing his best to clear out the joint.
 As seen on Instagram.
We were there!
"I know your secrets..." Random banana art hanging on the ceiling at Route 44.
New shred sled. Stu Graham pro model. 9.0 inches wide.
And the fat get fatter.
UnionLeatherworks hard at work.
 More sushi, somerwhere...
 Protest! The next day he was fixed.
Poker nite. So we invite GayBoy (right), whom later asks if BornRetard can come over. "Sure, so long as he doesn't do anything to annoy my old lady" I says. What does he do? He brings his girlfriend!
Doesn't get any more annoying than that.
 Dudes were bummed.
Then BornRetard starts hitting the Fireball. A good idea in my opinion!.... If he's not at my house.
Needless to say, Piech was bummed and GayBoy wouldn't look me in the eye, realizing the error of answering BornRetards phone call in the first place.
Donald got lucky on this one. Look at that blurry shit eating grin. Look at that chip stack!

One hot dog isn't enough. EatFiend!
 Piech (right) is trying to hide from BornRetard, whom won't stop talking to him.
Calzone, pizza, pizza.
 Shaved beef sandwich with melted cheese. I love football Sunday.
 Look at the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

LordBlah was very proud of himself.
 "No photografia."- DonaldGately
I was excited for this match-up 'cuz I hate the fucking Jets.
Post penalty Tom. Look at that face, he's just a boy! Womp womp. (they lost)
LordBalh: SpaceBag model extraordinaire.
I wanna frame this picture. The light coming through the space bag is so sick!
Larb approved.
Moments after Pat had a drink and I tapped him in the nuts.
In all his glory, I think LordBlah is the most photogenic bub I have.
He is awesome.
Got to watch this recently. Its always nice when ItWasTheLight gets drunk enough to want to watch his masterpiece and provide us with commentary. It'd be cool to film that.
One of my favorite skaters.
As seen on yours truly.

Anybody know anybody that wants to tackle this beast? Stucco hubba, on a busy street in Coronado across the street from the police station! What could go wrong???
As seen on EatFiend's YouTube channel. Such a rad time with the best girl.
Many beers ago. Yours truly.
Beagle is keeping busy.
Random sign at the Coronado Recreation center.
 Random street art.
So hyped the letter I mailed WormTits from Greece finally arrived a month after LadyLarb and I got home.
 Such a rad show. Mind melting.

Eddy's East in North Park is the best. Check it out.
 Skating with these dudes is always a good time.
Space bag!!!
Watching morning skate videos with ItWasTheLight, Buttterface, Duffman and LaRue.
Look at Duffman all cross armed and tough lookin'.
Jeff was hyped to get some free shit from Tum Yeto.

TumYeto ramp session, the skate photos are on the recent SS. Video coming soon.
 Post mini ramp Monday night football session.
3 pound rump roast. I was kinda nervous about cooking this due to my lack of experience, and I wanted to satisfy the Duffman's meat-tooth.
Can't entertain people without a bacon wrap! Weaving it is the funnest part!
 Pan seer some asparagus and throw it in the oven.
 Nice and baked!
 Roll it and throw it back into the oven.
Oooooo baby you lookin' so fine!
 Nailed it!!! Nice and bloody.
 Bacon wrap came out great too. Next time I'll add cheese to hold it together.

Bub's were stoked. Intagram that shit!
 Mashed potato's killed it too.

Duffman and LaRue approved.

 They hated it.
In the mirror. 
LaRue doing his full stretch.

Thanks for coming over guys. It was a blast.