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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meats Meat And A Mans Gotta Eat

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat! Who doesn't like it?
Well, plenty of people don't dig on swine, birds or beef but this blog ain't for them.
I love animals! They taste good!
 That there is a 3 pound rib eye! Jealous much?
 Salt and pepper that bitch!
 Get dat oven hot!
 Mixer ready to go for some homemade irish soda bread.
 Gotta have 2 things when cooking. Beer..........and....
 A helping hand! Biscuit is a good overseer.
 Ding! Bread is done! This time around I indented the dough with my potato masher before I threw it in the oven. Thus, making it look cool and fancy.
 Slice dat shit.
 Cascading like the Cliffs of Mohr.
 The meat came out more delicious than I could expect. Big props to LordBlah for not only supplying the meat, but also the directions he gave me over the phone. What a good teacher.
 Nailed it!
 We keeps it classy over here at EatFiendHQ.
 The juices!
 Everybody is psyched.
 Oh yeaaaaaaaaa.
 A mug of gravaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
 Everybody got a healthy serving and there was even more leftover for seconds.
 A meal fit for a King!
Leftovers for work the next day. It straight up put me in a coma.



Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery-Auto shops, humming birds and pizza

Trying to play catch up. I have a lot of content I need to unload off my phone. Enjoy the newest addition to M.B.
 I'd like to take the time to welcome LordBlah's mom! She'll be staying at E.F. HQ. for a minute.
Here we are enjoying some Urbn pizza.
 Jr. & Sr.
 Stopped by N&N Auto shop. Got some real cheap auto crap done.
I highly recommend this place.
 It was a total hole in the wall place. Wait 'til you get inside.
 Just one dude running the whole operation.
 Dude was hard at work.
 The dudes office was a complete stye. It reminded me of how messy Docs garage was in Back To The Future.
 Dude even had a fish tank inside.
 He knew exactly where everything was.
 Later at home. Mandatory bacon joint.
 Minced that bacon up and tossed it into to scalloped potato's. 
 Caught a humming bird at work. Thing got stuck in the office for about an hour.
It was too dumb to fly out the four windows we have in our office.
 It was a beautiful, delicate creature.
 It's beer thirty somewhere.
 It's a pretty epic episode.
 Looking really dumb wearing some dumb sunglasses.
 Ran into the bub Jimmy Carlin at Memo. Talented motherfucker is now riding for Circa footwear.
Fuck yea.
Here he is doing a Muska flip. Or as I call them a Yosiris flip.
 Always a good time with him.
 It's nice that some people still have American pride.
 Picture me rollin'.
 Something for BornRetard to drop in on. I figure he should take baby steps if he wants to start skating again. He can ride his wheelchair down it.
 Someones front door step with some creepy ass Michael Jackson memoribilia. Yea, that'll keep the solicitors away.
 Care package from Capt.Sahi. It always feels good to get something in the mail other than bills.
 Picked up some pizza at Lefty's Chicago Pizzeria on 30th street.
 Slices to go.
 Beers to slam.
 Dinner is looking alright.
 Who doesn't love pizza night?
Death before pizza dishonor.