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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery-Weekend Shred Fun w/ Andy Mack and Larue and a Spencer Pratti Tribute

Took a break from the blogging and now I am back in the flesh, baby!
Let's get to it, shall we?
Came up huge in the recycled skateboards game thanks to bub Spencer Pratti.
Brockman on that rise and grind regime.
Into a slappy backside 180 switch front crooks.
And landed.
Dallas Park.
Andy Mack working on his hand plants....
Or are they "inverts"?
Does there have to be vert involved for it to be called in an "invert"?
The make!
The ride away!
Sight seeing. I always think of Ben Gilleys frontside halfcab down this double set in his part in Black Labels, "Black Out" video.
Mission Valley cruising.
We eventually found something to shred.
Switch riding.
Switch wallie-ing.
Mack with a front 180.
Far away angle.
Slappy work, we got that covered too!
Send It! ramp.
Brockman with a backyard tee-off.
Larue, back noseblunt stall.
Thanks for the grub and good times, Spencer!
I ain't gonna do the bub dirty like that! He pushes wood reeeaaaal good!
Straight skating, no bull shit.
Shut the box!
Mini ramp sesh got heated for a bit.
Saw this polaroid on the counter and I poached it. That's how we do!
Safe travels Spencer!


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Back to Back QOTSA show, The Observatory, North Park, San Diego

The wife and I have seen Queens of the Stone Age perform four times since October...
I'm getting tired and cranky....Just kidding. But seriously though, I just kinda wanna sit around and chill. Anywho.....On with the show! The shit show!
Mostly pics of my wifes lady boner (Josh Homme).
I'm just gonna let you browse...
Don't have much to say other than the fact that the show kicked ass and was lots of fun.
North Park Observatory is kinda crapp-a-roo, though.
Red room.
Pretty sure this is the closest I got.
Second show. Before the lights went out.
Merch. I almost talked my self into buying a $100 QOTSA jacket. Then I just decided I could buy a patch for $8 and sew it onto the one I've got already.
They can be a handful sometimes.
The show must go on!
Me, being weird.
Green room!
To be honest....
I'm kinda tired. Time to take a break from all of these mainstream shows and commit more time to local, divier, more crust metal show. After all, I'm one for the people. THE PIT PEOPLE!
I guess Tony Hawk sat next to Josh Homme on a plane the next day..... To be a fly on the wall for that conversation!


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Leftovers and Juice Grooving on some Recycled Skateboards!

Been lacking on the skate content lately.....
But I haven't been lacking on the skateboard content at all......
Any ways....
Game over. I walked by this carcass recently. It smelled rancid.
St. Patrick's Day leftovers.
Wood planing! I love this mcahine.
Awesome set of colors.
Making a mess.
I bought a juice groove router bit. Had to build a fence to run the router along.
Maiden voyage on my recent investment.
As you can see on the right I had some test run fun.
We sleepy.
Sealed in the sun, these colors pop!
This one too!
Wood burned my own brand into it!
Thanks for the support, Kip!
Look at that rail!
Surfs up!
My first juice groove came out exceptional!
Another one. This one was mostly plain maple but there are some strips of mint green and pink in there as well.
Beautiful strips of mahogany.
Ye olde extra pickles on my animal fries.
Backside before...
Frontside before...
After I seal it! Beautiful. Looks like it belongs in a cigar shop.
Getting up there!