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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery: New Phone Style

Welcome back to the latest Mandatory Bloggery...
Been running around, working, skating and giving it all I got with my time here on spaceship Earth.
 Crepes on Mothers Day.
 Filled with fruit, doused in syrup and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
 Biscuit, growing fast.
 GeneralPercy checking in.
 Parking lot chalk art.
 Lagunitas has been killing it lately!
 Take me down to watermelonville!
 Biscuit is down for it too!
 Rad name for a craft ale.
 Take a walk on the darkside. Don't really know how to describe the flavor except that it definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.
The man the myth the legend.
 Poker time is always a good time.
 Roomies and Bff's.

 DrayneTrain took it.
 Random name.
 It didn't work.
 Weird dude wearing a dress at the trolley station. No big deal.
 Harsh world when chicks are cutting their own tits off.
 Riding a bike hands-free while eating a banana and taking a picture no.1
  Riding a bike hands-free while eating a banana and taking a picture no.2
 Chicken breast
 With black pepper, italian seasoning and bell peppers.
Greetings from Livewire.
 Fat Boys deli is killing it!
 In case any of you mopes don't know what a fantasy football championship trophy looks like, here it is. Jealous much?
 A very select class of fantasy football nerds.
 Bummed the Bruins lost it but atleast football season ain't too far away.
 Sick chair.
 Had a good sesh at the Tum Yeto ramp recently, it will be shown in the upcoming Shred Shots.
 Flower shopping with LadyLarb.
 It smelt amazing inside this place.

 Waiting for these to go on sale...
 Go for it, go for it!
 Sick ledge by my house. I gotta get some tricks on it!
 Getting creepy at the drive thru window.
 Adobada nachos.
 Gumby's mansion. Total manpit.
 On of the parks I recently visited in Corona.
 Super fun snake run. Colin Provost lip slid the black fence in the intro to the Emerica video "Stay Gold".
 Park #2 in Corona, don't remember the name to this place either.
 Lots of fun.
 Exhausted..... but 1 more park to go to for the day.
 Gotta power up. What better way than corn-dogs.
 This place is called "Fontana 2". I have never been to "Fontana 1".
 Fontana 2 has lots of rad things to skate and is fucking huuuuuuuuuge!
Next time I go Im gonna carve those stairs.
Epic 'crete everywhere... get some!
More Bloggery coming soon!



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Black Fuckin Metal Troy

I subscribed to this dudes YouTube channel and you should too!
4-Loko shotgun in under 15 seconds? Gimme a break. 
Im tempted to make a response vid of my own or somebody else's attempt at this feat. 
Pass or Fail
The Larb approved video pic of the week.



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

30 and Dirty

Oh you know, just another shit show for  my 30-and-Dirty...
 Summer time = perfect time for some mouth watering watermelon.
 Saw this Dudeguana walking in a parking lot. So hyped I caught. Taking pics of random people is awesome.
 As seen on Eatfiends Instagram.
 CommanderNBeef made it into town for celebrations. Afterall, my buttcrack is now 30 years old!
 Who is that dapper lookig man in the background?
 PrivateStinky went black, who knows if he'll ever come back.
 LordBlah was in true form. Later on, his girl wasn't hyped on the condition she had to pick him up in. Womp womp.
 Pork cooked in the pressure cooker. If a bar served chunks of meat like this with a can of Pabst and a shot of whiskey, they would make a killing!
 Old picture that ItWasTheLight took. Halloween 2006-07 maybe? 
 Sabbath in the garage, nuff said.
 Gator-lizard in my back yard just before leaving for camp.
 We left for our 2 hour commute around 6p.m. I was nervous to get there by sunset and immediately jumped outta the car to shoot this picture just in time. I then placed my camera in the car out of fear of dropping it in the sand. Then the shit show began.
 The next morning the camp fire was still burning. In one of the chairs you can see 
BornRetard passed out. Take note of the trail in the dirt, I dragged a log over that kept our fire burning for the night. Man Shit!
 Have you met the Sandman (left)? We sat around and chugged beer til the sun came up. 
 Slowly the party was slowing down.
 CommandeNBeef decided to kick a fight with a cactus...
 The he screamed "fuck you, I'm higher in the evolution chain!"
 Then he said "Ha! This cactus will be here long after Im dead."
 Golden shower station. The Larb approves.
 The Retard sleeps...
 This guys must have dropped 15 beers. 1 beer for each slam/tumble/fall over the chairs, into the coolers and eventually into the fire pit (x2).
 Im glad camping is camping and its a place where you can do whatever the fuck you want. I'm definitely gonna give BornRetard a shit load of shit for many years to come.
 SmokingTurtle lookin like a turtle with that green shell like sleeping bag. Yea!
 SandMan kicked the shit outta BornRetard. It was hilarious.
 I call this pic: "I don't know if I was raped last nite or not..."
 BornRetard trying his best to get over the hangover hump.
 Alas the fire pit the BornRetard fell into not only once, but twice. He also stumbled backwards and smashed the back of his head onto the fire ring. Pure comedy after we made sure he wasn't gonna go into a seizure. Ambulance? Who the fuck needs that? This is camping mother fucker!
 Our fallen victims of Larbism...
 Firewood trail.
 "Have you met the Sandman?"
 Nothing can keep this man down. He got right back up on that horse.
 Gayboy hiding from the sun, "Lets get the fuck outta here."
 Later at home, beer can chicken.

May as well end this shit on bacon.