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Friday, October 12, 2018

Mandatory Bloggery- Chris Larue Pro Party Pics @ Pacific Drive Skateboard Shop / TRIBUTE

When I received word from Tyron and Julian, owners of Lurkville Skateboards that they were going to turn the bub, Chris Larue pro, I was so giddy. The problem was.....
...The problem was it was a difficult task to spread the word while maintaining a low profile secret.
Meaning, don't blow the surprise!
Brockman rolled over early to have a beer and help me decorate the cake. 
This is the second cake we here at EATFIEND HQ have engineered for the bub. 
The first one was a Bart Simpson cake!
The bub Andrew Elliott cruised down from the LBC. Clinebell and Derm, with beer in tow!
No-face Truman.
We met in the alley behind Pacific Drive skateboard shop in Pacific Beach, CA.
The bubs bparents made it out for the big surprise!
Seeing his Dad, I totally see where he gets his long hair from.
"What is my Dad doing at my work?" - Chris Larue
Fully sinking in. Maximum stoke!
Lefty with the smooches.
Well deserved beer. The bub has been killing it for as long as I've known him.
Proud of you bub!
Lefty keeping it at level 11.
He worked really fucking hard for it. Coverage in Transworld Skateboarding magazine, Lowcard and Typical Culture zine!
Shameless self promotion of a vid I made a four years back.
Hid Dad was super hyped.
More Larue madness.
Obligatory cake photo.
After all, Brockman and I put a bit of work into it.
The moment I took this pic I was scared the cake was gonna slide off the cutting board.
Thankfully it didn't.
The cake didn't survive since I smashed it into his face out of joyous glee.
He rocked the shit outta that icing.
Afterwards, we took a dip in the Pacific ocean. It was my first time in the water in about two years.
Mr. David J. Nook
King of the renegade.
And fakie.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Video- "They Say" a Cameron McIntosh Film

SD coming in strong with this heavy edit...
You see that wallie Chris Larue did? How big were those sketchy gaps in the ground?...