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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mandatory Bloggery

Busy bees make damn good honey...
Step inside the world of EatFiend!
New "EatFiend Promo 2 Real Raw & Uncut" is now up on EatFiend youtube channel.
It's all cell phone videos. Remember rotary phones? We've come a long way.
 Tomato bisque soup in a hollowed out bread bowl. 
 Triple stack Baconator with a large french fries, side of spicy chicken nuggets and god knows what else.
 Caught a humming bird. These things are so delicate. It shot outta my hand like lightning moments after this pic was taken.
 Been skating the Tum Yeto ramp. Absolutely perfect.
 Butterface chomps it.
CommanderNBeef enjoying the Old Town life. Lurk with us.
Anybody want a good laugh? Click here.

Eat Well and Thrive


-Sgt. Baconator

Thursday, June 28, 2012

EatFiend Restaurant Review: City Delicatessen

Eating is the best thing ever...
and exploring new options and different places to eat makes it pretty darn fun.
Thats why fellow EatFiends I wandered into City Delicatessen. I've been driving by this place for years and never made my way in until now. I do not regret it one bit. The place has a Corvette Diner / 60's doo-wop theme going for itself and a nice spacious friendly environment. 
City Deli has prided itself on food made from scratch. From real mashed potatoes, homemade salad dressings, custom-made extra lean deli meats, to cakes and pastries baked on site by staff bakers, this food is fresh!
 Before I even picked up my menu I was already hyped. At each table there is a bucket of fresh crunchy pickles that are on the house! Psyched!
 Lots of drink specials all day every day. Who wants to hit this place up @ 9a.m. with me?
 Cold cut trio with some curly-ass fries!
 Mutha-fuckin' rueben sandwich with a side of potato salad and an orange slice. The corned-beef was so damn good and tender with that saltiness one craves.
 "Nite Owl" menu in case you find yerself wandering the streets of Hillcrest late in the evening. Friday and Saturday they are open 'til 2a.m. All other days they are open 'til midnight.
 And a decent happy hour with some bar food. Good stuff.
 Full bar. T.V.'s to watch sports or old reruns of Shirley Temple. Isn't that what they watch over there?
Kick ass jukebox. No digital shit here. You gotta listen to what the owner likes. Don't worry, I know they got Journey on there.

If I took myself seriously (which I don't) I'd give this place 2 thumbs up.

Eat well and thrive.



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

EatFiend Restaurant Review: Brazen BBQ

This place sucked.
I'm just getting that outta the way. Brazen BBQ is located in Hillcrest on Washington and 5th Avenue just across the street from Scripps Mercy hospital. I went there for lunch with my dad and we were both starving for something that resembles bbq. What a disappointment, the corn bread (not shown) was dry and tasted like old stale bread. Not even warm.
 Shitty sign.
 Bottled root beer was darn good.
I had the "Lone Star Pressed Sandwich" with a side of smoked macaroni and cheese. The mac-n-cheese was the best part of my visit at this dump.
The sandwich consisted of pulled pork, a slice of smoked ham, pickled red onions, swiss cheese and creole mustard. The pulled pork was absolutely dry, meaning there was no bbq sauce on it. 

Throughout the restaurant on the tables there are 2 bottles of bbq sauce on each table. One bottle is labeled "sweet" and the other "hot". Consumer be warned that if you choose to pour some sauce on yer bbq that shit's gonna pour out like water. There was no consistency to the sauce, probably needed more sugar. 

Sorry for writing this review, but I felt the duty to let the EatFiendNation know that this place is a joke.
I forgot to mention that they have a full bar, but its not like Im ever gonna go back.  

Eat Well and Thrive



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Carne Asada French Fried Canyon of Goodness

Owning your own deep frier is the shit!
Coming home to your roommate boiling peanut oil is always a good sign. So when you decide to make the biggest plate of carne asada french fries, you may as well do it right.

Pound of bacon. Check.
Homemade guacamole consisting of 6 avocados and a pound of crispy bacon. I call it slimer-jizz.
Mr.DonGately handling the bbq'in duties.
And myself choping up the meat.
PrivateHamBone handling the deep fryer duties.
You can pretty much make any kind of fast food with yer own fryer. It's the peanut oil that cost the most.
Shit load of french fries. 1 more load to go.
Everything is pretty much good to go. 
Meats meat and a mans gotta eat.
Huge tray of tasty goodness.
Now for the cheese! Nacho cheese!!!
And some mexican sour cream.
Sprinkle some crumbled cheese and some slimer-jizz and yer good to go.
Eat with us fellow EatFiends!!!
Everybody had a go at it. Until Capt.Stinky put his stinky fuckin' hand right in the middle of the tray and ruined it. 
Ever want to piss this guy off? Just smash whatever he's stuffing into his suck-hole, or just spill his gallon sippy cup of whiskey. 
Mere seconds before he smashed it all.
A little after dinner beverage.
Percy, still holding down my parents house.
One badass car. I wish this thing was parked in my drive way.
So jealous.
Sprained taped up ankle. The extra support helps.

Now that you've seen this, get out there and make some fried food for yerself!



Friday, June 15, 2012

Donkey Punch 3 Premiere

Been a busy man the last 12 days. Sorry for keepin' you loyal Fiends waiting. ItWasTheLight has been hard at work, working on the most anticipated video of 2007. Thats right, I'm talking about the  Donkey  Punch 3 video!
 What better hype man could you ask for than Zoidberg. Whoop! whoop whoop whoop! 
 Capt.Sahi was present via Skype. Lookin' good Bub!
 Soon-to-be-dad Cody Carlin with Mr.Reyes. YEA!
 Lookin sharp.
 So Gangsta'...
 Capt.Kangaroo says: "Ka-Kawwwww!"
 I had a belly full of beer so you can bet yer ass I was giving out free hugs!
 ButteFace was present and accounted for.
 Nick made a guest appearance.
 Original DPC members right there.
 Premiere in the MenDen went great!
 BornRetard was there too. Kinda hard to ignore the guys 'cuz he won't stop talking yer ear off.
 Brothers from different mothers.
 About 12 people showed up! Tight! I gotta say my favorite parts were Tim/Cody's joint part and Capt.Kangaroo's opening part. It also featured some of the other homies like Nuge, Jimmy Carlin, Mr.MoonLight/Cos and the Duffman closing it out with a 2 song'r last part. Wish those dudes could have been here but what the hell. The video was full of gnarly bangers that were done by the likes of Nuge and Duffman. And even though it's footage that has been released it's also full of parts from DP2 members that have never seen the light of day until now. It's great 'cuz the footage was edited to songs of the filmers choice... the way it was originally intended to be seen.
 After the premier I met up with this guy. A barrel full of laughs I say. Not for the weak
Best guy to drink with at the bar. Pure entertainment.

Mandatory Bloggery coming next.