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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Shredding Spots, Ribs & Poker Night Madness

Having fun. Shredding the spots and eating some good grub along the way!
Love me some beer chugging action!
Driving burrito. For the hungry man on the go.
Chicano skatepark has sine sick art.
Hyped they never changed the ledges.
163 DIY spot has been growing. As of this blog, the spot was recently demolished.
Lots of new obstacles. All for not.
Somebody got pretty creative.
This fucking flat bar fucked me up. Ate shit pretty hard on it.
So it goes.
Somebody needs to ollie this thing.
The bub from down under, Matt Beck with a gap to front nose slide.
So sick.
Rib action.
It was on sale, so naturally I bought two.
Meat party!
This stuff was pretty damn strong and it cost $8 a can.
Rubbing it out.
Sleeping it off.
Into the oven they went. 
Poker night with the bub Larue! He brought some new blood into the game!
These were the last 4. Truman, Piech, Vinny and Timmy.
First, second and third.
Chip and a chair! Pleasure to have Vinny over. Good player and a classy bub!
Timmy won.
Somebody please photo shop a dick in his mouth and email it to
He was hyped! Congrats bub!
Then Stinky showed up with two water bottles. One was filled whiskey. One was filled with soda. 
Passed out for reals this time!
This man requested he have his beard straightened.
He wouldn't sit the fuck still.

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