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Monday, September 16, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery- BarrioMike Pro Party/ Executive Suite Bathroom

 Welcom back fellow EatFiends of the world! Did ya miss me?!?!?
Probably not.
Let's move on. As I stated in the last Mandatory Bloggery I'm trying to be much more dedicated to this beautiful harry baby beast we call EatFiend.
 Epic shit from Deer Man of Darkwoods. So fucking metal!
 Shits gonna get hectic! Can't wait to make some homemade pizza!
 Craaaaaaaaab people! Craaaaaaaaaaaab people! Walk like Crab, talk like people!
 Lurkville Skateboards threw a surprise pro party for our good friend and team rider BarrioMike.
 Yea buddy!
 Lurking outside Route44.
 This sexy fucker is @SorryEntertainer and if you like art and skateboarding, then you should know him by now. Check out "MeetTheLurkers". Balls to the walls. Good job bub!
 Late to the wallride session. Too busy drinking free beer.
 Egg and ham breakfast on the go.
 Mac N Cheese creation in the mix. Didn't get a picture of the final product. Doh!
 But you can bet the house it had plenty of meat in it.
 Don't trash where ya splash.
 Ghostbusters mobile. Wasn't it called the Ecto-Cooler? Or was that there version of Hi-C.....
  So rad.
As is tradition. 
Drunk in the wee hours of the nite....
...thats when you start listening to shitty punk music. The stuff BornRetard is really into.
Getting classy at a wedding.
Good looking meal right there.
Had a good time with GucciBuckTim and CodySTM. Bumme Tim already went back to Oz.
If you haven't been to Hodad's yer blowing it. A bunch of skaters work there and make some greedy ass burgers. EatFiend@Hodad's post coming in the near future.
Tim was psyched.
Whats he doing over there?....
Bbq action.
Tim also had time to come by the park for a minute. Backside tail slide action.

PrivateWormTits fucked up his ankle. Playing softball of all fucking things.
Didn't try it. Figured I'd get a shot instead.
Dinner time.
Thats a friggin man's meal right there.
... loves the camera!
At The Field with BornRetard. Post downtown skate session.

Sometimes you get wasted and make a shit load of food....
... only to end up praying to the dinosaur god's.
Lurkville-burlesque art. Black Flag style.
Ready for poker.
WormTits can't hang.

Fat Boy's deli rules.


Drinking in the back yard! Larb life!
Text book by Butterface. So buttery.
Executive Suite bathroom. So psyched to see this when I'm at work, hungover about to shit myself.
Cody setting up a new board.
Double pepperoni and feta cheese.
Down for the count.
Fucking 'bladers.
Duck party of records at the thrift store.
Curbing it...
Enjoy this gem by the "Lonely Island". So epic.



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