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Monday, September 9, 2013

Mandatory Bloggery: Crunch Time

Hello there viewers (all 8 of you). It's crunch time in my personal life and my phone is getting full of content.....
That clearly means only one thing, I've once again been neglecting the blog. 
Sorry for living.
Here's some pics to get you through the day. Every pic has a story to tell.
Rancho Penasquitos skatepark 
Foreigners in a foreign land. These guys were speaking French or German...
...who knows. They were gnarly. Ollie double set first try.
 Then the dude lipslid the double set rail first try. Gnarboots.
 Dead cat in the gutter. Got smoked by a car probably the nite before. I pulled over off the freeway off-ramp to snap this pic. Look at the blood!
 Biscuit may hate the fact that he's not allowed outside but thats 'cuz I don't want to find him in the gutter. (see pic above)
 Speaking of dead cats, who love beef brisket? I sure do!
 So sexy. Nice and pink in the middle. Am I talking about brisket here?
 "I'd let to get fur all over yer clean laundry!"
 Good jams. Found this gem in the cd player after I bought my Volvo form Charlie Thomas.
Now I tell people "Y'know, this use to be Charlie Thomas' car..."
Kinda like how George Castanza thought he bought John Voit's car. Hilarious!
 Pink drink and the Baker/Deathwish tour vid. Love it.
 It's always fun to cook a pound of bacon in the wee hours of the night for yer friends. Makes the house smell all sexy with bacon!
 Oink oink
 Put that shit on a hot dog bun!
 DeAngelos pizza. Pepperoni and feta cheese. Thats my shit.
 Saw a guy walking a huge bunny rabbit on a leash. Thing was sick!
 Lets get weird!
 Biscuit, upset that he's not allowed outside. Womp womp.
 Healthy looking burgers, snarf.
 It was supposed to be meade but ended up tasting like some of the nastiest toilet wine I've ever had.
 Old miles, new car.
 Reynolds 3 high tops. Loved them.
 Getting weird on beer.

 I seriously doubt these taste anything like watermelon.
 Heat seeking popsicle.
 WormTits pouring the shots. 4th of July.
 Cinnamon flavored black out.
 Craigosaur showing up in style.
 Butterface handling ramp duties.
 Back of a camper I randomly saw.
 Whats wrong with my t.v.? Oh, you mean Stinky swung the Wii remote so hard the batteries flew out of the remote and hit the screen. What the fuck. Rodney was bummed his head shot was fucked.
 Pre softball game sugar fix.
 Guy on the lower right looks like BornRetard.
 More retards. Smoking meth and huffing jenkem in the corner of Memorial park.
 Kitty is getting bugger!
 Burgers and corn-on-the-cob
 Gayboy with an ollie at the legendary murder bump in downtown. BornRetard wishes he possessed speed and pop.
 BornRetard's board got mildly squished by that truck on the left.
 No make.
 No make.
New haircut. Probably the last one for a while...



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