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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- Idyllwild Adventure

Went out to Idyllwild with the wife for a weekend of hiking, camping and drinking beer in front of a fire.
But first, here are some mandatory food and stink pics.
So it goes.
NastyNeil getting weird while some tweaker sleeps on a bed bug infested couch.
Alley life.
Artsy fartsy.

Morning hype. I watch this video alot.

For your enjoyment.
Bacon grilled cheese. Helps keep the heart running smoothly.
Cheese burger time!
Steak salad. Gotta keep the ruffage going.
Best combo at Costco ever.
Quim Cardona. Dig it.

Static IV

Furry bellied Biscuit.
Stumbled across Idywilld Skatepark!
Lots of flat bars and fun obstacles to shred!
Spine transfer to hubba hubba!
Get yer Bertalman on!
6 foot mini with a picnic table so the bad kids can do bad things.
The Larb is everywhere.
Wouldn't mind having this set up in my back yard!
Crusty bleachers.
Picking out a camp site.
Barely anyone there.
We chose spot 69!
Then went on an adventure!
I was well equipped.
So was she!
Artsy fartsy.
Peek a boo!
I see you.
We watched the sun set.
Then it was a drunken three mile walk back.
And we were slowly losing day light.
Loving the colors!

The wife approves!
Later, back at camp.
Camping necessities.
Then I stayed up watching cave man television while laughing my ass off to Stern.
It was a good weekend well spent.


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