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Friday, September 16, 2016

Mandatory Bloggery- A Stewart Rife Vid Special

The bub Stewart revealed to me that he likes to make skate vids on his phone!....
We here at EF believe in humble beginnings. 
So lets take a look at what he's got!
Skate Escape is always a ripping time!
The bub Andy Klein fucking shredding.
I like the heavy riffs too.

Documenting alot of rippers at Coronado Skatepark. I'm proud to say that I still skate and see these bubs at all the parks, all the spots, all the events...
Heavy shredding commences.
Really hyped he was able to catch the bub Austin's 16th birthday.
It's moments like these that make skateboarding rule so darn hard.

Here is some wicked tombstone action of yours truly, DHodge and Klein doing triples.

Get out and get some!


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