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Monday, November 7, 2011

EatFiend bar/food review/ Nicky Rottens/ Fuck the N.Y. Giants

Went to Nicky Rottens with my dad in Coronado yesterday to watch the N.Y. Giants @ New England. The bar is pretty nice, they certainly classed it up compared to the days of old (Island's Bar & Grill r.i.p.).
Since I was with my old man, he offered to pay the tab so what the hell let's start it off with some Stella's! I quickly realized that after my dad drinks 2 Heinekens and I drink 4 Stella's we developed quite the appetite. Why not start it up with some fried hot dogs?
 My dad got the Chili-Dog and I of course got the All-American(fuck-yea!) Dog. The dogs were large ball-park style Hebrew Nationals all beef comes with french fries @ $8.95 each. Chili dog came with chili, onions, cheese on a nice bun. Mine looked great! Everything my buzzed stomache could ask for with onions, relish, mustard and ketchup!..... wait what the H??? Ketchup?..... KETCHUP???? Who the hell puts ketchup on YOUR hotdog? I was quick to get it over it none the less and chowed down 'cuz thats what I do.
Washed it down with a tallboy of Black Star (on special for $5) tasty none the less.
Then another.....(burp)

What better way to cap up your teams loss (Giants 24 -Patriots 20) with a few comforting Guinness's and last of all some sliders.
Love you Dad, thanks for the great time!

-Sgt. Baconator

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