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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Inaugural post -- Slow cooked beef cheeks

Hey there Beef Cheeks,
This here is the inaugural EatFiend post. Where pictures of food meet drunken ramblings about food. Today I drank 4 beers, half a bottle of wine, and braised some beef cheeks. Onions, carrots (sauteed first), wine (cooked down), stock and tomaters went into the braising liquid. Seared the cheeks off, added the braising liquid, and set them in the oven (325) for 3 hours.

1st hour fully covered
Like 2.5 beers.
2nd hour partially covered
glass of wine, another 2 beers
3rd hour uncovered.
fuck where is my beer

Took it out of the oven, took the cheeks out and set it simmer on medium-low heat while I shredded the beef.

Then I shredded them cheeks.

You know it's done well if it tastes like beefy jesus jizzbutter. Like Mary Magdalene's cunt rimmed with angel dust.

Stirred the cheeks back into the sauce.

Reduced a bit, then...
Finished the sauce with a bit of cream and a bunch of parmesan. It looks like Pizza the Hut from Spaceballs. And you know what, it tastes like I imagined him tasting when I saw that movie as a kid. DELICIOUS.


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  1. Fucking epic! You forgot to drink a few more beers.
    -Sgt. Baconator