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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pizza Power!

Remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? I sure do! Who doesn't love pizza power? Its the best food ever. Meat, cheese, sauce and dough I think I spooged my pants. There's a local pizza shop 3 blocks from my house. Carry-out special for $8.99 or $11 and change if you want 2 toppings.
                                                  I give you the bacon and sausage pizza...
What tastes grood with pizza you ask? PBR! duh. I was so hyped South Park did a white-trash/ PBR                   episode last nite. Good stuff.
                       Shotgun a few beers first. Don't wanna send no pizza into my belly alone...
Then the good stuff! Ever have feta cheese and pepperoni pizza? As my cohort Garbage Life says "D-fuckin'-Licous!" Had a few bowls of Satanic-Salad to go with it. Gotta give it that "burnt" taste in my mind.
Then Wormtits came home with 30 pounds of assorted meat from the store!!! More to come very soon! See you soon Garbage Life.

-Sgt. Baconator

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