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Monday, June 4, 2012

Mandatory Bloggery

Food and Booze Heavy

Skating is taking a back seat on today's mandatory bloggery. Too much good food to be had and more coming soon!
 Believe it or not, this was ItWasTheLight's first time ever on public transportation.
 Caught 2 buses and 1 trolley to make our way to Pacific Beach...
 Route number 8 with a quick shot of Jameson..... 
 It was an hour commute for us to get to Pacific Drive. Who is that beautiful man?....
Capt.Kangaroo hardly workin' and lurkin' hardly.
 Pushin' longboards to the kooks that wander in.
 Thats not mac n cheese, thats corn! Womp womp. Basically ItWasTheLight screwed himself over in Ralphs tryin to pull the old switcheroo and he accidently grabbed corn instead.
 Beer. Nectar of the gods.
 Western Burger at Crazy Burger. Loaded with bacon.
 The Desert is coming along nicely.

 Chili from Brians Cafe on Washington Street. Great place to eat.
 Also had some smoked macaroni and cheese with the "Turk 185" (turkey breast smothered in melted provolone cheese covered in bacon bits and sour cream) FUCKING AMAZING!
 Poker nite! "WUSSUP HATERS!!!!"
 This blurry pic does me justice 'cuz I was that hammered.
 Ben and Mr.Elliot showed up for the action. Hater Hate On!!!!
 Capt.Kangaroo just a split second before he fell outta his chair. It's nice not being the drunkest guy there.
 Hot dogs were consumed during the game.
 Lurking was performed as well. I.e. the 1 man mosh dance.
 Red Sea Ethiopian Restaurant. Amazing food, shitty service. Took roughly 20 min. to get a glass of water and another 30 to get our food.
 "Tibs" dish. Cooked slices of marinated beef with lettuce. You eat it with your hands using this spongy type of tortilla bread. 
 Easy to say my hunger-demons were satisfied and it only cost $7.50! Not bad, eh?
 The reason we ate at the Red Sea you may ask? The Tower Bar was a major selling point.
 After a nice hearty meal it's good to get a bit of the ol' liquid courage back in ya.
 If Im at the Tower Bar you can bet yer ass MrDonGately himself would be there too!
 Its always nice to sit one of yer favorite bars and have a few drinks while its nice and quiet...
 Very empty.
 Good bye Tower Bar, I guarantee our drunken paths will cross again.
 Living the high life, eating prime-rib with a baked potato and asparagus at the Coronado Golf Course.
 Memorial Day. Drinking as many beers as we can to honor our American heroes both past and present.......double beer bong style!
 Poundin' them down.
Clearly we were more about the drinkin and stinkin aspect of Memorial Day. 
 DonGately showed up too.
 More beer bongs.

 Capt.Kangaroo brought along his friend James who not only is a professional skateboarder....
 It seems like he's just as good at pounding beers.
 Janky bbq setup courtesy of Comm.NBeef.
 The night wore on and beers were crushed.
 Brockman comes from Hell.
 And more beer.
 And some pints of Stella at Phils BBQ.
 El Toro sandwich. Not just a beastly rail.
No relationship.

Working on some other stuff fellow Fiends. I'll try to keep ya in the loop. More pics, blogs, vids  and other trash coming soon. 

Eat and Live Well.


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