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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

EatFiend Restaurant Review: Brazen BBQ

This place sucked.
I'm just getting that outta the way. Brazen BBQ is located in Hillcrest on Washington and 5th Avenue just across the street from Scripps Mercy hospital. I went there for lunch with my dad and we were both starving for something that resembles bbq. What a disappointment, the corn bread (not shown) was dry and tasted like old stale bread. Not even warm.
 Shitty sign.
 Bottled root beer was darn good.
I had the "Lone Star Pressed Sandwich" with a side of smoked macaroni and cheese. The mac-n-cheese was the best part of my visit at this dump.
The sandwich consisted of pulled pork, a slice of smoked ham, pickled red onions, swiss cheese and creole mustard. The pulled pork was absolutely dry, meaning there was no bbq sauce on it. 

Throughout the restaurant on the tables there are 2 bottles of bbq sauce on each table. One bottle is labeled "sweet" and the other "hot". Consumer be warned that if you choose to pour some sauce on yer bbq that shit's gonna pour out like water. There was no consistency to the sauce, probably needed more sugar. 

Sorry for writing this review, but I felt the duty to let the EatFiendNation know that this place is a joke.
I forgot to mention that they have a full bar, but its not like Im ever gonna go back.  

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